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Chapter 140 - Golden Ant Honey

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 140 Golden Ant Honey

    Picking up things from behind his Companion Beasts made Zhou Wen feel guilty of reaping the fruits of success without putting in any effort.

    It’s no wonder so many people wanted to be a general in ancient times. With a bunch of lackeys sweeping through everything, it’s truly a pleasure to reap the spoils. In a blink of an eye, he threw away the guilt he felt and continued picking things up without any qualms.

    17-valued Strength dimensional crystal! Zhou Wen hurriedly picked it up and allowed the blood-colored avatar to absorb it, raising his Strength to 17. This was the highest attribute Zhou Wen currently possessed.

    The dimensional crystals produced by Legendary creatures were commonly below 15 points. It was rare to see them above that. This was the first 17 points he had obtained.

    Ever since Zhou Wen began grinding Legendary creatures, he hadn’t seen 20-valued dimensional crystals. This left him somewhat worried as to how he could raise his attributes to 21.

    Based on his previous experience, he had to raise his attributes to the level of a Mythical creature like Truth Listener, so that he could advance to the next level.

    All the attributes of Truth Listener at the Legendary stage were 21, so Zhou Wen naturally had to raise his attributes to 21.

    As the four powerful Companion Beasts charged forward, the blood-colored avatar had already entered Ant City. Large numbers of ants immediately rushed out from the ant


    These ants were different from the black-winged flying ants. There were red-armored ants and black-armored ants but most of them were yellow-armored ants. Their numbers were terrifying, but they couldn’t fly and could only attack on the ground.

    The blood-colored avatar and the four Companion Beasts immediately plunged into the endless sea of ants. The previously ferocious Mutated Demonized General charged forward. Although it killed several ants, more surged forward and pulled it deep into the swamp-like sea of ants.

    When Zhou Wen realized that the situation was turning south, he made the blood-colored avatar jump onto the back of the Silver-Winged Flying Ant and fly straight into the sky before flying towards the middle of Ant City.

    He let the Mutated Demonized General slow down the ant horde as much as it could.

    Due to the large number of black-winged flying ants killed previously, there were very few ants that could fly after entering Ant City. Using the ant nest as an obstacle, the Silver-Winged Flying Ant dodged left and right, flitting through the air swiftly as it got closer and closer to the strange ant nest in the middle.

    A black-winged flying ant charged forward, but the Silver-Winged Flying Ant was no longer capable of dodging. The blood-colored avatar struck out with Ashen Palm and struck the black-winged flying ant’s head. As though it had been struck dumb, it began flying in random directions before plummeting to the ground.

    Zhou Wen didn’t use any other Primordial Energy Skills as their expenditure was too high, allowing him to only use them twice. Only Ashen Palm used a relatively lower amount of Primordial Energy. With Zhou Wen’s natural speed of Primordial Energy recovery, he could barely use it for extended periods of time.

    However, that was only on the basis of occasional use. As the black-winged flying ants charging at him from his surroundings increased, Zhou Wen couldn’t even use his Ashen Palm.

    Seeing that he was about to be surrounded by the black-winged flying ants, Zhou Wen looked at the distance between the blood-colored avatar and the ant nest. Gritting his teeth, he leaped from the back of the Silver-Winged Flying Ant and charged towards a black-winged flying ant. He took the opportunity to use Dragon Gate Fairy Skill to rush to the top of an ant nest by the side. He then used the momentum to rush straight to the highest spot where the nest was glowing with a golden halo.

    In the nest behind him, several ants were leaping into the air in a bid to strike the blood-colored avatar. Thankfully, they were wingless red-armored ants. The blood-colored avatar circled the sky with the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill, causing the red-armored ants to miss and fall to the ground.

    When the blood-colored avatar used the momentum to slide towards the golden ant nest, two black-winged flying ants rushed over from both sides.

    The Silver-Winged Flying Ant had already been surrounded by a group of black-winged flying ants. Its wings had been ripped apart and it was being eaten. There was no way it could help him again.

    The Dragon Gate Fairy Skill was only a movement technique and not a flight technique. As Zhou Wen’s strength had reached its limit and without anything to push off from, there was no way he could dodge the two black-winged flying ants’ attack.

    Gritting his teeth, Zhou Wen thought of something. A green beam of light was summoned from the blood-colored avatar’s palm, transforming into a little fairy sitting on a banana leaf.

    Before the fairy could see what was happening, the blood-colored avatar stepped on her banana leaf and leaped into the air again. However, the little fairy, along with the banana leaf, fell to the ground.

    It was not easy for the little fairy to regain control of the banana leaf. Her ashen face was filled with anger. She pointed at the blood-colored avatar in the sky and yelled something

    With this step, the blood-colored avatar finally managed to dodge the pounce of the two black-winged ants. Like a cannonball, it slammed into the shimmering golden ant nest.


    The ant nest wasn’t as solid as Zhou Wen imagined. He had actually managed to open a huge hole as the blood-colored avatar rolled in with the mud walls.

    The scene in the nest left Zhou Wen slightly taken aback. That so-called golden light wasn’t treasure.

    The bottom half of the nest was filled with golden liquid, one that was sticky like glue.

    Zhou Wen remembered hearing from others that some kinds of ants made honey like bees. Furthermore, these ants that could make honey were typically terrifying poison ants.

    However, the honey they made was a tonic that was nourishing and even had medicinal value.

    Of course, this was all hearsay. Zhou Wen was unsure of its authenticity, but the golden liquid in the nest seemed to be ant honey no matter how one looked at it.

    After the blood-colored avatar entered the nest, it fell into a golden liquid. Immediately, it felt like it had fallen into a quagmire, so the more it struggled, the deeper it sank.

    However, after the blood-colored avatar’s mouth was stained with the golden liquid, he felt a sweet fragrance entering his mouth. It made Zhou Wen even more certain that it was the legendary ant honey.

    ‘Consumed Golden Ant Honey, Primordial Energy+1.’ A notification notification popped up on his phone screen. It left Zhou Wen slightly taken aback before he became ecstatic.

    Just as he was about to control the blood-colored avatar to drink a few mouthfuls, he suddenly heard an ear-piercing scream. When he looked up, he saw a flying ant that looked like it was cast from gold. It angrily flew down from the top of the nest and was as fast as a golden phantom.

    Zhou Wen was only able to see the Golden Flying Ant’s appearance when the blood-colored avatar was slain by a golden beam of light. Its head and body were separated.

    However, the last thing he saw was something like a cocoon floating in thin air in the upper half of the nest. It was snow-white and crystalline, and he had no idea what it was.

    Without even having the time to look at it, the phone screen went black.

    Ants seem to be born from eggs, right? That thing was clearly a cocoon formed from thin silk. Could it be that ants in a dimensional dimension can reproduce? Zhou Wen found it odd. The aura from the cocoon seemed somewhat different from the Golden Flying Ant.