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Chapter 160 - Battling the Golden Flying Ant Again

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 160 Battling the Golden Flying Ant Again

    Zhou Wen didn’t know how long he had been grinding. As the massive Ant City was only left with a tiny number of ants, there was no need for him to use the Grand Yin Wind again. Just the Mutated Demonized General could easily finish them off.

    Seeing dimensional crystals and Companion Eggs drop everywhere in Ant City, Zhou Wen’s excitement suddenly waned.

    Despite killing black-winged flying ants, red-armored ants, blue-armored ants, and so on, they were only at the ordinary Legendary stage. Their limit was 18, so the dimensional crystals they dropped were at most 18, and the number was extremely few.

    Crystals with such stats were of no use to Zhou Wen. Only the Primordial Energy Crystals could be used to replenish his Primordial Energy.

    Zhou Wen’s heart bled as he saw the large number of stats crystals wasted.

    However, he couldn’t take anything in the game out. If he could sell the stats crystal he obtained from grinding, it would be enough for him to invest in Huang Ji’s game.

    Zhou Wen ignored ordinary stats crystals and focused on picking up the Companion Eggs and Primordial Energy Skill Crystals.

    He had reaped quite a sizable harvest this time. Just the Legendary Companion Eggs numbered 14 and the Primordial Energy Skill Crystals numbered 21. However, most of them were repeated. There were only two unique types of Primordial Energy Skills.

    One of them was the black-winged flying ant’s Primordial Energy Skill. Zhou Wen had previously obtained this, but the other was something he hadn’t collected before. It was dropped by the red-armored ants that couldn’t fly. Its name was Concealed Armor Technique; it was also a defensive Primordial Energy Skill.

    Companion Eggs with poor attributes were fed to the pets. Those with good attributes were hatched since Zhou Wen planned on keeping them for fusion later.

    With most of the ants in Ant City killed, the Golden Flying Ant remained inside the ant nest high up. Zhou Wen made sure he was in optimal state by filling up his Companion Beasts’ and blood-colored avatar’s Primordial Energy before heading for the ant nest at the top.

    It was different from before. This time, Zhou Wen had brought a large number of helpers over. He wasn’t as wretched as he used to be, nor was there any ant horde besieging him.

    Even if I can’t kill the Golden Flying Ant, it won’t be difficult to drink some Golden Ant Honey. Zhou Wen didn’t believe he could kill the Golden Flying Ant with his current strength.

    When he arrived at the apex of the ant nest, he directly ordered the Mutated Demonized General and the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior to charge in. They were the only ones who could tank, especially the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior. It could withstand blows the best, so Zhou Wen planned on using them to attract the Golden Flying Ant’s attention so that he could rush in and drink the honey.

    Indeed, the moment the duo charged in after smashing through the nest’s walls, they immediately attracted the Golden Flying Ant’s attention. With a flash of golden light, a gigantic flying ant appeared above their heads. Its sharp claws slashed straight at the Mutated Demonized General’s head.

    The Mutated Demonized General roared angrily as it delivered Astral Fist. Its entire body glowed with golden light as it punched at the Golden Flying Ant’s claws.

    But the next second, Zhou Wen saw a golden beam flash. One of the Mutated Demonized General’s arm flew up into the air, having been sliced off by the Golden Flying Ant.

    Holy sh*t, it’s that powerful! Zhou Wen was alarmed as he didn’t dare hesitate any further. He controlled his remaining pets to charge at the Golden Flying Ant as the blood-colored avatar jumped into the ant honey and began gulping mouthfuls of honey.

    After a few mouthfuls, the game produced a notification: ‘Absorbed Golden Ant Honey. Primordial Energy +1’

    His Primordial Energy finally raised from the limit of 18 to 19.

    Zhou Wen was delighted as he continued drinking the ant honey, hoping to directly break through to 21 points.

    However, despite filling his stomach to the point of not being able to swallow any further, he didn’t receive a notification of his Primordial Energy raising to 20 points, much less 21 points.

    Could it be that I haven’t drunk enough? Zhou Wen cloyed from the excessive sweetness. Perhaps just opening his move would make him vomit honey. He just couldn’t continue drinking.

    On the other side, Zhou Wen’s pets had been mercilessly killed by the Golden Flying Ant aside from the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior.

    There was a deep wound on the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior’s chest. Despite having Golden Body and Invulnerable Golden Power, it was still heavily injured. The Golden Flying Ant’s strength was extremely terrifying.

    Seeing it rush over again, the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior was unable to duck the speedy attack. All it could do was use Golden Palm to meet it.

    With a cracking sound, the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior’s palm was cleaved apart. His body involuntarily flew backward and crashed into the cocoon hanging in the middle of the ant nest.

    Suddenly, the Golden Flying Ant phased away and appeared in front of the gigantic cocoon in a flash. It used its body to block the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior from crashing into the gigantic cocoon.

    When the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior collided with the Golden Flying Ant, it was sent flying to the side. The latter immediately charged forward in an attempt to slay the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior.

    Zhou Wen’s heart stirred as he controlled the blood-colored avatar. He raised the banana fan and waved it at the gigantic cocoon, sending a cold gust of wind over.

    The Golden Flying Ant that was charging at the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior immediately flew back. A strange golden barrier shot out from its body to protect the gigantic cocoon.

    The Grand Yin Wind collided with the golden barrier, but only trembled it a little. The barrier remained unbroken.

    In the next second, the two feelers on the Golden Flying Ant’s head emitted a terrifying golden light. Like a golden lightning bolt, they struck the blood-colored avatar, and the screen of the cell phone turned black.

    The Golden Flying Ant is undoubtedly at the Epic stage, but I wonder what’s inside the gigantic cocoon? Logically speaking, it should be the descendant of the Golden Flying Ant, but its energy aura seems different from the Golden Flying Ant.

    Although Zhou Wen was puzzled, he didn’t have the ability to kill the Golden Flying Ant. Even if he wanted to explore the secret of the gigantic cocoons, he couldn’t.

    Unfortunately, I only managed to increase my Primordial Energy by one point despite drinking so much of the ant honey. I wonder if there’s a limit to how much it can raise my Primordial Energy or if there are other reasons. Zhou Wen was truly exhausted today. Although he still had plenty of Primordial Energy, the repeated use of Grand Yin Wind over long periods of time left him mentally exhausted.

    After putting away his phone, Zhou Wen saw the antelope glaring at him as though he wanted to eat him up.

    “Brother Antelope, I’m sorry. I’ll go get you some food now.” Zhou Wen hurriedly ran out of the building and prepared to eat something before bringing back some fresh vegetables for the antelope.

    When he reached the entrance of Four Seasons Garden, he met Wang Lu and the other special admissions students.

    Zhou Wen wasn’t familiar with the other special admissions students, so he only greeted Wang Lu before heading to the cafeteria.

    A special admissions student named Li Zhuo said with a smile, “Zhou Wen, have you sold the Bronze Luck Beast strategy yet?”

    “No,” Zhou Wen answered before heading straight to the cafeteria. He didn’t have the time for idle chats.