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Chapter 167 - Dead Man Flower

Let Me Game in Peace
     “Uncle Qin.” An Jing looked at the furious Qin Wufu, a little puzzled who could make him so angry.

    Although Qin Wufu’s name had the implications of being a warrior, he was not one that was prone to anger. The last time An Jing saw him angry was a childhood memory.

    The reason Qin Wufu was angry was not that he couldn’t save those four students. If there was really no way to save them, Qin Wufu wouldn’t be angered or have his judgment affected even when an entire battalion was wiped out in war, much less the deaths of four students.

    But now, there was a way to save them, but he could only watch helplessly as four students died. Furthermore, they died in the hands of a coroner on their side. This was something that Qin Wufu couldn’t accept.

    “Little Jing, why are you here?” Qin Wufu’s expression softened when he saw An Jing.

    “Uncle Qin, we would like to see the bodies of those five students.” An Jing explained the purpose of her visit.

    Qin Wufu said, “What’s so nice about corpses? Little Jing, bring your classmates to my office first. Uncle Qin will catch up with you after I’m done here.”

    “Inspector Qin, just like them, we had entered the bronze building in Restriction City. We have also touched a tree that can change color,” Zhou Wen said.

    Qin Wufu said, “The military has already sent people to investigate the situation several times. There is indeed a bronze building in Restriction City, but there’s no sign of the tree all of you mentioned.”

    “So many of us students saw that tree. So many of us can’t be wrong, right?” Li Xuan asked.

    “I already know about this. I will send people to continue the investigation. There are still matters to be handled here. Go outside and wait.” Qin Wufu wanted to quickly convince Yan Zhen to save the five students.

    “Inspector Qin, when the five of them touched that tree, the tree turned red, and now, they have died in a bizarre manner. There are more than a dozen students who touched the tree, causing it to turn into another color. Now that Wang Lu and the rest are dead, will the other students die one day? If we don’t figure out the problem regarding Wang Lu and the others, there might be even more students dying,” Zhou Wen said.

    When Yan Zhen heard this, he smiled and said, “This student is right. If we don’t figure out the cause of their deaths now, more people will die. My dissection of them now is to prevent more students from dying. It’s best you quickly decide.”

    “You can’t dissect them,” Zhou Wen said before Qin Wufu could answer.

    After seeing Wang Lu and company’s corpses, he was even more certain that they hadn’t really died. After approaching their corpses, the five flower buds in-game became even more dazzling, with signs of blooming.

    Qin Wufu, Yan Zhen, and even An Jing and Li Xuan looked at Zhou Wen in puzzlement, unsure why he was so agitated.

    Zhou Wen knew that he had to take the risk. It was impossible for Qin Wufu to hear a student like him shoot his mouth. Furthermore, Zhou Wen himself didn’t know what was happening, so how could he convince Qin Wufu?

    Therefore, he could only take a gamble. If one of them could be revived, then Qin Wufu would naturally disagree with the dissection of the corpses.

    “I don’t think they’re dead yet. They shouldn’t be dissected,” Zhou Wen said as he pointed at the corpses of Wang Lu and company.

    Qin Wufu was slightly taken aback as he couldn’t help but carefully size up Zhou Wen. He had been engaged in battle all his life, so he was accustomed to seeing dead people. Furthermore, with the cultivation of his Primordial Energy Art, he could sense that Wang Lu and company were not truly dead.

    A student like Zhou Wen was at most at the Legendary stage, but he could tell that Wang Lu and the others were still alive. This left him astonished.

    “What’s your name? Why do you say that they aren’t dead yet?” Qin Wufu asked Zhou Wen.

    Zhou Wen didn’t answer the first question and directly said, “I’ve seen that tree with them before. Furthermore, I am more sensitive than most people. I can sense that they have the aura of that tree and the aura of the tree represses their aura. That results in this phenomenon of a fake death. If the aura of that tree is removed, they might be able to come back to life.”

    “Can you really sense their auras?” Qin Wufu sized up Zhou Wen from head to toe as he was secretly impressed with him.

    From his point of view, the aura Zhou Wen mentioned was likely life-force. It was impossible to see or touch life-force. Only people who cultivated some special Primordial Energy Art or had such special abilities could sense it.

    Although Qin Wufu didn’t know how true it was for Zhou Wen to be able to sense the existence of life-force, the current situation matched Wang Lu and company’s.

    “Yes.” Zhou Wen nodded.

    “I’m already aware of the situation you mentioned. I’ll think of a way to save your classmates. You can return now.” Although Qin Wufu thought highly of Zhou Wen, he didn’t think too much of it. All he thought was that Zhou Wen had a keen sense.

    Zhou Wen knew that it was impossible to convince Qin Wufu with his empty words as a student. Furthermore, he lacked the plans needed to save Wang Lu and company.

    As he turned to leave, Zhou Wen took out his cell phone to take a look. At the same time, he ordered the blood-colored avatar to slash at one of the flowers.

    Zhou Wen was originally somewhat hesitant to sever the flower buds. After all, this was a risk. If he severed them and ended up harming them, it would be equivalent to him killing Wang Lu and company.

    But now, the military clearly didn’t have any good solutions. There was a high chance that they were going to dissect the students. If they were to do so, death was certain. Therefore, Zhou Wen might as well give it a try. That way, there would at least be a chance of survival.

    Through the blood-colored avatar’s perception, Zhou Wen tried his best to sense the five flower buds on the tree. He could vaguely sense that the aura within the five flowers seemed somewhat different. They corresponded to the five corpses on the bed.

    Zhou Wen roughly determined which flower bud belonged to Wang Lu before he got the blood-colored avatar to slash at another flower bud.

    Most people would subconsciously prioritize protecting people who were closer to them. Those who could prioritize protecting strangers or treat them as equals were saints.

    Zhou Wen wasn’t a saint, so he chose an unfamiliar classmate as his first test subject.

    The Astral Slash Blade slashed across the flower bud like a sharp blade. The flower bud and leaves shook a few times but failed to be lopped off.

    Zhou Wen’s heart tightened. The Astral Slash Blade was already considered a relatively powerful offensive Primordial Energy Skill of his. But if the Astral Slash Blade couldn’t injure the flower bud, it was likely that his other Primordial Energy Skills would be ineffective.

    Although the saber beam failed to cut off the flower bud, the corpse on the bed suddenly moved and sat up straight like a zombie having come back to life.