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Chapter 149 - The Might of a Flap

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 149 The Might of a Flap

    Light patterns on John’s chest emerged and turned into a warrior raising a shield in front of him.

    Zhou Wen struck the tower shield with his palm, but only managed to make the warrior retreat half a step.

    John’s expression was cold as his Primordial Energy churned. His hair flared up and he had a crown-shaped mark of light on his forehead.

    Zhou Wen was no stranger to this mark. It belonged to one of the six heroes, the Holy Emperor’s hero mark, which also represented the Holy Emperor’s special physique—the Holy Emperor Body.

    John’s current condition was a sign that the Holy Emperor Body was being activated. Then, there was no need to guess what John would do next.

    “Oh no, John is actually going to use Holy Light Judgment in a spar like this?” An Jing’s expression changed drastically, but it was too late to help.

    Others might not know how terrifying Holy Light Judgment was, but An Jing had seen the terror of the Holy Light Judgment in the An family’s database. Although John definitely couldn’t reach the level of the Holy Emperor, a Primordial Energy Skill like Holy Light Judgment was extremely terrifying. It was difficult for opponents of the same level to resist it.

    Indeed, John clasped his fingers together as he raised his arms and slashed at Zhou Wen.

    As he moved, a dazzling glow like the sun burst out from his tightly-locked hands, transforming into a huge blade of light that slashed down.

    The blade of light was more than twenty meters long and it was extremely fast. It cleaved down at Zhou Wen like it was a manifestation of lightning, reaching him almost instantaneously.

    At that moment, John, who was emitting holy light, looked like a representative of God in the mortal world. He used the power of God to judge the guilty.

    Not good… The two counselors who were watching the scene phased away at the same time, hoping to save Zhou Wen before Holy Light Judgment landed.

    The spectating students stood up. This attack was too terrifying, one that was far beyond the typical Legendary stage. If Zhou Wen couldn’t withstand it, he would probably be killed by this strike.

    A cold look flashed in Zhou Wen’s eyes, but he didn’t have any intention of dodging. Instead, he advanced and extended his hand and beckoned. A small palm-sized fan that resembled jadeite appeared in his hand as he flapped it towards the approaching John who seemed to be delivering God’s punishment.


    Under the shocked looks of the crowd, the terrifying blade of light—the manifestation of Holy Light Judgment—was shattered like glass in a hurricane. John’s glowing body was sent flying by the fan and slammed into the tempered glass that lined the borders of the arena and shattered it.

    Instantly, the entire venue fell silent. Everyone stared wide-eyed at John, who was struggling to get up from amidst the glass shards.

    He was unable to get up even after repeated struggles. His body was still curled up as he shivered, like a creature that was about to freeze to death in an ice cellar.


    Zhou Wen walked in front of John and stepped on his chest. He looked down at him and said coldly, “Do you want to do it again? I can give you another chance.”

    John was furious and embarrassed. He had the reputation of being a saint in the West district and was known to be invincible among peers of the same stage. He had never suffered such humiliation in Covenant College. In his anger, anxiety, and embarrassment, together with the injuries caused by the Grand Yin Wind, he spat out a mouthful of blood and passed out.

    The two counselors who had rushed in to rescue Zhou Wen were taken aback, momentarily unable to recover from their shock. They had rushed in for a situation completely different from the outcome. It left them at a loss.

    “Counselors, I’ll have to trouble you with the rest.” Zhou Wen didn’t care if John was dead or alive as he took out the Round Table knight Companion Egg from John’s backpack and bowed slightly at the two counselors.

    “Alright.” One of the counselors finally snapped back to attention and quickly went up to check on John’s injuries.

    After all, John was a descendant of the Cape family, and he had inherited the physique of a hero. If he died at Sunset College, it would be a huge problem.

    Zhou Wen wasn’t fazed by this and left after taking the Companion Egg.

    “What just happened?”

    “Damn, I didn’t see clearly what was going on just now. Why was John, who was like a god descending to the mortal world, sent flying?”

    “I saw it. Zhou Wen waved a green fan in his hand at John, sending his sword beam flying together with him.

    “That John looks quite scary, but why is he so weak? He can’t even withstand one strike.”

    “Zhou Wen sure is terrifying when it comes to strength. Although he relied on the powers of his Companion Beasts, they are still a part of his strength.”

    “This Zhou Wen’s background is probably extraordinary. A typical family student wouldn’t have so many powerful Companion Beasts even if they advanced to the Legendary stage.”

    After Zhou Wen left, the students snapped to their senses and began discussing excitedly. The main topic was Zhou Wen’s Companion Beasts, and the most discussed topic was the Companion Beast which manifested as a green fan.

    “Old Zhou, you finally made a name for yourself. You sent Saint John flying with a fan. It’s simply exhilarating. What kind of Companion Beast is that fan of yours? It’s really too powerful,” Li Xuan said to Zhou Wen excitedly as they walked to the dorm.

    “He’s just too weak.” Zhou Wen didn’t answer Li Xuan’s question. It wasn’t easy to explain the Banana Fairy’s origins, and Zhou Wen didn’t want to tax his brain to fabricate a story, much less deceive his friend.

    Li Xuan didn’t ask further either as the two returned to the dorm.

    John’s defeat at Sunset College had not only caused a stir at Sunset College, but also caused a great stir in Covenant College.

    John, a formerly undefeated hero’s successor, one who had the title of saint, had been beaten up by someone at Sunset College. Furthermore, the person wasn’t the strongest student at Sunset College. The fact that he barely entered the top ten rankings made it clearly unacceptable to them.

    For a moment, the discussion forums of Covenant College seemed to explode. Some people claimed that John was not fit to have the title of a saint, nor was he worthy of being the successor of Holy Emperor.

    People also said that John should work harder at his cultivation before defeating Zhou Wen and reclaim his glory.

    Zhou Wen wasn’t aware of this, nor was he in the mood to care. He had just hatched the Rebellious Knight and was admiring his attributes.

    Rebellious Knight: Legendary

    Legendary Life Providence: Fate Knight

    Strength: 19

    Speed: 19

    Constitution: 19

    Primordial Energy: 19

    Talent Skill: Cross Sword, Everlasting Shield, Holy Steed Summoning, Holy Steed Battle Aura

    Companion Form: None

    It was a Companion Beast with four skills and all its stats reached Overdrive at 19 points. It could be said to be an excellent-grade existence among Legendary Companion Beasts. Its attributes were even more impressive than the Mutated Demonized General.