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Chapter 126 - Bracele

Let Me Game in Peace
     As Zhou Wen had deliberately chosen a seller in the same city, the silver bracelet he had bought over the Internet was delivered the next afternoon. When he went to the school gates to get the delivery, he saw Ah Sheng driving up.

    “Young Master Wen, Madam has ordered some dishes at a restaurant and wishes you to have a meal with her.” Ah Sheng was so polite that it was embarrassing to reject him.

    Zhou Wen thought for a moment. Since he was going to the restaurant and not the An family’s residence, there was no harm in him going.

    The bracelet didn’t take up much space, so Zhou Wen didn’t return to the dormitory first and got into Ah Sheng’s car.

    “Young Master Wen, rest for a while. It’ll take about half an hour before we reach the place,” Ah Sheng started the car and said to Zhou Wen as he drove.

    “Aren’t you An Tianzuo’s adjutant? Why do you always work for Sister Lan?” Zhou Wen asked curiously.

    Ah Sheng smiled and said, “I’m the Overseer’s adjutant. Other than my usual duties, I’m also in charge of taking care of the Overseer’s life as well as the safety of the An family. You can think of me as half a butler of the An family.”

    Zhou Wen nodded and didn’t say anything more. As half an hour was just too long, he thought for a moment and opened the accessory box and took out the silver bracelet.

    The bracelet looked beautiful and exquisite. On it was quite a number of diamonds and crystals. Zhou Wen had only bought it after looking at the dimensions, so the size of the crystals was basically the same as the chaos space crystal ball.

    Zhou Wen carefully removed one of the crystals and then embedded the chaos space crystal ball. It looked perfect, and he couldn’t see any flaws.

    With the diamonds forming a contrast, the crystal ball wasn’t eye-catching. Most people wouldn’t purposely take note of the crystals on


    After trying it on his wrist, he found a problem. The Space Crystal Pearl was indeed inconspicuous, but wearing this bracelet on a man’s wrist seemed a little too conspicuous.

    The silver is a little too shiny and it’s not hard enough. It breaks easily so I think I’ll buy another bracelet made of carbide later, Zhou Wen thought to himself and took the bracelet off and put it in the box.

    The box was a little too big to permit him to put it in his pocket, so Zhou Wen could only hold it in his hand.

    When he arrived at the restaurant, he realized that An Jing was also there.

    “Little Wen, come over quickly. The dishes have already been ordered. We’re just waiting for you.” Ouyang Lan pulled Zhou Wen to sit beside her naturally.

    Although Zhou Wen didn’t have a good impression of An Jing, he didn’t care too much about it. Since he was already here, he might as well sit down and accompany Ouyang Lan and leave after the meal.

    An Jing sat on the other side of Ouyang Lan. She glanced at Zhou Wen but didn’t say a word. She had an arrogant and cold expression.

    Ah Sheng had already ordered the staff to serve the dishes. Before they were served, Ouyang Lan saw the box in Zhou Wen’s hand and asked, “Little Wen, what are you carrying?”

    Zhou Wen thought to himself, It’s not a bad idea to let Ouyang Lan take a look too. If she doesn’t notice anything, it would be even harder for others to notice anything amiss.

    “I bought a bracelet. Sister Lan, take a look.” Zhou Wen handed the box over to Ouyang Lan.

    Ouyang Lan took the box and opened it to take a look. It was a silver bracelet worn by a lady. Although it was not an expensive item, its design was quite unique.

    “Little Wen, I didn’t expect you to be so thoughtful. Is this a birthday present for Little Jing? I didn’t plan on telling you that it’s her birthday today and just wanted to invite you to a meal. I never expected you to get her a gift.” Ouyang Lan really imagined that Zhou Wen had bought a present.

    If not, why would a man like him bring a female bracelet here?

    Zhou Wen was stunned when he heard that. He didn’t know that he had bought a female bracelet since he only bought it because the dimensions for embedding the chaos space crystal ball was perfect.

    If Ouyang Lan hadn’t told him, he wouldn’t have known that this was a female bracelet.

    An Jing also thought that Zhou Wen had really bought this bracelet for her. She felt a little ashamed in her heart. Zhou Wen is quite a nice person. I went a little overboard in the past. Should I find a chance to apologize?

    Just as An Jing was thinking about this, she suddenly heard Zhou Wen say, “Sis Lan, I didn’t know it was An Jing’s birthday today. This isn’t a gift for her.”

    An Jing’s expression froze. For a moment, she had mixed, conflicted feelings.

    Ouyang Lan hurriedly changed the topic and said, “You bought such a pretty bracelet. Is there a girl you like?”

    Zhou Wen shook his head and said, “I bought the wrong item. I bought a male bracelet myself and ended up buying a female one. I’ll have to return it later.”

    This little rascal, he’s like an impervious rock. Zhou Lingfeng is so good at reading people, so how did he give birth to such a brat? Ouyang Lan felt a little despondent hearing Zhou Wen’s words. Since you bought the wrong item and have no intention of giving it to someone else, can’t you just give it to An Jing? It’s not like a bracelet costs much.

    How could Ouyang Lan know that there was a chaos space crystal ball embedded in the bracelet? How could Zhou Wen give it to An Jing?

    This meal was very awkward. Ouyang Lan didn’t have a solution either. After quickly finishing the meal, she got Ah Sheng to take Zhou Wen back first.

    After Zhou Wen returned to the dormitory, he immediately ordered another bracelet online. This time, Zhou Wen was more careful and confirmed that it was a male bracelet. He even specially chose a carbide bracelet.

    After Zhou Wen received the new bracelet, he embedded the chaos space crystal ball into it and found it very suitable. Even if he looked closely, it was difficult to distinguish the chaos space crystal bead from the diamonds and natural crystals.

    Moreover, most people wouldn’t be able to see him wearing a bracelet with his sleeves usually covering it.

    After much effort, Zhou Wen finally managed to settle the bracelet. The date for the comprehensive test was already nearing.

    He had not seen Li Xuan for days, perhaps a result of him working hard to improve his strength. He had the Li family backing him, so he had endless numbers of dimensional crystals and Companion Eggs. Raising his stats and contracting powerful Legendary Companion Beasts wasn’t a difficult task. It was expected that his strength would soar extremely quickly.

    Only on the day of the comprehensive test did Zhou Wen realize how many students Sunset College had. The dense horde of people probably numbered more than ten thousand.

    There were four special zones on the field. In one area, there were about a hundred pots with scorching hot oil. Blue smoke emitted from them as though it would ignite at any moment.

    In another zone, there was a hundred-meter-long bridge made with thirty-centimeter-wide calligraphic paper. It was probably the testing venue for crossing the paper bridge.

    The other two testing venues were quite far from Zhou Wen, he could only see a few stone tripod cauldrons and nothing else.

    “Old Zhou, how were your preparations? Are you confident of entering the top ten?” Li Xuan came to Zhou Wen’s side and threw his arm around his shoulder.

    Upon hearing Li Xuan’s words, one of the group of female seniors beside them said with a laugh, “Juniors, you guys are really amusing. You want to get into the top ten as freshmen? Nice dreams and aspirations. Here’s me wishing you all the best as a senior.”