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Chapter 118 - Heaven’s Senses

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 118 Heaven’s Senses

    Truth Listener: Legendary (Evolvable)

    Life Providence: Heaven’s Senses

    Strength: 21

    Speed: 21

    Constitution: 21

    Primordial Energy: 21

    Talent Skill: Truth Listener, Indestructible Golden Body, Evil Warding, Nine Extremes

    Companion Form: Earring

    In the past, Zhou Wen thought that the maximum stats for Legendaries was 18. He later found through the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant and Silver-Winged Flying Ant that 18 wasn’t the limit, but he had never seen 21.

    Mythical creatures are really different. Even if they haven’t evolved to the Mythical stage, their stats aren’t something ordinary Companion Beasts can compare with. However, I have no idea what exact use Heaven’s Senses has. Zhou Wen read Truth Listener’s stats carefully and saw that there was an additional note regarding the Life Providence: Prying into the secrets of the world using ears instead of eyes.

    When he summoned Truth Listener, it still looked petite. It was glowing with golden light as if it was a piece of golden silk monkey art carved out of gold.

    From its appearance, it did not seem powerful at all. The Legendary Mutated Skeleton Ant that shared its level looked many times stronger than it.

    Getting Truth Listener to turn into an earring before wearing it, Zhou Wen closed his eyes and focused. He immediately felt that the Truth Listener earring had augmented his sense of hearing in a way that was much better than before.

    Although he had his eyes closed, everything around him appeared like a three-dimensional figure in his mind. It was as though Zhou Wen could see everything around him. The only difference was that the three-dimensional figure in his mind was black and white instead of the colored world he saw with his eyes.

    Zhou Wen knew that he wasn’t really seeing anything, but the ability brought by the Truth Listener earring

    He originally believed that he had no way of hearing a still object no matter how good his hearing was. But now, he realized that what he believed was wrong.

    No object existed independently. Although some objects were still, the movement of other objects would similarly affect them. As long as his hearing was powerful enough, he could replace his eyes with his ears to see still objects.

    The flow of air and the sound waves produced feedback the moment they touched a still object. The average person couldn’t hear such feedback, but the Truth Listener earring allowed Zhou Wen to hear it clearly. Furthermore, it outlined a three-dimensional figure in his mind, as though he was looking at it with his own eyes. There were even more details than could be seen with open eyes.

    Within twenty meters, even if there were obstructions, Zhou Wen could still see everything behind the walls with his ears. It was as if he had x-ray vision. Other than the lack of colors, everything else was no different from normal vision.

    With this strange sense of hearing, Zhou Wen could clearly hear everything in the two buildings beside him. The sound-proofing was completely ineffective against him.

    While Wang Lu wasn’t in the dorm, An Jing happened to be in the bedroom near to Zhou Wen. He didn’t have a fetish for invading privacies, so just as he was about to retract his hearing, he heard An Jing say, “Zhou Wen still hasn’t cultivated in the Sun Strafe Art. Was the harm I dealt him last time that great? Did I really go too far?”

    Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback. If he hadn’t identified that the person speaking was clearly An Jing, he would have believed that he had heard wrongly.

    His impression of An Jing was always one that was haughty and aloof as if she viewed everything in a condescending manner. It was hard to imagine that these words came from her mouth.

    Zhou Wen couldn’t help but feel curious. He wanted to hear what An Jing would say, so he didn’t put away the Truth Listener earring and continued listening to the commotion next door.

    The usually cold and arrogant An Jing was now sitting on the bed with a teddy bear in hand. It was as if she was speaking to the bear. “I didn’t really want to hurt him. I just wanted to prove myself. I just want to let Grandpa know that Mom’s choice was wrong. Her child is the best, far more excellent than the genius described by Grandpa. I know Zhou Wen is innocent and this matter has nothing to do with him, but apart from defeating him, I didn’t have any way of proving to Grandpa that I’m better than him. I really didn’t want to set him back.”

    “Bear Bear, what do I have to do to make him stand back on his feet?” An Jing paused before adding, “It’s not that I care about him. It’s just that if he can’t get back on his feet and advance to the Legendary stage, my defeat of him will be meaningless. It still wouldn’t prove to Grandpa that I’m better than him. So I must first help him establish his confidence and then help him advance to the Legendary stage. I’ll defeat him when he’s at tip-top shape. This will let Grandpa know that his daughter’s child is the best. Mom’s decision to marry Dad was right.”

    Upon hearing this, Zhou Wen stopped listening and put away the Truth Listener earring.

    Now, he finally understood why An Jing was targeting him. It was not because of Zhou Lingfeng and Ouyang Lan’s marriage, nor was it simply because of that special physique.

    However, Zhou Wen wasn’t concerned that An Jing was upset with him. He only hoped that An Jing would not disturb him in the future. It was best if they minded their own business.

    Now, all Zhou Wen wanted to do was game in peace. The fewer things he had to do, the better.

    As usual, he first killed all the mini-bosses in the dungeons before heading to Fire God Platform to memorize the Ancient Imperial Sutra. Just as he was doing it the second time, the doorbell rang.

    Zhou Wen opened the door and saw that it was Li Xuan, who he hadn’t seen in days.

    Li Xuan wore a smug look as he patted Zhou Wen on the shoulder. “Brat, I’ll be protecting you in the future. If there’s anyone who dares bully you, just give them my name.”

    “You aren’t sick, are you?” Zhou Wen swatted away Li Xuan’s hand and sat down on the couch. He poured himself a cup of blood-replenishing tea and slowly drank it.

    Li Xuan smugly sat down beside Zhou Wen and wrapped his arm around his shoulder. Suppressing his excitement, he deliberately whispered, “Old Zhou, I finally succeeded in advancing to the Legendary stage. Guess what my Life Providence is?”

    “I’m not guessing. I’m not interested.” Zhou Wen continued drinking his tea.

    However, Li Xuan still said excitedly, “I doubt you can guess it anyway. Let me tell you, my Legendary Life Providence is Immortal God of Combat. Isn’t that impressive? Just the sound of the name makes it freaking awesome. I’m not bragging, but this Life Providence pretty much means invincibility-an immortal body, a supreme Dominance Body. People like Yang Lie will be exhausted to death beating me while I stand there, completely unmoved…”

    When Li Xuan said this, he stood up and jumped onto the couch. He made an arrogant pose, his eyes filled with contempt as though he was looking down on everyone in the world.

    But as soon as he finished speaking, he was kicked down by the sleeping antelope.

    The antelope had already treated the couch as its bed. For Li Xuan to have the guts to hop on its bed in his shoes, there was no way it was going to be friendly with him.


    Li Xuan fell to the ground, his sternum sinking in with the shape of a hoof while he spewed out blood from his mouth.

    “Isn’t… Isn’t that an antelope?” Li Xuan sprawled on the ground as he looked at the languid antelope in astonishment, his face wearing a look of disbelief.