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Chapter 182 - Battling Fairy

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 182 Battling Fairy

    With a strong swish of the banana fan at the Mutated Fairy, the Grand Yin Wind swept out immediately.

    The Mutated Fairy’s body fluttered like the wind, and the Grand Yin Wind seemed to aid her. However, a thin layer of frost appeared over her body. It was just that the cold wasn’t enough to freeze her. It merely affected her agility.

    Zhou Wen knew that this was because the Banana Fairy’s level was too low. If the Banana Fairy was also at the Epic stage, this single flap would probably have frozen the Mutated Fairy in midair. It would be useless even if she had the ability to ride the wind.

    However, as the Mutated Fairy was flying with the wind’s momentum while suffering from diminished agility, it made her trajectory easier to predict. Jiang Yan held a semi-translucent whip that was neither gold nor jade. It looked like a weapon made out of a biological creature’s tendons. Lashing it out at the Mutated Fairy, the translucent whip wrapped around its ankle as though it had predicted her trajectory.

    Jiang Yan pulled the whip with all his might, but the strength of the Mutated Fairy was so strong that it lifted him up.

    Jiang Yan didn’t let go of the whip and continued to clasp onto it tightly. It was like a weight that greatly slowed down the Mutated Fairy’s speed.

    The ribbons on the mutated Fairy’s body fluttered like a wyrm as they swept towards Jiang Yan. If he was caught by the ribbons, his body would probably be broken into several pieces.

    Hui Haifeng had already rushed in front of the Mutated Fairy. An arm wrapped in a metal bracer erupted like a volcano, emitting powerful streams of light as it blasted at the Mutated Fairy.

    Due to the freezing and Jiang Yan, the Mutated Fairy’s movement was greatly affected. She could no longer dodge the punch, but she wasn’t flustered. She waved her hand gently, blocking Hui Haifeng’s punch.


    Hui Haifeng felt as if he had been struck by a hammer as his body flew backward. He slammed into the stone wall and spat out a mouthful of blood.

    Seeing that the ribbon was about to sweep him up, Jiang Yan held the whip with both hands and shook his body, avoiding the entanglement of the ribbons several times. However, that was all he managed. It didn’t stop the ribbons from eventually being on the cusp of wrapping around his body.

    There was a sword flash hit the ribbon, a result of Zhong Ziya holding a sword at some point in time. It was unusually sharp and, although the sword beam shattered immediately upon contact with the ribbon and Zhong Ziya was sent flying, the change in the ribbon’s trajectory gave Jiang Yan a chance to dodge it.

    Jiang Yan continued to hold on to the whip, dodging the ribbon twice before the threat of having the ribbon wrap around him happened again.

    At this point, Zhou Wen noticed something. Jiang Yan’s whip seemed to have some special use which was why Jiang Yan refused to let go.

    Without any hesitation, he leaped up into the sky and once again flapped the banana fan at the Mutated Fairy. It blew the Mutated Fairy’s body to the side and changed her ribbon’s trajectory.

    However, this time, the mutated Fairy seemed to be prepared. While she used the wind to escape, she tapped gently with her milky-white finger, sending a beam in the direction of Zhou Wen’s heart.

    Zhou Wen immediately felt his heart turn cold. The beam was too fast, one that he couldn’t dodge with his Speed. All he could do was summon the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior to put it in between him and the beam.


    The white beam penetrated the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior’s Golden Body without stopping. Neither did its power dissipate as it continued forward, stabbing into Zhou Wen’s flesh.

    Blood immediately spewed out from the wound on his shoulder. Thankfully, the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior was able to ward off most of its might. Furthermore, Zhou Wen had also used that opening to adjust his position without being hit in any vital spots.

    Hui Haifeng’s mouth was covered in blood as he delivered another punch at the Mutated Fairy. Then, Zhou Wen saw that he had once again been sent flying upon contact with her palm.

    The diabolical longsword in Zhong Ziya’s hand flickered, but his eyes appeared even more diabolical than the sword’s glint. It presented a strange blood-red color as it slashed out blood-colored sword beams in a frenzy, sweeping right at the Mutated Fairy like a tornado.

    The Mutated Fairy’s ribbons spun as they shattered all the sword beams. Despite fighting against four, she still held an absolute advantage.

    However, Zhou Wen didn’t know if it was an illusion, but he felt that the Mutated Fairy’s speed had slowed down. It wasn’t as fast as before, especially her hands. They weren’t as light and elegant as before, as though there was something heavy on them that prevented her from moving them as she wanted.

    It’s a result of Hui Haifeng’s punches? Zhou Wen saw a strange mark appear on the Mutated Fairy’s palm. He immediately thought of the two punches Hui Haifeng had delivered.

    Without time to think deeper, Zhou Wen stirred up the Grand Yin Wind once again. This time, it wasn’t directed at the Mutated Fairy, but rather, it was aimed at her ribbon. He was forcibly changing the trajectory of the ribbon that was targeting Jiang Yan.

    Even so, Jiang Yan’s face was still sliced by a ribbon. His cheekbones tore open and a trickle of blood immediately flowed out.

    Following that, another beam of light shot towards Jiang Yan’s head. He had no room to dodge unless he was willing to release the whip in his hand.

    “Hold her back.” Jiang Yan grabbed the whip and screamed.

    “How? I can’t even if I were to throw my life at her.” Zhong Ziya held his sword with both hands as he unleashed several sword beams at the light beams that the Mutated Fairy produced

    When the diabolical blood-colored sword beams came into contact with the beams, they immediately burst like blood-colored fireworks.

    Zhong Ziya was also sent flying by the force of the blow. His hands holding the sword were covered in blood, but the beam still shot towards Jiang Yan.

    Just as the beam was about to shoot through Jiang Yan’s head, an invisible force suddenly pulled his body to the side, allowing him to barely dodge the attack.

    Zhou Wen had yanked Jiang Yan with his Astral Suction Palm, saving his life in a timely fashion.

    Despite the four of them engaging the Mutated Fairy in combat, he was covered in injuries. This was the first time Zhou Wen had risked his life so crazily. In the past, he had only been gaming. Although he shared the same feelings in-game, it was a game after all. Zhou Wen knew that he couldn’t die; therefore, the feeling now was completely different.

    Under the true threat of death, Zhou Wen felt his entire being in a state of nervousness and oppression.

    In such a state, a normal person’s body would become uneasy and cause their actions to change. Perhaps one wouldn’t even be able to perform at seventy to eighty percent of their original strength.

    However, the more pressure Zhou Wen felt, the faster his body and mind were.

    The ribbons sliced past his muscles, producing a sound of lacerating flesh and bones that left him trembling. The horror pressured him, but it made his body even more excited.

    As he licked the blood from his mouth, he saw the Fairy’s hands hang down. Having just exerted her strength, she could only rely on the ribbons to protect her. Zhou Wen flew in the air like a bat, narrowly passing through the gaps between the ribbons. He swept over the Fairy and simultaneously struck the top of her head.

    This palm was formless and silent, but when it struck the top of the Fairy’s head, it caused her to scream in pain. Subconsciously, it shot ten beams at Zhou Wen with her fingers.

    Zhou Wen switched his Primordial Energy Art to Godfiend Era and using the Life Providence’s ability to levitate, he pushed the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill to its limits. Twisting his body, he dodged the terrifying beams.