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Chapter 134 - Mutated Demonized General

Let Me Game in Peace
     “Counselor, although my strength isn’t enough to represent the college, there’s no need for me to be afraid of John, much less escape.” Zhou Wen bowed slightly to Wang Fei before turning to leave the office.

    Ignoring the fact that Zhou Wen had already advanced to the Legendary stage, even if he wasn’t John’s match, he still wouldn’t choose to flee to the An family residence.

    This fellow’s surname isn’t An, but why is he as stubborn as the An siblings? Wang Fei watched Zhou Wen leave the office and couldn’t help but worry.

    After Zhou Wen returned to his dorm, he launched an instant dungeon and began grinding crazily. He wanted to spawn some high-level dimensional crystals and quickly raise his attributes.

    Ding! After killing a Silver-Winged Flying Ant, a 14-valued Speed Crystal dropped. The blood-colored avatar absorbed the Speed Crystal and his Speed increased to 14.

    Ding! After killing a Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus, a 13-valued Primordial Energy Crystal dropped. The blood-colored avatar absorbed it and his Primordial Energy increased to 13.

    Ding! After killing a Skeleton General, a Skeleton General Companion Egg dropped.

    Zhou Wen unhesitatingly incubated it and obtained a Skeleton General Companion Beast. However, the Companion Beast’s stats and skills were relatively average.

    While grinding the Lotus Flower Cave, Zhou Wen was once again lucky enough to spawn a Fairy Monkey Companion Egg. When he incubated it, the stats weren’t too bad, but they weren’t considered excellent-grade stats.

    Since it wasn’t an excellent-grade Companion Beast and its skills weren’t anything special, Zhou Wen decided to attempt a fusion when he saw that the Skeleton General and the Fairy Monkey had a compatibility score of 57% which was a rather high success rate.

    However, Zhou Wen was extremely disappointed. The fusion failed as the two Companion Beasts disintegrated simultaneously.

    Zhou Wen knew how lucky his Mutated Lotus Flower Ant had been at succeeding from the recent fusion failures. The chances were about the same as winning the lottery.

    Thankfully, Zhou Wen was able to keep grinding dungeons. His chances of dropping a Companion Egg were much higher than the average person. After persisting for an entire day and night, Zhou Wen’s stats experienced a significant boost. His Strength and Constitution had reached 16 points. His Speed and Primordial Energy were slightly weaker and had only increased to 15 points.

    This made Zhou Wen clearly feel that his body was much stronger. During this process, he managed to raise his Dragon Gate Fairy Skill to Rank 9, raising his movement technique to its limit.

    Rank 9 was a standard Primordial Energy Skill limit. There was no way to continue raising it with Primordial Energy Skill Crystals. In the past, Rank 9 was the highest Zhou Wen could reach. However, with the precedent of Ashen Palm, he knew that Rank 9 wasn’t the limit and that there was room for improvement. However, that required him to train and figure it out himself before being able to reach Dragon Gate Fairy Skill’s limit of Rank 10.

    It was unknown how many times he had entered Tiger Cage Pass dungeon before he encountered a Demonized General with the word “Fist” engraved on its helmet. It delighted Zhou Wen.

    Seeing the Demonized General turn golden in color, like a golden-armored god of war, Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to charge forward instead of retreating, clashing head-on with the Fist Demonized General.

    Now that Zhou Wen had advanced to the Legendary stage, his speed had increased significantly. Coupled with the Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s silver wings, his speed was no longer slower than the Fist Demonized General’s. He easily dodged its strange spear’s

    rust before slashing at its neck with his hand wrapped in the lotus flower bracer.

    With a clang, Zhou Wen’s present strength combined with the lotus flower bracer was still unable to damage the Fist Demonized General. Instead, his opponent balled its other hand into a fist and threw a punch at the blood-colored avatar’s stomach.

    Astral Suction Palm! Zhou Wen guessed that the Astral Suction Palm could restrain the Fist Demonized General’s Primordial Energy Skill. Unsure if it was true, he gave it a try.

    The strength of the Fist Demonized General’s fist was extremely domineering, as though it had gathered all of its energy into one point. Even the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant at the same level would explode with one punch.

    The Astral Suction Palm appeared nothing powerful with how soft and weak it was. The instant his palm clashed with the fist, Zhou Wen felt a strange feeling. His Astral Suction Palm seemed to be able to guide the forces of the Demonized General’s fist.

    With a thought, Zhou Wen pulled and pushed with his Astral Suction Palm, directing the Demonized General’s domineering punch right back into the other side of his enemy’s chest. With a boom, the armor on his body shattered and blood spewed out.

    Zhou Wen was delighted when he saw this. He controlled the blood-colored avatar to charge forward, penetrating the wound on the Demonized General’s chest with his palm which wore the lotus flower bracer. This impact burst the heart inside.

    ‘Killed Fist Demonized General. Discovered Companion Egg.’

    Zhou Wen was still immersed in the excitement of his killing the Fist Demonized General for the first time when he saw the system notification appear. He couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised.

    Upon careful look, he saw a black-colored Companion Egg drop on the ground. He hurriedly ordered the blood-colored avatar to pick it up but seeing its attributes, he couldn’t help but find it odd.

    Mutated Demonized General: Legendary

    Legendary Life Providence: Malignant General

    Strength: 19

    Speed: 17

    Constitution: 18

    Primordial Energy: 18

    Talent Skill: Astral Fist, Demon Flame Spear, Demon Rider Summon

    Companion Form: None

    How can a Mutated Demonized General not have a Companion Form? Zhou Wen found it odd, but its stats were really high. It was considered a top-notch existence among Legendaries.

    He directly incubated the Mutated Demonized General since he had no plans on giving such an excellent-grade Companion Beast as food.

    He summoned the incubated Mutated Demonized General and it was exactly the same as the one in the game. A burly Demonic General riding on a red horse, with a strange spear in his hand. With one charge, the strange spear in its hand could knock over a large number of Demonized Soldiers. It was extremely powerful.

    Another Demonized General! Zhou Wen was delighted. With the boost provided by the Demonized General’s skills—far greater than the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant and the Silver-Winged Flying Ant-it was good as a vanguard.

    Taking advantage of the excitement of having a new Companion Beast, Zhou Wen continued grinding. He wanted to raise his stats in one fell swoop. It would be best if he could raise everything to 18.

    Perhaps due to luck, Zhou Wen encountered another Mutated Demonized General when he respawned again and went to Tiger Cage Pass. However, the Demonized General’s helmet had the word ‘Blade’ engraved on it this time.

    He didn’t attack himself, allowing the Fist Demonized General to charge forward. Due to the effectiveness of the Fist Demonized General against the Blade Demonized General, it killed the Blade Demonized General with one charge.

    The Blade Demonized General’s Astral Slash Blade was shattered by the Astral Punch and was made completely useless.

    Exceeding Zhou Wen’s expectations, the Blade Demonized General once again dropped a Companion Egg. Having obtained two Mutated Demonized General Companion Eggs consecutively, this was a probability that Zhou Wen found unbelievable.

    Mutated Demonized General: Legendary

    Legendary Life Providence: Malignant General

    Strength: 19

    Speed: 18

    Constitution: 17

    Primordial Energy: 16

    Talent Skill: Astral Slash Blade, Demon Flame Spear, Demon Rider Summon

    Companion Form: None