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Chapter 185 - Rejection

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 185 Rejection

    The blood-colored avatar exploded to death as the game screen turned black.

    Zhou Wen dripped another drop of blood and was reborn. When he entered the game again, he saw a Doctor Darkness appear in his Companion Beast window.

    He realized that Doctor Darkness had already fallen to the Legendary stage when he took a look at his stats.

    Doctor Darkness: Legendary (Youngling)

    Life Providence: Golden Left Hand

    Speed: 18

    Strength: 12

    Constitution: 13

    Primordial Energy: 18

    Talent Skill: Scalpel, Fight Poison With

    Companion Form: None

    He was considered quite a good Companion Beast at the Legendary stage, but that was all. After he evolved into a mature form, he might be able to return to the Epic stage. However, it required a large amount of time to feed him.

    Zhou Wen glanced at Doctor Darkness’s image in-game and thought he looked very similar to Yan Zhen, but he realized that Doctor Darkness wasn’t Yan Zhen.

    Doctor Darkness was wearing a white doctor’s robe, but he wasn’t a person, but a human-shaped puppet. He wasn’t of real flesh and blood.

    Zhou Wen heaved a sigh of relief. He really couldn’t accept it if Doctor Darkness really had looked like Yan Zhen.

    After testing the Doctor Darkness’s skills in-game, he realized that he was actually a support-type pet. He was rather formidable when it came to tasks related to surgery, but his true combat power was not even comparable to the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior of the same level.

    However, if he was used for surgery, Doctor Darkness was definitely a top-notch Companion Beast. If a doctor had him as a Companion Beast, it was very likely that he could become a famous doctor.

    The Scalpel technique allowed precise incisions with an error as small as three decimal places.

    Fight Poison With Poison was to use poison to stimulate one’s body, allowing one’s vitality to erupt, to tide through the most dangerous point in surgery. It could even suppress some viruses.

    Light of Penetration could be used to see through a patient’s body, far better than X-ray or MRI.

    However, Zhou Wen didn’t know medicine. It was a waste giving him such an impressive medical Companion Beast. He didn’t know how to use it at all.

    Don’t tell me I need to study medicine now? Zhou Wen was somewhat depressed, but on second thought, it wasn’t completely useless.

    If he had to deal with some external injuries on the battlefield urgently, Doctor Darkness was still useful. When he returned to the Epic stage in the future, his Dr. Soul Life Soul would be of great help to him in battles.

    If I can make the Doctor Darkness return to the Epic stage, it would be much easier for me to kill an Epic creature. However, I wonder how long it will take before I can do this. Zhou Wen kept a happy-go-lucky attitude as he went to Ant City to obtain a few Companion Eggs to feed Doctor Darkness.

    Days passed and Ouyang Lan got Ah Sheng to pick him up once again. She said that she had something important to discuss with Zhou Wen.

    “Little Wen, have you thought it through? Do you want to participate in the competition for the special physiques?” Ouyang Lan paused before saying, “The competition is about to begin. If you want to participate, you can head to the League’s Holy Land over the next two days.”

    “Sis Lan, I don’t wish to go. Can you give the spot to someone else?” Zhou Wen didn’t wish to vie for a special physique. With the Lost Immortal Sutra, even if he didn’t have a special physique, he could still master the Primordial Energy Art of various styles.

    “There’s only one chance to change every nomination. I had already used up this opportunity when I changed the nomination to you. There’s no way to change it now. If you don’t go, this nomination would be considered null and void. Little Jing wouldn’t be able to go either,” Ouyang Lan explained as though she had seen through Zhou Wen’s thoughts.

    “Sis Lan, I’m really not interested in that nomination. You should think of some other solution if it’s possible.” Zhou Wen felt that going to the Holy Land to vie for those special physiques was a waste of time for him.

    Ouyang Lan sighed and said, “Since you don’t wish to go, I won’t force you either. Let’s forget about this matter. It’s fine if the nomination is voided. Since it’s useless to us, we’ll just leave it voided.”

    Although Zhou Wen felt somewhat embarrassed, the nomination wasn’t what he wanted in the first place. It wasn’t his fault for having it voided because of his rejection.

    Ouyang Lan didn’t mention the matter again. She ordered a few dishes and the two chatted about family matters and school. After the meal, she got Ah Sheng to take Zhou Wen back.

    Ah Sheng wasn’t a conversationalist. He didn’t say anything the entire journey until he got Zhou Wen to the entrance of the school. Just as Zhou Wen was about to alight, Ah Sheng suddenly said, “Why didn’t you accept that nomination? Having that nomination isn’t a bad thing for you. Many members of the League’s large families yearn for this spot.”

    “I just want to live peacefully. I have no interest in special physiques,” Zhou Wen said.

    Ah Sheng shook his head and said, “Young Master Wen, perhaps you still don’t know that the League isn’t as peaceful as it seems. In fact, many of the other dimensional zones in the League have had cases of break-outs. Powerful dimensional creatures have rushed out of the dimensional zones and entered the human cities, creating terrifying massacres. Many people have died.”

    After a pause, Ah Sheng continued, “Perhaps in a few years, all the dimensional zones will vanish. When that happens, large numbers of dimensional creatures would rush into the human cities. If one doesn’t have the necessary strength, they might not even be family.”

    “Is the situation very bad?” Zhou Wen knew that Ah Sheng wasn’t lying. In his dorm, there was a dimensional creature that had broken out and refused to leave. It ate like a lord every day.

    “It’s worse than most people can imagine. Not long ago, a military base at Chess Mountain was wiped out, including an Epic-stage commander. Now, Chess Mountain is only temporarily suppressed, and the creatures inside can rush out at any time. When that happens, the dimensional creatures that come out might be even more powerful. Once the military is unable to stop those break-out creatures, the human world will immediately plunge into a disaster.”

    Ah Sheng looked into Zhou Wen’s eyes through the rearview mirror and said, “It’s not for anyone. It’s only for your survival in this chaotic world. You should also make a trip to the Holy Land. The things that can be given to you there might allow you to survive in a world of chaos that isn’t too far away.”

    “Thank you for telling me this. However, I really do not wish to have anything to do with the An family or take anything from them,” Zhou Wen spoke the heartfelt truth.

    affinity that made Zhou Wen believe that he could say what he couldn’t tell others.

    Ah Sheng fell silent. After a long while, he sighed and said, “Madam is right. Although your surname isn’t An and you don’t have any blood relations with Overseer An, your temperaments are too similar.”