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Chapter 170 - Epiphany In Battle

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 170 Epiphany In Battle

    Typically, someone at the Legendary stage had Speed that maxed out at 18. Now, the Speed of Feng Qiuyan’s saber techniques was probably at 28, much less 18. It was getting faster and faster.

    If one’s Speed exceeded the user’s control limit, causing their reaction to not keep up, it would easily reveal flaws.

    However, Feng Qiuyan’s saber technique was as steady as a mountain. No matter how fast his saber was, he could control it freely without any signs of losing control after increasing his Speed.

    Zhou Wen had to admit that Feng Qiuyan was indeed very mighty. He was practically a genius born for sabers. If Zhou Wen hadn’t fought desperately in-game to exchange for plenty of combat experience, a Legendary student with similar attributes as Zhou Wen would easily have been slain by Feng Qiuyan.

    From the looks of it, combat techniques are equally important. Primordial Energy Skills also need to be upgraded to Rank 10. Zhou Wen had already discovered his inadequacies.

    He had learned quite a number of Primordial Energy Skills, but he didn’t really have many useful ones. Astral Suction Palm and Astral Slash Blade were very useful, but they drained Primordial Energy exceedingly fast, depleting him almost instantly.

    Ashen Palm at the Mortal stage was already somewhat unable to keep up with his pace. The Legendary Golden Palm was only at Rank

    After some thought, other than Dragon Gate Fairy Skill, Zhou Wen didn’t seem to have any useful techniques.

    At the very least, when facing an expert like Feng Qiuyan, ordinary Primordial Energy Skills were useless.

    Zhou Wen decided not to counterattack. Instead, he switched his Primordial Energy Art, giving himself a Dao Body. He used it to rapidly recover his Primordial Energy, constantly using Dragon Gate Fairy Skill to deal with Feng Qiuyan.

    Even so, Zhou Wen still found it harder and harder. Feng Qiuyan’s saber techniques seemed to be able to increase his saber’s speed without limit, and each strike was faster than the last, as though there was no limit.

    There was no limit to his saber speed, but Zhou Wen’s movement only had one speed. He was gradually unable to dodge Feng Qiuyan’s saber.

    A glint flashed in Feng Qiuyan’s eyes as though he had already noticed Zhou Wen at his limit. He remained unwavering as a mountain as he slashed out with both hands.

    This strike seemed to split a mountain apart as it seemed indomitable. It moved as fast as thunder as it tore through the air, ignoring all its resistance. With a whine that sliced through the air, it slashed right in front of Zhou Wen.

    With Zhou Wen’s current speed, it was impossible for him to dodge the attack.

    However, Zhou Wen didn’t show any signs of panic. His eyes were calm as the entire world seemed to slow down before him. He tapped his toes on the ground gently as his body rode the wind and retreated. He didn’t look as fast as before, but Feng Qiuyan’s saber aura remained three inches away from Zhou Wen’s clothes. No matter how he tried, he couldn’t get close.

    The alacrity version of raising a weighted feather? Feng Qiuyan’s eyes were filled with excitement as he brandished the saber repeatedly with both hands. The saber aura was like a raging tidal wave as it swept towards Zhou Wen.

    Zhou Wen felt a sense of calm. In the middle of the battle, he had also gained insight into the concept of raising a weighted feather for the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill, pushing it towards Rank 10.

    Dragon Gate Fairy Skill at Rank 10 not only augmented Zhou Wen with greater Speed, but it also increased his ability to stay in midair. It also greatly reduced his Primordial Energy expenditure.

    There were other miraculous aspects that couldn’t be explained in a few words.

    Just speed alone was inadequate to match Feng Qiuyan. After all, the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill had its limits, but Feng Qiuyan’s saber speed seemed to lack any.

    At the same realm of raising a weighted feather, Feng Qiuyan’s saber quickly caught up to Zhou Wen who was in midair.

    Just as he was about to strike Zhou Wen, Feng Qiuyan was suddenly taken aback. This was because Zhou Wen’s figure suddenly became light. It was as though he was weightless. As he rapidly plummeted, it was as though he had opened a parachute, making his body feel like it was rising instead.

    This change in speed made Feng Qiuyan show an error in judgment. The saber slashed the area beneath Zhou Wen’s feet, failing to touch him.

    Zhou Wen danced in the air like a fairy, but in the next second, his speed suddenly increased. He grabbed the moment Feng Qiuyan made the mistake, and like a bolt of lightning, struck Feng Qiuyan’s head.

    Feng Qiuyan’s saber had lost its force, but his momentum continued propelling his body forward. He was already unable to dodge Zhou Wen’s strike.

    Feng Qiuyan was decisive as he threw his saber and turned to his side to dodge Zhou Wen’s strike. At the same time, he turned around and brushed past him. With a flip of his hand, he grabbed the saber in midair and slashed it at Zhou Wen. Then, using the spin he generated that boosted his waist, he slashed at Zhou Wen.

    In midair, Zhou Wen’s figure once again became lightweight, causing Feng Qiuyan to make a mistake in his judgment once more. He struck the empty air again.

    This time, Feng Qiuyan didn’t pursue him as he stared at Zhou Wen with a glint in his eyes. “As expected of Coach. That was the counter version of raising a weighted feather, wasn’t it?”

    Zhou Wen nodded. “Raising a weighted feather and raising a feather weight. By combining them, it’s similar to a technique that mixes truths and bluffs. It’s just a small trick.”

    “It sounds easy, but it’s very difficult in practice. Coach, you’ve taught me something new again today. I know what to do next. Till next time.” Feng Qiuyan turned around and left without any hesitation.

    This Feng Qiuyan sure is terrifying. If I hadn’t reached Rank 10 for the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill, I probably would have been defeated. Ignoring the special physiques and Primordial Energy Arts, Feng Qiuyan is much more terrifying than John. Zhou Wen was in a good mood. He had raised the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill to Rank 10, greatly strengthening his combat strength. Furthermore, he had found his weakness in today’s battle, giving him direction for improvement.

    It’s important to increase my level, but my techniques and skills mustn’t fall behind. After all, no matter how powerful one is, it requires powerful skills to fully deliver one’s greatest strength. Zhou Wen pondered over what skills he should practice.

    There were too many skills in the world. There were sabers, swords, staffs, spears, whips, axes, hooks, forks and all sorts of other weapons that had skills that matched them.

    It was likewise with feet, fists, fingers, palms, and legs. All of them had different skills. A person’s time and energy were ultimately limited. Although Zhou Wen was talented and could master everything quickly, being adept at one type of skill was much easier to reach the sublime realm than training in everything.

    Furthermore, Zhou Wen still needed to take time to raise the few Primordial Energy Skills that were more suitable for him at Rank 10. He also needed to spend time gaming to have more high-level crystals drop. He really didn’t have that much time to master them all.

    After some thought, Zhou Wen came up with a perfect plan that killed two birds with one stone. It would be a waste of time to train in weapons while raising the rank of his Primordial Energy Skills.

    Therefore, Zhou Wen decided to hone his palm skills before matching it with his Ashen Palm. With his Dao Body rapidly recovering his Primordial Energy, Zhou Wen felt that he could do both.

    Since ordinary Primordial Energy Skills can be raised to Rank 10, why can’t I raise my Mortal stage Primordial Energy Skill to the Legendary stage? Zhou Wen made up his mind to practice Ashen Palm.