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Chapter 150 - Restriction City

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 150 Restriction City

    Wang Fei hadn’t been in a good mood recently. Apparently, she hadn’t been in a good mood ever since she had Zhou Wen as a student.

    Zhou Wen’s defeat of John had cheered her up for a period of time, but soon, there was no more joy in her.

    She originally believed that Zhou Wen would establish his confidence, stop giving up on himself, and become a hardworking student after defeating John.

    However, the truth was completely opposite to what she had imagined. Since Zhou Wen had defeated John, he hadn’t returned to the dimensional zones and just cooped himself in his dorm all day.

    According to Wang Fei’s investigations, although she didn’t know what he was doing in the dorm, Zhou Wen’s sunbathing every morning while holding his phone didn’t escape her notice. He was clearly playing a game.

    Damn you, Zhou Wen. You’re like a donkey Every time I whip you twice, you’ll take two steps. If I don’t whip you, you just stay there and roll around. Do you really think I can’t do anything about you? The more Wang Fei thought about it, the angrier she became.

    She originally believed that Zhou Wen had finally snapped out of his doldrums, but to her surprise, he immediately returned to his original state after the crisis passed. It was like dowsing Wang Fei’s enthusiasm with cold water.

    Wang Fei was clearly not someone who could let matters pass. Therefore, she made it her mission to completely free Zhou Wen from the terrible habit of gaming. She wanted him to completely quit his online addiction.

    Of course, the reason Wang Fei was so adamant about it was that she didn’t want Zhou Wen’s talent to be wasted.

    He thinks he’s impressive just because he defeated John? He’s still far from invincible. Furthermore, he relied on his Companion Beasts, not his own abilities… With this in mind, Wang Fei’s eyes suddenly lit up. She couldn’t help but smile as she revealed a bizarre smile. She had another idea once again.

    It wasn’t that Zhou Wen didn’t deliberately go to Tiger Cage Pass. He was just too famous. Recently whenever he went out, there were always students he didn’t know coming up to talk to him.

    Zhou Wen couldn’t ignore others when they came to greet him out of goodwill, but with so many students doing so, he had no time to focus on gaming.

    In addition, his Demonized General and Three-Eyed Golden Warrior had already been revealed, so there was no need for him to pretend to head to the dimensional zones. He might as well stay in his dormitory to play games.

    Zhou Wen originally believed that he could game in peace, but the new homework mission that Wang Fei assigned washed his plans down the drain.

    “Old Zhou, our counselor is treating us, ordinary students, as special admissions students. The homework mission she assigned us is only given to those special admissions students in past years,” Li Xuan complained after seeing the homework mission.

    “What kind of place is Restriction City?” Zhou Wen asked as he looked at the information on the homework mission.

    Their new homework mission was to hunt ten bronze beasts in Restriction City, but Zhou Wen had never heard of a dimensional zone known as Restriction City.

    Li Xuan said, “Restriction City is one of the underground cities in Luoyang and is one of the few that’s right at the bottom. It isn’t considered dangerous, and there are quite a number of dimensional creatures at the Mortal stage in there. The highest-level ones are only Legendary creatures. However, there’s something very special about Restriction City. There’s no way to use a Companion Beast there. It’s impossible to summon them or use their companion form.”

    “In other words, we need to use our strength to kill ten Legendary creatures?” Zhou Wen understood what Li Xuan meant.

    “That’s right. This mission has very high standards required of one’s own strength. In the past, only special admissions students received this mission. I never expected that this year, our class would actually be given such a homework mission. I’m afraid most of the students will fail. The students in our class must be wailing in despair now,” Li Xuan said.

    “Is this bronze beast very difficult to kill?” Zhou Wen asked in puzzlement.

    Although most of the students were still at the Mortal stage, the mission allowed for up to four people to complete the mission. With the collective strength of four students, killing a Legendary creature wasn’t too difficult unless they encountered a creature as powerful as a Mutated Demonized General.

    Most of the students had completed the previous mission of killing ordinary Demonized Generals.

    “It’s not easy to kill. According to the information, the various attributes of the bronze beasts are pretty good. They do not have any obvious weaknesses. Although they aren’t considered strong among the Legendary stage, they are extremely difficult to deal with. Under the circumstances of not being able to use a Companion Beast, it’s still fine for us at the Legendary stage, but it’s probably very difficult for those Mortal-stage students to accomplish it,” Li Xuan said with a smile.

    “Let’s go. Let’s head to Restriction City.” Zhou Wen suddenly stood up and pulled Li Xuan out.

    “Why are you suddenly so pumped up? Aren’t you gaming?” Li Xuan was puzzled. Zhou Wen had never been so enthusiastic before.

    Zhou Wen said, “Since most of our students are unable to complete the homework mission, don’t you think that they will spend money to buy my strategy if I can figure out a strategy?” Zhou Wen said with lit eyes.

    “Do you lack money?” Li Xuan was rendered speechless.

    “Yes.” Zhou Wen nodded seriously.

    “Why do you need money? How much do you need?” Li Xuan asked again.

    “I wish to invest in Huang Ji’s game. I’ve previously chatted with him and the first round of investment requires a million bucks for him to first create a simplified version. Development will continue when I have more money,” Zhou Wen said.

    “Are you crazy? What era are we in now? You actually want to invest in developing a game? Are you going to develop it for old people? Young people these days have more and more invested in dimensional zones. Apart from those old people who have never cultivated before, who else would be in the mood to play games?” Li Xuan said.

    “Me,” Zhou Wen said with a smile.

    “That’s what depresses me. You game all day, so how are you this strong?” Li Xuan was indeed depressed. On the surface, he appeared to be enjoying himself, but he cultivated hard in private. However, compared to Zhou Wen, his progress was clearly much slower.

    “I game to become stronger,” Zhou Wen said seriously.

    “F*ck off. Stop pulling my leg. I won’t fall for your trick.” Li Xuan didn’t raise the issue of money again. If Zhou Wen really needed it, he wouldn’t mind helping him. A million wasn’t a huge sum to him.

    However, Zhou Wen had indulged in the fantasy of investing in a game. Li Xuan felt that it was best if he wasn’t an accomplice in this, so he didn’t offer the money.

    Zhou Wen had no plans on borrowing money either. He wanted to earn money himself.

    Hence, Zhou Wen and Li Xuan went to Restriction City that was deep underground.

    Restriction City was in an ancient style. Legend had it that it was the capital city of a certain dynasty in ancient times. It was said to be related to East Zhou, but Zhou Wen didn’t know if it was real or fake.

    However, after entering Restriction City, he immediately felt as though the Companion Beasts on him had vanished. He no longer had any connection with them.

    However, Banana Fairy and Truth Listener were exceptions. Zhou Wen could still sense their existence and could still use his will to communicate with them.

    A Mythical pet is indeed extraordinary. Zhou Wen was somewhat delighted.