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Chapter 128 - The Rejected Wei Ge

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 128 The Rejected Wei Ge

    With a careful look, Wei Ge recognized Zhou Wen. As the president of the student council, he paid attention to the top freshmen.

    Wei Ge had already carefully studied Zhou Wen and Li Xuan’s battle of the Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus, as well as the video of him slaying the word-engraved Demonized General.

    Zhou Wen’s performance was indeed good, but it also exposed some problems. Therefore, Wei Ge had only placed Zhou Wen on a list of possible nominees as student council members. As for whether he would invite him to join in the future, it also depended on what Life Providence he obtained after he advanced to the Legendary stage.

    Li Xuan was talking to Zhou Wen when he saw Feng Qiuyan walking over. He found it odd, but ended up seeing Feng Qiuyan walk straight towards Zhou Wen.

    Zhou Wen’s heart skipped a beat when he saw Feng Qiuyan. Could it be that Feng Qiuyan found out that I was just being perfunctory with him and came to settle scores with me?

    “Coach, when’s the next class?” Feng Qiuyan asked Zhou Wen.

    “Wait, coach? What’s happening?” Li Xuan widened his eyes as he looked at Feng Qiuyan and Zhou Wen.

    Upon hearing Feng Qiuyan’s words, Zhou Wen’s hanging heart eased. He said to Feng Qiuyan, “First, master what I said previously. We’ll talk about the rest later.”

    “Alright.” Feng Qiuyan agreed and sat down beside him.

    “Old Zhou, what’s going on?” Li Xuan felt like a cat was clawing at his curiosity. He really couldn’t understand why Feng Qiuyan was acquainted with Zhou Wen and addressed him as coach.

    “It’s nothing. It’s just that Feng Qiuyan invited me to be his personal coach and tailor a training plan for him,” Zhou Wen said casually.

    After Li Xuan heard this, the way he looked at Zhou Wen became even odder. With Feng Qiuyan by his side, it wasn’t appropriate for him to say anything. However, he thought to himself, What the hell. Feng Qiuyan can hire any coach. It’s not difficult even finding an Epic expert as a personal coach for him. Why would he find a student from the same school? Furthermore, Zhou Wen hasn’t even advanced to the Legendary stage. Is Feng Qiuyan bonkers to hire him as a coach?

    Li Xuan sat there uneasily, eager to know what had happened between Zhou Wen and Feng Qiuyan; however, it wasn’t the best place to ask him.

    When Wei Ge saw Feng Qiuyan sitting beside Zhou Wen, he was somewhat surprised, but he didn’t think too much about it.

    Seeing that Wang Lu had finally appeared on the field and had just registered for the tests she was taking, Wei Ge hurriedly went up to her and smiled like a gentleman. “Wang Lu, I’m the student council president, Wei Ge. I wish to invite you to join the student council…”

    “Sorry, I don’t plan on joining any club.” Wang Lu politely rejected Wei Ge before walking towards Zhou Wen as well.

    Wei Ge was not surprised that Wang Lu had rejected him, because her family background was obvious. Others might think highly of the student council’s connections and influence, but Wang Lu had no need for it.

    However, when Wei Ge saw that Wang Lu had actually walked over to Zhou Wen and exchanged a few words with him before sitting down beside him, he couldn’t help but be alarmed.

    When Wei Ge saw An Jing, he didn’t mention the invitation to her. He just went up to greet her to acquaint himself with her.

    Sunset College was originally under the An family, so if she were to join the student council, she would definitely become president. When that happened, he would have to step down to the rank of vice president, so Wei Ge naturally wouldn’t do such a stupid thing

    Fortunately, after all this time, An Jing hadn’t shown any intention of joining the student council. This relaxed Wei Ge a lot more.

    An Jing nodded politely as a response to Wei Ge before walking towards Zhou Wen again.

    What the hell is wrong with that punk? He’s only been in Sunset College for a month, yet he already has such connections? Wei Ge was secretly alarmed as he couldn’t help but think more highly of Zhou Wen.

    An Jing came in front of Zhou Wen. She looked at him and said, “If you can get into the top 100 at the comprehensive test, I’ll count you as winning the bet.”

    With that, she walked away.

    Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback before recalling the three-month declaration An Jing had made with him. However, he hadn’t taken it to heart. So if she hadn’t mentioned it at that moment, he would have already forgotten it.

    “What bet?” Li Xuan probed, his eagerness for gossip rearing its head.

    “Nothing.” Zhou Wen shook his head without saying a word.

    Wei Ge sized up Zhou Wen from a distance, wondering how he could pull him onto the student council. Since Zhou Wen had such connections, it would be of great help to the student council’s future development if he could get him on the student council.

    Wei Ge could also use Zhou Wen’s connections, perhaps to break into Wang Lu’s and An Jing’s circle.

    As he was thinking, he saw Huang Ji walking over from the front. Wei Ge immediately changed directions, unwilling to meet Huang Ji.

    In this school, the person he hated the most and also didn’t dare provoke the most was Huang Ji. In the past, he had wanted to rope Huang Ji onto the student council but had been rejected. Later, he used some tricks, only to realize that Huang Ji was much more powerful than he had imagined. This ended up in him being beaten up.

    The school knew that Huang Ji had beaten him up, but they did not know why.

    Ever since that time, Wei Ge would circle around Huang Ji when he saw him. He had stopped thinking of roping Huang Ji onto the student council again. Moreover, he did not think that anyone had such a pull with Huang Ji.

    After Wei Ge circled around Huang Ji and looked back, he saw Zhou Wen stand up and wave at Huang Ji, as though he was beckoning for him to head over.

    By then, Huang Ji had already taken a seat. With Wei Ge’s understanding of him, he believed that Huang Ji definitely wouldn’t bother with Zhou Wen.

    However, to his surprise, Huang Ji actually got up and walked over after hearing Zhou Wen calling out to him. When he arrived beside Zhou Wen, he began chatting very warmly with him.

    Wei Ge was dumbfounded. What’s going on? That weirdo Huang Ji can actually chat with someone for so long?

    He had no idea that the reason Huang Ji was chatting with Zhou Wen for so long was that Zhou Wen was talking about his game and investment. That was why Huang Ji was so interested.

    This first-year freshman, Zhou Wen, needs serious observation. Wei Ge felt that it was necessary to reassess Zhou Wen again. If possible, he had to rope him onto the student council and be under his service.

    Not long after, Wei Ge saw Hui Haifeng and Nana walk over to Zhou Wen’s side with a few high-ranking students. They seemed to be having a great chat with Zhou Wen and company, and his heart skipped a beat.

    By right, since he was the student council president, there shouldn’t be anyone in Sunset College who could compete with him. However, Hui Haifeng was an exception.

    If Wei Ge was a classic model student at Sunset College, Hui Haifeng was a typical bad role model. Most of the students around him were people who didn’t abide by the rules.