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Chapter 107 - Banana Fairy

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 107 Banana Fairy

    A green light flashed as an adorable palm-sized, green-dressed girl appeared in front of Zhou Wen. She sat on a jadeite-like banana leaf floating in mid-air like a boat swaying above the lake under the moonlight.

    Why are all Mythical Companion Beasts so small in size? Zhou Wen extended his hand and beckoned to Banana Fairy. The girl, along with the banana leaf, flew over and landed in Zhou Wen’s hand, turning into a petite green fan.

    The fan was only the size of Zhou Wen’s palm and the leaf was crystalline-like jadeite. Its design was also extremely exquisite and beautiful, but it was a little too small.

    It’s so tiny. Isn’t it a joke to use it as a weapon? Zhou Wen looked around and felt that using the tiny fan as a weapon wasn’t suitable at all. Furthermore, he had never learned how to fight with a fan.

    However, he soon realized that Banana Fairy and other Companion Beasts were somewhat different. Typical Companion Beasts couldn’t use their talent skills when they were in their companion form, but a Banana Fairy actually could.

    Zhou Wen held the tiny fan and flapped at a sandbag meant for training. Immediately, an invisible gust of wind blew over, shaking the sandbag left and right.

    Is that all? Zhou Wen was somewhat disappointed. Although the winds were strong, they were not considered fantastic. They didn’t seem to have much destructive force.

    Zhou Wen reached out to press down on the swaying sandbag and was slightly taken aback. When his fingers touched the sandbag, he realized that it was covered in a layer of frost. The spot his fingers had touched was ice-cold.

    Grand Yin Wind has wintry effects, but such coldness isn’t enough to kill an opponent, right? With this in mind, Zhou Wen suddenly thought of something. Grand Yin Wind is a wintry wind, so will it be able to repress the Fire God Platform’s firebirds? If so, wouldn’t I be able to reach its peak?

    Zhou Wen didn’t have much hope regarding his random thought. After all, the Banana Fairy was only at the Mortal stage. Even if she advanced to the Mythical stage in the future, her standards now weren’t comparable to top Legendary Companion Beasts.

    As for the firebirds, each of them had strength at the Legendary stage.

    Despite having such thoughts, Zhou Wen still launched the Ancient Imperial City dungeon on the mysterious phone. He planned on testing out his theory by heading to the Fire God Platform. If the Grand Yin Wind could really suppress the firebirds, he wouldn’t do it as all he needed to do was nurture her to the Legendary stage. By then, scaling Fire God Platform wouldn’t be a difficult task.

    Zhou Wen had been grinding at Ancient Imperial City countless times. He had once again arrived in front of Fire God Platform and ridden the Silver-Winged Flying Ant up the stairs. Soon, a firebird flew down from the Fire God Platform.

    Seeing a firebird fly down, the blood-colored avatar clenched the banana fan tightly, aimed it at the incoming firebird, and produced Grand Yin Wind.

    A gust of cold wind blew at the firebird, making it look like a fire plume that fell into the water. It instantly extinguished, leaving no trace behind.

    Zhou Wen stared with his mouth agape. He couldn’t help but hug his phone and give it two kisses. What a treasure. The Grand Yin Wind is so effective against firebirds. I have a chance of scaling the Fire God Platform.

    Another two firebirds flew down from the Fire God Platform. Zhou Wen ordered the blood-colored avatar to flap the fan, again and again, using the same Grand Yin Wind skill.

    However, before the Grand Yin Wind appeared, the game system notified: ‘Insufficient Primordial Energy to release Grand Yin Wind.’

    Holy sh*t, does Banana Fairy’s Primordial Energy only have enough for one use of Grand Yin Wind? Zhou Wen hurriedly controlled the blood-colored avatar to rush down Fire God Platform. Without the Grand Yin Wind, there was no way he could rush up using the blood-colored avatar’s capabilities alone.

    After finding a safe spot, Zhou Wen began researching the Banana Fairy and Grand Yin Wind skill. Indeed, the former’s Primordial Energy had been expended, leaving nothing behind.

    After grinding a round of Skeleton Soldiers and having their Primordial Energy Crystals drop, Zhou Wen filled up the Banana Fairy’s Primordial Energy and got her to use Grand Yin Wind once. Indeed, her eleven points of Primordial Energy were depleted immediately.

    Zhou Wen made the Banana Fairy turn into a fan, attempting to infuse his Primordial Energy into it to see if he could use the Grand Yin Wind.

    He was able to use it, but his 11 points of Primordial Energy were instantly drained, leaving not an iota behind.

    With my Primordial Energy, I can only use the Grand Yin Wind twice in a short period of time. Can I rush up the Fire God Platform only relying on two uses of Grand Yin Wind? Zhou Wen frowned in thought.

    The Grand Yin Wind is an area-of-effect Primordial Energy Skill. If I can lure the firebirds into a certain range, it’s not impossible to get rid of a large number of firebirds at once. If used properly, I might be able to rush to the top with just two uses. Zhou Wen inwardly made plans.

    With the hope of ascending Fire God Platform, Zhou Wen didn’t hesitate to try it. With the help of the Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s Speed and flight and Zhou Wen’s Dragon Gate Fairy Skill, the blood-colored avatar charged all the way up while consciously luring the firebirds in a particular direction.

    This was because Banana Fairy was only at the Mortal stage, greatly limiting the range of the Grand Yin Wind. To eliminate the firebirds as best as possible, he had to try his best to bunch them in a certain spot.

    More than ten firebirds were led to a spot by Zhou Wen. Almost reaching his limit, Zhou Wen no longer hesitated. He ordered the blood-colored avatar to hold the banana fan and gently fan the firebirds.

    The firebirds were instantly extinguished by the Grand Yin Wind. Only two firebirds that were not within the Grand Yin Wind’s range, managed to survive.

    Zhou Wen was delighted as he controlled the blood-colored avatar to continue charging up Fire God Platform.

    With more than half the distance traversed, a firebird horde erupted from Fire God Platform, blotting out the sky as they charged down like a fiery cloud.

    The blood-colored avatar once again activated its Grand Yin Wind skill and fanned the fiery cloud. Immediately, a large hole was blown through the cloud with the Grand Yin Wind. An unknown number of firebirds were blown to nothingness.

    Using this opportunity, the Silver-Winged Flying Ant spread its four wings and passed through the hole and continued charging up. The firebird horde behind it swept back and closed the hole, chasing after the Silver-Winged Flying Ant.

    The Silver-Winged Flying Ant wasn’t able to fly at a high altitude in one fell swoop. When it reached its apex, the blood-colored avatar jumped on its back and leaped up in the sky like a hawk hovering above Fire God Platform with the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill.

    This time, Zhou Wen finally saw the complete Fire God Platform. Apart from a stone monument with the Ancient Imperial Sutra, there was a stone furnace in front of it. The flames in the furnace flickered as the firebirds flew out of it.

    At that moment, a large flock of firebirds shot out from the furnace. Zhou Wen ignored them as his gaze landed on the Ancient Imperial Sutra’s stone monument, trying to memorize a few words.

    After memorizing about eight words, the flock of firebird had surrounded him and the game screen quickly went black.

    With seven or eight words each time, I wonder how many times it will take for me to memorize the complete Ancient Imperial Sutra. Zhou Wen dripped his blood and revived himself as he entered the game once again.