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Chapter 146 - One Minute Is Too Long

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 146 One Minute Is Too Long

    “Knight of the Round Table!” Li Xuan cried out softly when he saw John summon his Companion Beast.

    Among the many dimensional zones in the West district, Camelot was undoubtedly one of the most famous.

    There was only one dimensional creature in Camelot—the legendary Knights of the Round Table. They were rare in number, and each one of them had different abilities.

    To be able to obtain a Knight of the Round Table Companion Beast was like a dream to Legendary cultivators in the West district.

    In the West district, a Knight of the Round Table Companion Beast was synonymous with being invincible at the Legendary stage. It was not only because they were powerful, but also because of another important reason: Other than a Knight of the Round Table’s own abilities, they were also one of the few Companion Beasts who could be augmented by their owner’s strength.

    The more powerful the person with a Knight of the Round Table was, the more it boosted the Knight. This made him almost invincible at the Legendary stage.

    There was a very famous West district expert who had used Galahad of the Knights of the Round Table to be unparalleled in Companion Beast combat in the West district.

    John’s Knight was riding a black horse, carrying a steel spear that made him look extremely majestic. He wore a medal signifying his status as a knight of the Round Table.

    “That’s Holy Spear Knight of the Knights of the Round Table. Legend has it that he corresponds to the Round Table knight, Lamorak. He’s one of the three most powerful Round Table knights. His usage of spears is nearly invincible. He once defeated thirty knights single-handedly and is an extremely powerful Legendary Companion Beast. With John’s augmentation of the Round Table knight, it wouldn’t be too much to say that he’s one of the strongest Companion Beasts at the Legendary stage.” Wang Lu identified the Round Table knight’s origins.

    “Is Zhou Wen alright?” Li Xuan began to worry. It wouldn’t be easy for Zhou Wen to defeat such a powerful Companion Beast in a minute.

    Wang Fei was also astonished when she saw the Holy Spear Knight.

    There were very few dimensional creatures in Camelot, so the number of Companion Beasts produced was limited. Every Round Table knight’s owner was very famous, so it was unexpected for John to have one.

    However, Round Table knights were usually one of a kind. She had never heard of two Round Table knights appearing at the same time. According to what she knew, the Holy Spear Knight originally belonged to an Epic expert in the West district, but now, it was appearing with John.

    Although Sunset College also produced knight-type Companion Beasts in the dimensional zones, they were naturally inferior to the world-renowned Knights of the Round Table.

    John looked at Zhou Wen and said, “This is my Companion Beast Holy Spear Knight. He only has one active Primordial Energy Skill—Spear of the Holy Steed, but the might of this spear is nearly invincible amongst its peers. However, since you are one of the top ten students at Sunset College, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to last a minute under his spear, right?”

    “Are… are you ready?” John narrowed his eyes and asked Zhou Wen.

    “I’ll be done soon.” Zhou Wen had planned on using the banana fan to just blow away John’s Companion Beast, but after seeing the Holy Spear Knight, he dispelled the thought.

    As he spoke, Zhou Wen extended his hand and beckoned. A crimson beam of light flew out, materializing in front of him to form a red-armored knight on a red horse. It was a mighty knight that resembled a devil.

    “A Demonized General… No… It’s not an ordinary Demonized General. It’s a word-engraved Demonized General… Why is the word engraved on its helmet a little odd…?” The students from Sunset College immediately recognized the Mutated Demonized General and began stirring.

    Even Wang Fei was somewhat surprised. Zhou Wen actually obtained a word-engraved Demonized General as a Companion Beast? Isn’t his luck too good? How many days has it been since he obtained the Tiger Cage Pass’s entry pass? He actually managed to have a Mutated Demonized General’s Companion Egg drop. Furthermore, that word-engraved Demonized General is a little odd. Why isn’t the helmet engraved with Blade, Paper, Fist, but Demon?

    “F*ck, Old Zhou is amazing. He managed to obtain a Mutated Demonized General’s Companion Egg without anyone knowing. However, can itl beat a Holy Spear Knight?” Li Xuan said.

    “I don’t know. In theory, Holy Spear Knight should be stronger. After all, he can be augmented by his owner’s power. In contrast, the Mutated Demonized General doesn’t have this ability. He can only rely on himself,” said Wang Lu in thought.

    “I’m ready now,” Zhou Wen said.

    “A knight versus a knight? That’s interesting. I’ll show you what a real knight is.” John proudly raised his finger and gently swiped it. “The time starts now.”

    As though he had received an emperor’s order, the Holy Spear Knight lifted up his spear and launched an attack at Zhou Wen and the Mutated Demonized General.

    As the charge increased in speed, a terrifying spear beam emitted from the Holy Spear Knight’s spear. The spear beam pierced through the air, and formed a swirl that was visible to the naked eye. It was like a hurricane that effused a terrifying holy luster that charged at the Mutated Demonized General.

    Zhou Wen didn’t make any moves as the Mutated Demonized General charged out as well. The red-armored spear was like a red flame.

    The white and red horses charged forward at the same time, like two hurricanes sweeping through the battlefield, hitting each other in an instant.


    The red spear clashed with the holy spear. The terrifying power tore through the air, creating a piercing explosion.

    This strike was actually a tie. John couldn’t help but frown slightly as he couldn’t accept the outcome.

    The Holy Spear Knight failed to gain the upper hand despite being augmented by his powers. It left him somewhat astonished by the power of the Mutated Demonized General.

    The spectating students were also excited. The Mutated Demonized General was actually on par with the famous Knight of the Round Table. It made them yearn for one and wished that they could head over to Tiger Cage Pass to have a Mutated Demonized General’s Companion Egg drop.

    However, just as everyone thought that the clash had ended, the Mutated Demonized General’s other hand clenched into a fist and bombarded the Holy Spear Knight.


    Under everyone’s shocked gaze, the Holy Spear Knight’s body was sent flying from the horse’s back. He flew more than ten meters before landing on the ground. The knight lost grip of his spear as it fell far away. The heavy armor on his chest also cracked, while his helmet rolled to the side.

    Before the Holy Spear Knight could stand up again, the Mutated Demonized General on the horse that resembled a devil, struck out with another palm. A blood-red saber beam slashed through the air, chopping off the Holy Spear Knight’s head.

    Everything happened in the blink of an eye, so fast that everyone stared in shock. Even John himself had yet to react. His Holy Spear Knight had been killed the moment the face-off began.

    “One minute… From the looks of it, it’s still too long…” Zhou Wen looked at the Holy Spear Knight’s corpse and spoke without expression.