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Chapter 122 - The Library Inciden

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 122 The Library Incident

    Zhou Wen immediately activated his Lotus Flower Buddha Body. At the same time, he extended his silver wings and retreated more than 10 meters. His left hand, which was wrapped by the lotus flower bracer, shattered the large piece of concrete steel that came crashing towards him.


    Amidst the splattering dust and plaster, Zhou Wen saw a huge green-scaled snake falling down from the hole in the roof. It shattered the bookshelf and the wood fragments flew everywhere as the ground opened up into a huge crater.

    A large number of fragments smashed onto Zhou Wen. Thankfully, he had already activated Lotus Flower Buddha Body, so none of the flying rubble harmed his body.

    The green-scaled snake was extremely large, spanning more than a hundred meters long. It was as thick as a water barrel and on its back was a pair of gigantic wing-like fins.

    The students in the library dodged and screamed as they ran out. Although Zhou Wen didn’t know what was going on, he knew that he couldn’t stay here for long. Just as he was about to flee the library, he saw the huge snake open its enormous mouth in a bid to devour a student.

    The student was too close to the spot where the snake had landed. A flying fragment of a steel slab had pierced through her calf and her body was pinned to the ground. She could not free herself to escape.

    Zhou Wen took a look and realized that the student was Fang Ruoxi. With a thought, the Silver-Winged Flying Ant immediately separated from him and transformed into a silver stream of light, pulling her out before the snake could devour her.

    The Silver-Winged Flying Ant carried the injured Fang Ruoxi and flew back to Zhou Wen’s side. The enraged snake lifted its neck and opened its mouth, wanting to lunge towards him.

    Zhou Wen was just about to flee when he suddenly heard a series of gunshots. A large number of soldiers jumped down from the hole and held their assault rifles in their hands. They fired unceasingly at the snake.

    Typically hot weapons had limited impact on dimensional creatures even with nuclear bombs, much less bullets. They might even accelerate the mutation of dimensional creatures.

    However, when the soldiers’ bullets hit the snake, they pierced through the scales and caused it to bleed. The snake began to twist its body and cry out as it tried to escape.

    However, it was already too late for it to escape. The soldiers continued firing at it. In just a few seconds, the gigantic snake had become riddled with holes. The snake’s blood was everywhere.

    “Young Master Wen, are you alright?” A young man who looked like an officer rushed over and sized Zhou Wen up before asking anxiously.

    “I’m fine.” Zhou Wen recognized the officer to be An Tianzuo’s adjutant, Ah Sheng.

    “It’s good that you’re fine. Young Master Wen, you can go back now. There are still some matters to settle here.” Ah Sheng called two soldiers over and asked them to escort Zhou Wen and Fang Ruoxi out of the library.

    Fang Ruoxi’s calf was injured and the steel slab was still piercing through it. Thankfully, the injury was not serious. The moment they left the library, the medical team rushed over with a doctor to treat Fang Ruoxi.

    “Thank you Zhou Wen. You took the risk to save me even though I treated you badly in the past,” Fang Ruoxi said to Zhou Wen. She had been brooding over the fact that she had failed to form a team with Zhou Wen.

    “It’s nothing. It wasn’t much of a risk. If it were any other student, I would also have saved them. You don’t have to think too much.” Zhou Wen turned around and left.

    The middle-aged female doctor who was treating Fang Ruoxi’s wound almost burst out laughing when she saw the disappointment on Fang Ruoxi’s face. She said, “Young lady, there’s no loss missing out on such insensitive men. It’s how he acts that makes him single. It will save you a lot of woe in the future.”

    Fang Ruoxi blushed. “We’re just ordinary classmates, don’t think too much.”

    The incident at the library caused quite a commotion on campus. The students were all discussing this matter.

    The college also gave an official account that a criminal was escaping with a Companion Beast and ended up entering the college accidentally under the military’s pursuit. The criminal and the Companion Beast were both killed on the spot by the military.

    Zhou Wen had seen the gigantic snake with his own eyes, but he didn’t feel that it was a Companion Beast with an owner. It resembled more of a feral dimensional creature.

    Zhou Wen himself also felt that it was impossible. After all, feral dimensional creatures weren’t able to leave their dimensional zones. However, when he thought of the antelope in his dorm, he felt that it wasn’t exactly possible.

    If all dimensional creatures can rush out of their dimensional zones, what would the human world become? Zhou Wen could not help but shudder when he thought of this possibility.

    The number of human experts had increased over the past few decades and Epic experts were no longer rare. But compared to those dimensional creatures, they were still far inferior.

    Ignoring everything else, just like the three-faced Buddha in Small Buddha Temple and the expert who didn’t even show his face at Mount Laojun, they were probably existences that few humans could match.

    Furthermore, there were many places like this on Earth.

    If there really comes a day when dimensional creatures are able to rush out of the dimensional zones, it would be the end of the world for humans. One must be strong enough to survive. Zhou Wen felt that the day wasn’t too distant. The examples of the antelope and the snake made his sense of danger tingling.

    I still need to increase my strength. Zhou Wen felt the urgency to improve his strength-he needed to have the ability to survive in such a disaster.

    After returning to his dorm, he decided to take a shower and change out of his tattered clothes and dirt-covered clothes before taking a shower to continue gaming.

    However, when he removed his clothes, he realized that there was a clamshell the size of an egg on the inside of his shirt.

    The clamshell’s rainbow colors made it extremely beautiful. Zhou Wen casually pulled it off and was about to throw it away when he noticed something while holding it in his hand.

    Inside the clamshell was filled with blue seawater. Even if the clamshell was facing downwards, not a single drop of seawater stirred, it all remained inside.

    Zhou Wen was a little surprised to suddenly see waves rise up from the seawater. Ripples spread out and something slowly floated up in the middle.

    He was alarmed as he quickly threw away the clamshell. At the same time, he summoned his Companion Beasts and fused with them to prepare for battle.

    However, the clamshell that Zhou Wen threw was floating in mid-air. A petite, beautiful figure emerged from the rippling seawater.

    It was a mermaid-like creature with a head of golden wavy hair. However, her ears looked like fish fins and her eyes were blue like the sea, seemingly possessing an indescribable charm.

    Is this a mermaid or a siren? Zhou Wen frowned slightly. He was now sure that this was definitely a feral dimensional creature.