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Chapter 113 - Performance

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 113 Performance

    Wang Lu was actually quite doubtful about Zhou Wen’s ability to help her break the record. Although he had a pair of Legendary wings and powerful movement techniques, that level of movement and speed was definitely capable of dodging Feng Qiuyan’s saber.

    The saber speed which Swift Saber Heavenly King Life Providence brought about made Feng Qiuyan’s strikes far exceed the speed of peers at his level. Furthermore, Zhou Wen hadn’t advanced to the Legendary stage-he was one level lower than Feng Qiuyan.

    Compared to someone who had the Life Providence of Swift Saber Heavenly King, even Wang Lu did not have the confidence to beat him in speed.

    “How are you going to help me? Although the homework mission permits a four-person team to complete it, I do not plan on joining forces with others. If that’s the case, defeating Feng Qiuyan would be meaningless,” Wang Lu said to Zhou Wen as they walked.

    “When you encounter a Fairy Monkey later, I’ll first demonstrate it to you. All you need to do is remember my steps. With your strength, you will be able to kill Fairy Monkeys in less than twenty seconds.” Having been in charge of filming Wang Lu’s combat, he had a good idea of her strength. It was also why he dared to help Wang Lu break the record.

    “You’ll be demonstrating?” Wang Lu sized up Zhou Wen and asked.

    “We have no choice. You only have one chance left, and I’m afraid you won’t be able to grasp the crux by just verbally explaining it to you,” Zhou Wen said honestly.

    His method of slaying Fairy Monkeys was from the experience he had gained from killing countless whilst in-game. Every step had been calculated to extreme precision. He could not afford any mistakes if he wanted to kill one in the shortest time possible.

    If Zhou Wen were to do it himself, it wouldn’t be a problem even if he made a mistake. However, Wang Lu didn’t have that much experience fighting Fairy Monkeys. She only had the theory from the college’s information and videos.

    In fact, the information provided by the school wasn’t as logical or pragmatic as Zhou Wen’s designed plans. After all, there were too few Fairy Monkeys and no one had the chance of killing many, so it was naturally impossible for them to have a deep understanding of them.

    After traveling through several caves, they finally found a Fairy Monkey. Just as Zhou Wen was about to charge forward, Wang Lu suddenly thought of something. She hurriedly said, “By the way, after the Lotus Flower Cave is sealed by the college, students are not to hunt Fairy Monkeys without permission. Our class was given the homework mission, and we can only kill two. You aren’t a student of our class, so you didn’t receive the homework mission that allows you to kill a Fairy Monkey.”

    “I know, so I have no plans to kill it.” Zhou Wen didn’t stop as he charged at the Fairy Monkey.

    This time, Wang Lu became the videographer. She aimed the camera at Zhou Wen, curious to see how he could kill the Fairy Monkey faster than the Feng Qiuyan.

    Wang Lu was still a little apprehensive. Zhou Wen had Primordial Energy Skills that she definitely knew couldn’t be identical to hers. If he used some special skill which she lacked, then even if Zhou Wen’s method was much faster than Feng Qiuyan’s, she would be unable to use his method.

    However, Wang Lu quickly realized that her worries were completely unfounded. This was because Zhou Wen hadn’t used any Primordial Energy Skill or Companion Beast. All he did was rush towards the Fairy Monkey.

    If it were anyone else, Wang Lu would have believed that he had a death wish, but she knew Zhou Wen’s strength and character quite well. It was impossible for him to do something so foolish.

    She adjusted the camera to ensure that she could record Zhou Wen’s every move, while her gaze never left him.

    The Fairy Monkey bared its teeth as it charged down. Its pair of wings made it abnormally agile, swooping down like a bird of prey while its claws swiped at Zhou Wen’s head with a sharp beam.

    The Fairy Monkey was much faster than Zhou Wen, but he seemed to have expected it. He slightly tilted his body to dodge the claw beam as he clung close to the Fairy Monkey’s left.

    The Fairy Monkey’s wings flapped as his body warped. Its claws once again thrust out at Zhou Wen’s heart with a sharp claw beam.

    This time, the Fairy Monkey was closer to Zhou Wen, and its claw beam was even faster and sharper. However, Zhou Wen’s body moved slightly to the side again, dodging the attack in what seemed like an impossibility.

    Wang Lu stood to the side and watched. Zhou Wen didn’t use any Primordial Energy Skills, not even anything related to movement techniques. With his absolute Speed deficiency, he leisurely managed to dodge all the Fairy Monkey’s mighty attacks.

    Zhou Wen gave Wang Lu an odd feeling. It was as though he was the stronger party-not the Fairy Monkey who was at the Legendary stage.

    Zhou Wen’s every move was calm and composed, but he had the feeling of clairvoyance, emitting a pressure as though the Fairy Monkey was dancing in his palm.

    It may have felt slow, but in fact, it all happened very quickly. In just ten seconds. Zhou Wen had nimbly moved to the Fairy Monkey’s back and easily struck the back of its skull.


    It looked like it didn’t use much strength, but the Fairy Monkey appeared to be struck by lightning as it fell from the sky. It fell to the ground and twitched, unable to get up immediately.

    Wang Lu’s eyes widened when she saw this. A Mortal-stage fellow had only relied on his Strength and Speed. Without the help of his Primordial Energy Skills and Companion Beasts, he had knocked out a Legendary-stage Fairy Monkey.

    More importantly, slightly more than 10 seconds had passed, without even exceeding 11. Wang Lu was afraid that none of her classmates would believe her if she told them.

    “How did you do it?” Wang Lu asked as she glared at Zhou Wen who was walking back.

    “You can do the same if you observe and study more.” Zhou Wen pointed at the Fairy Monkey on the ground who still couldn’t get to its feet due to its stupor. “It’s a little groggy from the strike. It will quickly regain consciousness, so let’s leave now. Find a spot and watch my demonstration video a few times. Remember my positioning and the timing of my attacks. It probably wouldn’t be difficult to squeeze it within 20 seconds. Also, the spot I struck should be precisely where you hit during your final strike. It will result in a death blow; otherwise, it will be a waste of time.”

    Wang Lu and Zhou Wen came to an empty stone cave before the former carefully watched Zhou Wen’s video.

    “How did you figure out such positioning and the Fairy Monkey’s weakness?” Wang Lu found it inconceivable the more she looked at it. Even the college’s strategies were not as simple and effective as Zhou Wen’s.

    “I carefully watched the videos I recorded for you the other day. I studied them for a long time before I could achieve such results. Selling it to you for 150,000 isn’t expensive, right?” Zhou Wen asked.

    “Not at all.” Wang Lu nodded with affirmation.

    Such experience could not be measured with money. If they were in a real battlefield, it could save one’s life.

    Wang Lu practiced Zhou Wen’s positioning for more than half an hour before mastering the crux. Her talent in martial arts wasn’t to be underestimated, allowing her to live up to being a special admissions student.

    Then, Wang Lu found the Fairy Monkey again and killed it according to Zhou Wen’s method. The process was rather relaxing. Although the positioning was a little rough, she obtained good results in 17 seconds. It was probably a little faster than Feng Qiuyan.

    Although the record had been broken, Wang Lu wasn’t happy. Others might not know, but she knew very well that Zhou Wen had a more ridiculous result. It was just that his results would not appear in the school’s record.