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Chapter 171 - Old Dragon Cave

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 171 Old Dragon Cave

    Wang Fei had been seriously considering how to educate Zhou Wen over the past few days. In the end, her final consideration was that Zhou Wen didn’t need repeated practice. Instead, he needed a lamp to shine a path for him, allowing him to see far.

    Hence, Wang Fei thought of someone, Counselor Wang Mingyuan.

    Wang Mingyuan was an old counselor at Sunset College. He was about to retire, and at present, he was only doing some research work and no longer had class duties.

    However, he still had a few students by his side. They were all outstanding talents in the school. Although they were not as famous as Wei Ge, they were not inferior to Wei Ge in their field of expertise and were perhaps even stronger.

    Wang Mingyuan was Wang Fei’s uncle; thus, she knew him very well. She knew that although his level wasn’t too high-average amongst those at the Epic stage—the results of his research were enough to rank him at the top of the League.

    In certain domains, Wang Mingyuan’s theoretical knowledge was so strong that it could be said to be the best in the League.

    If Wang Fei were to make the request, he would likely give Zhou Wen a chance. But now, she was afraid that Zhou Wen would be too proud and unwilling to learn from him.

    Wang Mingyuan’s theoretical knowledge was indeed very impressive, but he wasn’t very strong. In terms of strength, Wang Mingyuan could only be considered as below average amongst the counselors at Sunset College.

    A genius like Zhou Wen probably wouldn’t like such a teacher. Typical geniuses enjoyed having people who could talk the talk and walk the walk.

    Wang Fei couldn’t think of any good solution, so she could only try to persuade him.

    Zhou Wen was considering which counselor’s class he should attend to study palm skills when Wang Fei summoned him to her office.

    “Zhou Wen, I would like to introduce you to a counselor to learn more. I’ll let you study with him for a month. Is there a problem with that?” Wang Fei thought of how she had to convince Zhou Wen later. She wanted to let him know that learning from Wang Mingyuan was a lot more promising than other powerful counselors.

    “Does that counselor know palm skills?” Zhou Wen asked.

    “Of course.” Wang Fei nodded. She didn’t know why Zhou Wen would ask such a question. However, Wang Mingyuan had indeed studied palm skills, albeit it wasn’t his main research focus.

    Even if he had never researched palm skills, which Epic expert hadn’t practiced in one?

    “Alright, I’ll attend the class, ” Zhou Wen said with a nod.

    Zhou Wen’s straightforward answer left Wang Fei in disbelief. She had thought of many solutions to save this gaming addict, but had failed. For him to agree so readily made her feel like she was dreaming.

    “Ms. Wang, what’s the counselor’s name? How can I find him? When can I begin class?” Zhou Wen wasn’t willing to waste any time. He needed to quickly make use of every minute to grasp the knowledge related to palm skills. He wanted to choose a palm skill that was suitable for himself before practicing it with Ashen Palm.

    “The counselor I was referring to is Wang Mingyuan. He no longer has any classes and is only doing some research. I recommend you to be his assistant and learn from him at the same time. You can just visit him.” Wang Fei sent a message to Zhou Wen using her phone. On it was Wang Mingyuan’s laboratory address.

    After some hesitation, Wang Fei asked, “Do you need me to take you there?”

    “Thank you, Ms. Wang. I’ll be fine.” After thanking Wang Fei, Zhou Wen went out in search of the address.

    He originally believed that Wang Mingyuan’s laboratory was in one of the experimental buildings on campus, but he soon discovered that the lab was in a dimensional zone.

    Old Dragon Cave! Zhou Wen wasn’t unfamiliar with this place. It was one of the caves in Dragon Gate Grotto. Wang Lu had previously been there, claiming that there were dragon roars and treasure glow inside.

    Zhou Wen had never encountered a dragon’s roar or treasure glow before, but he had been to Cixiang Kiln to see the Dragon Gate Twenty Pieces.

    Despite its name, Old Dragon Cave’s interior was mostly occupied with Buddha statues. Zhou Wen had already been here once, so he was familiar with the area. However, he didn’t venture deep the last time. After passing through one cave after another, he saw a stone cave that had a manually installed door.

    Zhou Wen knocked on the door and a young male student opened it. He had long hair and looked rather delicate.

    “Jiang Yan?” Zhou Wen was slightly surprised. He actually knew this student. He was the student councilor who had recognized Death City.

    “Zhou Wen, right? Counsellor Mingyuan mentioned that you were coming. However, he’s at Dragon’s Well to carry out some inspection work. He won’t be able to meet you for the time being, but you don’t have to worry. He has left some work for you.” Jiang Yan took Zhou Wen into the lab.

    Although it was called a laboratory, it was actually just a cave that had a large door installed. There were some apparatus and machinery inside, and on the other side, there were also daily necessities. It looked extremely crude and hard to imagine.

    “Hui Haifeng…” Zhou Wen saw two other students in the laboratory. One of them was Hui Haifeng.

    When Hui Haifeng saw Zhou Wen, he said with a smile, “I never expected you to become Counselor Mingyuan’s disciple. Great, we can be considered true fellow disciples.”

    “Actually, I just wanted to learn some palm skills,” Zhou Wen said as he scratched his nose.

    “It’s alright, Teacher Mingyuan is understanding and reasonable. You can learn anything you want. He won’t force you to learn things you aren’t fond of, nor will he make you do things you aren’t happy about.” Hui Haifeng smiled and said, “But before that, you have to finish the job left behind by Counsellor Mingyuan. See that thing there? It’s the work Counsellor Mingyuan left you before he left.”

    Zhou Wen looked in the direction of Hui Haifeng’s finger and saw that in the corner of the cave, there was a hollow. It was pitch-black and deep like a well.

    At the edge of the hollow, there was a chain that extended out. It was as thick as an arm and was pitch-black in color. It was made of some unknown metal.

    “Your job is to pull that chain up and then you can rest,” Hui Haifeng said with a smile.

    Although Hui Haifeng looked good when he smiled, his smile made Zhou Wen feel like he was up to no good.

    Jiang Yan, who was elsewhere, didn’t say a word. He only handed a piece of paper to Zhou Wen. Zhou Wen saw that the note mentioned his arrival today and that work had been arranged for him. It was signed off by Wang Mingyuan.

    Since it’s work left behind by Mr. Wang, I’ll just do it. Zhou Wen had no choice but to walk to the hollow and grab the chain.

    The moment he placed his hands on it, they immediately retracted as if they had been electrocuted, causing Hui Haifeng to laugh out loud.