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Chapter 183 - Stat Requirements

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 183 Stat Requirements

    It wasn’t solely because of Zhou Wen’s speed and agility that he managed to dodge the beams. It had to do with the Mutated Fairy’s fingers drastically slowing down. The mark that Hui Haifeng’s strike left on her hand continued to do its magic, slowing down her hands with time.

    Furthermore, Zhou Wen didn’t know if he was mistaken, but he felt that the Mutated Fairy’s strength had weakened significantly. The intensity of the beam had clearly decreased.

    By the time the Mutated Fairy attacked Zhou Wen, she was in a panic. Hui Haifeng took the opportunity to leap up and strike her back, bombarding her with his two fists. This produced about four marks on her back.

    The Mutated Fairy turned around in an attempt to kill him, but her body suddenly stopped in midair. Jiang Yan had already landed on the ground at some point in time. He held onto the long whip with both hands and forcefully pulled back the Mutated Fairy’s body, preventing her from continuing her flight.

    Zhou Wen saw Jiang Yan’s body sparkling with purple light like a demonic spirit. The whip was also glowing with purple light, as though it was a blood-sucking demon that was constantly trembling and swallowing.

    “Die!” Zhong Ziya repeatedly slashed with his sword, both hands gripped tightly on it. Streaks of blood-red sword beams slashed at the Mutated Fairy that Jiang Yan had put to a halt. They actually split apart her robe, leaving behind streaks of blood.

    Although the sword marks weren’t deep, it was the first time Zhou Wen and company had truly injured the Mutated Fairy.

    The Mutated Fairy was clearly a spent force. Her movements became slower and slower, as though she had a mountain suppressing her. Furthermore, her strength was weakening, and Jiang Yan was becoming stronger.


    Like a demon god, Jiang Yan pulled the whip in his hand, forcefully throwing the mutated Fairy’s figure out and slamming her into the stone wall. This left a huge hole in the wall as the Mutated Fairy’s mouth was covered in blood.

    Zhong Ziya slashed down with his sword as well. The blood-red sword beam slashed at the head of the mutated Fairy, and the sword plunged into the skull.

    A fierce glint flashed in the Mutated Fairy’s eyes as she abruptly stood up and hugged Zhong Ziya. A terrifying power erupted from her body.

    “No good… She’s going to self-destruct…” Hui Haifeng shouted loudly.

    Zhong Ziya struggled with all his might, but he was unable to break free. Despite Jiang Yan yanking his long whip, he could only pull the Mutated Fairy and Zhong Ziya over. He couldn’t separate them.

    Zhou Wen wasn’t far from Zhong Ziya as he was right behind him. A thought suddenly came to his mind as he charged at Zhong Ziya and struck him on the back.

    Zhou Wen used all his strength to slam his Ashen Palm at Zhong Ziya’s back.


    Zhong Ziya’s body was fine, but the Mutated Fairy in front of him seemed to suffer a heavy blow to her chest. Blood spurted out of her mouth as her embracing of Zhong Ziya weakened significantly.

    Zhong Ziya struggled with all his might, got out of her embrace, and kicked her hard.


    As she flew in the air, the Mutated Fairy’s body exploded. A terrifying black aura sent Zhou Wen, Zhong Ziya, Hui Haifeng, and Jiang Yan flying. Instantly, the entire cave trembled and the ground quaked. Dust rose up as gravel flew.

    “Are all of you alright?” Hui Haifeng crawled out of the rubble, his body covered in blood and dust. He wore an ashen look as though he had just crawled out of a tomb.

    “I’m fine.” Jiang Yan also stood up from his spot elsewhere. Apart from his body being a little dirty, he was fine.

    “I’m not.” Zhong Ziya was slumped at the feet of a stone statue. His back was covered in bloody flesh, and his injuries were indeed serious.

    Zhou Wen’s injuries weren’t light either, he was about as injured as Hui Haifeng.

    “Not being dead is good,” Jiang Yan said with a smile after checking Zhong Ziya’s injuries.

    Clearly, Zhong Ziya’s life was not in danger, but his injuries were more serious.

    “Is that how a person speaks?” Zhong Ziya said weakly, “Don’t talk so much. Hurry up and look around and see if anything dropped from the Mutated Fairy. If nothing dropped, our injuries will have been for nothing.”

    Jiang Yan’s condition was the best. He rummaged through the rubble and soon, they heard him say happily, “There’s something. It’s a Primordial Energy Skill Crystal. I wonder if it’s the Flying Immortal Skill.”

    “As long as there’s something. It doesn’t matter what it is,” Zhong Ziya said.

    Jiang Yan threw a crystal at Zhou Wen. “I don’t know if it’s the Flying Immortal Skill. Go back and give it a try. However, be careful. Taking in an Epic Primordial Energy Skill at the Legendary stage is extremely dangerous. If you aren’t confident, it’s best you consult Counselor.”

    “Give me your accounts. I’ll transfer your shares to you later,” Zhou Wen said without standing on ceremony as he grabbed the Primordial Energy Skill Crystal.

    “There’s no need for money. You will be part of my team when I wish to kill some dimensional creature in the future,” Hui Haifeng said.

    “Can we talk about money later? Can you take me back to Teacher to treat my injuries first?” Zhong Ziya groaned.

    Jiang Yan carried Zhong Ziya on his back while Zhou Wen and Hui Haifeng helped each other out of Lotus Flower Cave. Soon, they returned to the laboratory in Old Dragon Cave.

    When Wang Mingyuan saw the four of them, Zhou Wen and company were like old, weak soldiers who had just been defeated. They were all covered in dirt and blood.

    However, Wang Mingyuan didn’t ask about their escapades. He only summoned his soul and used the power of his Life Soul to treat their wounds.

    This was the first time Zhou Wen had seen Wang Mingyuan’s Life Soul. He had been unconscious back when Wang Mingyuan treated his wounds.

    Wang Mingyuan’s Life Soul was a bottle with a thin neck. Although it wasn’t gorgeous, it had some beauty. A stream of light flowed out of the bottle like water and when it touched a wound, Zhou Wen immediately felt a refreshing feeling as the pain of the wound was alleviated.

    As the aqueous light flowed into the wound, the wounds healed at a discernible pace. Even his bones recovered rapidly.

    After treating the quartet’s injuries, Wang Mingyuan smiled and said to them, “It’s rare that the four of you were injured together. Let’s have a feast to celebrate tonight.”

    Zhou Wen recovered very quickly. Even without Wang Mingyuan’s treatment, as long as he switched to the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, his recuperation ability would be much better than the average person’s.

    Hence, while Zhong Ziya and Hui Haifeng were still lying in the bed, Zhou Wen and Jiang Yan joined Wang Mingyuan for a celebratory feast.

    While resting in the evening, Zhou Wen took out the Mutated Fairy’s crystal. It was about the size of a chicken egg. It was crystalline, and inside it was a Mutated Fairy’s shadow.

    Using the phone’s camera function to check the crystal’s attributes, Zhou Wen couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

    ‘Mutated Fairy Crystal: Epic stage. Merging requires a Speed of more than 21 points and a Buddha-elemental Primordial Energy Art.’

    This was the first time Zhou Wen had seen a Primordial Energy Skill that had a stat requirement other than Primordial Energy points. Furthermore, there were requirements on the Primordial Energy Art. This was something he had never learned in school.