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Chapter 123 - The First Order of Chaos

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 123 The First Order of Chaos

    Without much hesitation, the moment he saw the siren-like mermaid appear, the transparent wings on Zhou Wen’s back vibrated and he slammed his feet on the ground, wanting to rush out from the balcony.

    There were too many unknown and terrifying existences in this world. Regardless of his chances of defeating a siren, Zhou Wen was unwilling to risk it.

    But just as he moved, a large amount of seawater burst out from the clamshell behind the siren. The egg-sized clamshell spewed out seawater like a waterfall that engulfed the entire living room.

    Zhou Wen’s body collided with the waterfall formed by the seawater and immediately felt his body being pushed back into the living room like a wave.

    “Keke, foolish human. When standing before the Queen of the Sea, resistance is futile. Your only option is to become my slave and be used by me.” The siren’s body gradually walked out of the clamshell and gradually grew in size, becoming as big as an ordinary human.

    Zhou Wen gathered his Strength and repeatedly slammed into the waterfall formed by the seawater. He was repelled every time. Even Astral Slash Blade left a tiny crack when he slashed down on the waterfall before the hole disappeared in the blink of an eye.

    “It’s useless, foolish human. Stop doing such foolish acts and become my slave.” As the siren spoke, a strange light shone in her blue eyes, exuding an indescribable charm.

    Zhou Wen’s gaze landed on the strange pair of eyes and his eyes immediately lost focus. As though in a trance, he dazedly walked towards the siren.

    “Yes, that’s right. Come into my embrace and be my slave. It’s a great honor for a human…” She spread out her arms and embraced Zhou Wen like a mother. At the same time, she was about to plant her pale-blue lips on his forehead.

    Zhou Wen continued walking towards the siren in a daze, as though he was unaware of everything. All that was left in his eyes was the reflection of the siren’s strange eyes.

    The siren’s hands were already on Zhou Wen’s shoulders and her lips were about to be planted on Zhou Wen’s forehead when his originally dull eyes turned clear and limpid. His left hand which was wrapped in a lotus bracer rose up as his palm brought a Astral Slash Blade beam, slicing it straight at the siren’s abdomen.

    With the augmentation of the lotus bracer, the Astral Slash Blade beam that combined 11 points of Primordial Energy violently struck the belly of the siren, leaving a mark on it. This act stunned the beautiful face of the siren.

    Perhaps it was overconfidence or that she didn’t expect Zhou Wen to remain clear-headed under her gaze, the siren failed to react completely as she looked at Zhou Wen in disbelief.

    However, Zhou Wen didn’t hesitate at all. His entire body rose up in an instant. He rained down his fists and knees like a thunderstorm, attacking the vital spots of the siren.

    The Mutated Lotus Flower Ant and the Silver-Winged Flying Ant were also summoned by Zhou Wen. They surrounded the siren on both sides, trying hard to severely injure the siren in the shortest time possible so that she wouldn’t be capable of counterattacking.

    Bam! Bam! Bam!

    Zhou Wen watched as the arm of the siren moved. Then, he and his two Companion Beasts retreated at the same time, slamming into the seawater waterfall before bouncing back and falling onto the ground.

    The siren stared coldly at Zhou Wen, her fingers touching the wound on her abdomen. The wound had strangely healed, not leaving any scars behind.

    “Humans are despicable. They do not heed well-meaning advice, forcing me to take action myself.” The siren stared coldly at Zhou Wen and swung its tail towards him.


    The moment the siren finished speaking, a hoof fell from above, knocking her down along with the clamshell. This caused the seawater waterfall, enclosing the living room to collapse, restoring the living room to its original appearance.

    Zhou Wen saw that the siren was slumped on the floor and could not stand up no matter how hard she struggled. On her back, the white antelope was standing leisurely with its hooves stepping on her. It was as if it wasn’t stepping on a terrifying dimensional creature, but a block of wood.

    Zhou Wen didn’t say another word as he immediately changed the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant into a bracer and sliced at the siren’s neck.

    The siren was most likely an Epic creature. No matter what dropped from killing her, it would fetch a good price. This was undoubtedly very tempting for the broke Zhou Wen.

    Of course, the main reason was to resolve any possible problems. He couldn’t allow such a dangerous dimensional creature to continue living. This was too dangerous for Zhou Wen and his classmates.

    “Don’t kill me! As long as you’re willing to let me go, I can share a huge secret with you,” the siren hurriedly shouted.

    However, Zhou Wen ignored her and slit her neck with the edge of the lotus bracer. However, it only left a faint red mark on her fair neck. All he managed was a slight laceration.

    Zhou Wen was a little shocked. The lotus bracer was already considered a top-notch weapon amongst Legendaries, but it could only tear open a tiny part of her skin. It was probably that this siren was a top existence among Epic creatures.

    “Brother Antelope, why don’t you help me get rid of her?” Zhou Wen said as he looked at the antelope on the siren’s back.

    Unless Zhou Wen’s Primordial Energy was restored, allowing him to use Astral Slash Blade matched with his lotus bracer, it wouldn’t be easy for him to kill this siren.

    Upon hearing Zhou Wen’s words, the siren hurriedly exclaimed, “I really have a huge secret to share with you. I’ve obtained the First Order of Chaos from the primordial god, Chaos. If you are willing to let me go, I can share it with you.”

    “What First Order of Chaos?” Zhou Wen’s heart stirred as he looked at the siren on the ground and asked.

    Zhou Wen had heard of the name Chaos before. It was a primordial god in Greek mythology. It was the first god to be born in Greek mythology.

    It was just that this god was not well-known in the world, but his descendants were famous, ones that many knew.

    For example, the third generation god-king from Chaos’s family line, Zeus of Olympus; Sea King, Poseidon; the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena; and Sun God, Apollo, were descendants of this god.

    Some people said that Chaos was one of the celestial gods of Time, Space, and Space-time. Others said that Chaos was chaos itself. In any case, the status of this god in Greek mythology was akin to the Chinese myth of Pangu’s splitting of the primordial egg.

    When the siren mentioned this name, Zhou Wen was rather surprised.

    Zhou Wen had heard that in some of the dimensional zones in the West District, many dimensional zones related to Zeus and the other gods were found. There were even second-generation Titans found in some dimensional zones. However, he had never heard any news about Chaos.

    “The First Order of Chaos is the source of Lord Chaos’s power. To you humans, that is Lord Chao’s Primordial Energy Art,” the siren hurriedly said.