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Chapter 193 - Qin Mountain

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 193 Qin Mountain

    When Zhou Wen left, there was a necklace around his neck. Although it was a necklace, it was actually a red string with a bead carved from ivory.

    This was given to him by Wang Mingyuan who claimed to have made it personally. He originally planned on giving each of them one after making all four. Since Zhou Wen was leaving for some time, he wanted to give him the completed one first.

    The next morning, Ah Sheng came to fetch Zhou Wen and Li Xuan, and Ouyang Lan came over. Before leaving, she specially exhorted Zhou Wen, “Little Wen, I’m not worried about your strength, but I’m afraid that you might be careless. After you reach the Holy Land, you have to be careful of the descendants of the six heroes. The grudge from back then between Tianzuo and the six heroes is so deep, they will definitely target you. Remember, safety first. It’s nice to obtain a special physique, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t.”

    “Sis Lan, I understand.” Zhou Wen nodded slightly.

    If this were in the past, Zhou Wen wouldn’t have taken the special physique to heart, but in order to break through, Zhou Wen had to vie for it.

    Zhou Wen originally imagined that they were taking a plane to the Holy City, but to his surprise, Ah Sheng drove them out of Luoyang city without heading to the airport.

    “Brother Sheng, isn’t it too slow by car?” Li Xuan didn’t dare call him Ah Sheng, so he called him Brother Sheng.

    Previously, Li Xuan had told Zhou Wen that although An Sheng was only picked up by An Tianzuo and was not a true member of the An family, An Tianzuo treated him like a brother.

    In the An family, he was Ah Sheng, but outside, An Sheng’s name was frightening.

    “This was ordered by Madam. There are many routes to choose from so the roads are safer. Furthermore, there are a few dimensional zones. I want you to visit them before heading to the Holy Land,” answered Ah Sheng.

    “Which dimensional zones?” Li Xuan was intrigued.

    “The nearest place is in Qin Mountain. I don’t know what the name is,” Ah Sheng answered simply.

    However, Li Xuan’s expression changed when he heard the name. “Brother Sheng, don’t tell me you are really letting us enter the dimensional zone at Qin Mountain? I heard that the dimensional zones there are really terrifying. Without being at the Epic stage, entry means death.”

    “It’s not that exaggerated. About 90% die,” Ah Sheng said.

    Is there a difference? Li Xuan cursed inwardly.

    Zhou Wen didn’t know much about this, so he asked, “Is Qin Mountain terrifying?”

    “Is it terrifying? Remove that questioning tone and that’s more like it. That’s where the great horror lies. Have you heard of the legendary Kunlun?” Li Xuan said with a twitch of his lips.

    “Didn’t Ah Sheng say he was going to Qin Mountain? What has it got to do with Kunlun?” Zhou Wen was somewhat puzzled.

    “The legendary Kunlun of ancient myths refers to Qin Mountain. It doesn’t point to the present-day Kunlun Mountain Range. Qin Mountain is also a dragon vein of East District, basically the best geographical location. The dimensional zones there are extremely terrifying, and there are countless powerful dimensional creatures inside. Humans are nothing there. Even top human experts have to tread carefully inside like they are treading on thin ice. If they aren’t careful, they might perish, much less us Legendaries.” Li Xuan asked another question after he was done, “Brother Sheng, are you really taking us to the dimensional zone in Qin Mountain?”

    “Yes,” Ah Sheng answered simply.

    Li Xuan suddenly realized that coming with Zhou Wen was a wrong decision.

    It didn’t mean that he was afraid of going to the ruins. No matter how dangerous that place was, Ah Sheng wouldn’t bring them to their deaths.

    However, along the way, Ah Sheng drove without saying a word, while Zhou Wen gamed on his phone, leaving him bored out of his wits.

    “Is that stupid game really that fun? You’ve been grinding ants the entire journey. How many ants have you killed? Did the ants provoke you? If you really hate it so much, just find a real ant and kill it. Why do you have to seek revenge on it?” Li Xuan said gloomily.

    “Yeah,” Zhou Wen replied before continuing grinding

    Li Xuan was instantly rendered speechless. He had no way of communicating with Zhou Wen, so all he could do was lean back into his seat and sleep.

    Zhou Wen had been trying to kill the Golden Flying Ant or break the white cocoon it was protecting. Unfortunately, the Golden Flying Ant was too fast, so he could do neither.

    However, grinding for some Companion Eggs to feed his pets was not a bad choice. He could try his luck at Companion Beast fusion.

    The success rate of a fusion was really low. The success rate for the first fusion was the highest. After every fusion, the success rate plummeted. As for how much it decreased, it depended on the pet’s species.

    Due to the existence of the Grand Yin Wind skill, Zhou Wen could quickly grind ants. Many ant eggs dropped, so Zhou Wen began to wonder if he could come up with an ant that could both fly and provide defense.

    It would have high speed and high defense.

    Therefore, Zhou Wen had been using Companion Eggs of the black-winged flying ants and the red-armored ants all this time. He had succeeded quite a few times, but none of them could satisfy Zhou Wen with their stats and skills.

    Red-armored, yellow-armored, blue-armored ants each have a defensive Primordial Energy Skill. I’ll first do fusion until I get an ant with three skills, then I’ll combine it with a black-winged flying ant, allowing it to have the ability to fly. That way, I’ll need at least three fusions. The success rate is just too low. Zhou Wen tried many times. Skills were either lost after the fusion or the fusions failed.

    It was especially so for the third fusion. The chances of success were too low. There was only a little more than an 11% chance of success. He had lost count of the number of times he had attempted fusion, but they all failed.

    Thankfully, there were many ant eggs. Zhou Wen didn’t have anything else to do on the way, so he slowly fused them.

    When the car entered the mountainous region, it was very rare to see people and cars.

    In this era, due to the appearance of the dimensional zones, many roads were blocked. Traveling between cities was actually a very difficult matter.

    If an ordinary person were to accidentally enter a dimensional zone, the probability of surviving was extremely low.

    Currently, there weren’t many civilian operations for the transportation of goods. The main reason was that the League’s military was doing it. Even so, there were still many accidents every year.

    Most of the time, people along with their vehicles would disappear. Search and rescue teams didn’t even have a clue where to begin.

    As the car drove along the mountain road, Zhou Wen, who was gaming, suddenly felt his eardrums hurt. The window shattered at the same time as the tires burst. Accompanied by an explosive sound, he heard a strange shriek.

    The car lost control and swerved into the railing of the mountain road as it began to spin off the road.

    Ah Sheng suddenly wound down the car window, and with one foot on the mountain road, he forcefully stopped the car. It was as if the car had been nailed to the ground, leaving it less than a meter away from the cliff.

    Zhou Wen and Li Xuan were given a fright as they subconsciously looked out onto the mountain road. They saw a golden glow dancing in the middle of the mountain range.

    On a closer look, it was a giant bird that was as golden as a phoenix. It was dancing through the mountain like a golden sun. The bird’s cry from before came from it.