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Chapter 197 - Trainer

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 197 Trainer

    “The owner of this blade might be like uscaught and brought here by the giant bird. There’s a high chance that they were eaten by that giant bird. From the looks of it, this blade is truly inauspicious. Zhou Wen, it’s best you throw it away,” Li Xuan said.

    However, Ah Sheng said, “Once the blade is in hand, you’re its owner. It’s too late to throw it away now. You should bring it along.”

    Zhou Wen nodded without a word. He wasn’t superstitious to begin with, so he naturally didn’t mind.

    The trio searched the platform for a while longer before finding two Companion Eggs in the trunk of a car. However, they were only at the Legendary stage and didn’t look like they were worth much.

    Realizing that the giant bird hadn’t appeared the entire time, the trio decided to secretly escape from another side, but before they could go far, they felt a hot gust of wind assault them. They were once again swept back onto the platform. This time, they didn’t even see the giant bird.

    After that, they made a few more attempts and even tried to escape by jumping down the mountain. However, the result was the same. The hot gust of wind blew them back onto the platform.

    The next morning, before the sun rose above the horizon, the giant bird brought six chicks out of the tree hole and led them to the mountaintop.

    Zhou Wen and company originally imagined that they would fly away like before, but to their surprise, the giant bird only brought the six chicks to the mountaintop. Then, they formed a line before jumping off the mountain peak like diving athletes. As they learned how to fly, they charged towards the platform.

    Zhou Wen saw a chick charging towards him and was about to dodge to the side when he felt a force overwhelming him. It impelled him to meet the chick and catch it.

    Soon, Zhou Wen and company knew the intentions of the giant bird. It had actually treated Zhou Wen and company as workers. They were to catch its six children while they practiced flying swoops.

    A day ago, Zhou Wen never imagined that he would be a nanny and trainer of six chicks.

    What left Zhou Wen even more depressed was that the birds seemed to always target him and fly towards him. They seldom flew towards Ah Sheng and Li Xuan.

    Li Xuan gloated by the side and said, “Old Zhou, it looks like you have quite good social relations, no-maybe I should say you have better twitter relations! Those chicks love you. If you were this good with women, you would have long been in a relationship.”

    The chicks practiced flying the entire day. These fellows had extremely strong physiques and talent, but as they had just been born, they were unable to perfectly control their bodies. That was why they appeared rather clumsy.

    However, they improved extremely quickly. With just a day’s practice, their body control had increased tremendously. In the morning, they were still staggering in flight. Not only did they not land on Zhou Wen, they even missed and flew past the stone platform.

    By the evening, the chicks could accurately land on Zhou Wen’s head.

    When the sun set, the giant bird returned to the tree hole with the chicks. Zhou Wen believed that he could finally relax, but to his surprise, the giant bird flapped its wing, stirring up a gust of wind that pulled him into the tree hole.

    Ah Sheng’s reaction was extremely fast as he grabbed Zhou Wen, but with his strength, he couldn’t hold him back. His feet drew two long ditches on the stone platform and he was almost thrown off the stone platform.

    “This bird sure is sinister. It made us nannies in the day, and food at night.” Li Xuan also pounced forward to grab Zhou Wen.

    However, it was useless. The giant bird’s wings flapped once again as the three of them were sent flying into the hole.

    “It’s over, it’s over. We’ll definitely be food for the birds this time!” Li Xuan cried out tragically.

    The tree hole was very deep. When Zhou Wen and company landed on the ground, they felt the force retract, preventing them from slamming heavily to the ground.

    “Stop shouting. These birds don’t eat meat,” Ah Sheng looked around and said.

    “How do you know they don’t eat meat?” Li Xuan refused to believe it.

    “There’s no smell of blood here, nor are there any bones or anything like that. Instead, there are a lot of fruits here.” Ah Sheng pointed to a corner of the tree hole. There were indeed many fruits piled there.

    “So they don’t eat meat. That’s good, that’s good.” Li Xuan heaved a long sigh of relief.

    However, Zhou Wen didn’t look at the fruits. He raised his head and looked up with a strange expression.

    The tree hole was nearly a hundred meters tall, like a huge warehouse. In the sky of the tree hole, floated a golden oval object.

    If one looked closely, one would realize that it was a cocoon made of silk.

    Zhou Wen had seen two similar cocoons, but they were white while this one above him was golden.

    That can’t be. There’s actually a cocoon here? Zhou Wen carefully looked at the golden cocoon. The more he looked at it, the more it looked like the two cocoons he had seen apart from the different color.

    Could it be that these dimensional creatures are actually born out of cocoons? Zhou Wen found it odd. Why did these different dimensional creatures have a cocoon in their nests?

    Up to this point, only Golden Flying Ant was the weakest of dimensional creatures with cocoons. The other two were ridiculously strong.

    There was no need to mention the dragon-shaped creature wrapped around the stone pillar in Dragon’s Well. It was unimaginable. Likewise for this giant bird. Ah Sheng was also one of the top experts in the Epic stage; yet, he did not seem to have much ability to resist the giant bird.

    Of course, it was also possible that Ah Sheng wasn’t planning on giving his all unless death was certain.

    Li Xuan and Ah Sheng followed Zhou Wen’s gaze and saw the golden cocoon. Li Xuan exclaimed in surprise, “Strange, why is there a cocoon here?”

    No one could answer him as the giant bird landed with six chicks. This sight made Li Xuan’s heart tighten, and he was in no mood to care what the cocoon was.

    The giant bird landed on a charred piece of wood and squawked at Zhou Wen and company, causing their eardrums to ring.

    The trio didn’t understand bird language, nor did they have telepathic abilities. They didn’t know what the giant bird meant, but just as they were hesitating, they saw that each of the six chicks had something in their mouths. They flapped their wings and flew diagonally to Zhou Wen, placing the things in their mouths at his feet.

    Zhou Wen originally believed that these chicks were afraid that their trainer would starve to death, so they brought him fruits to eat. But upon closer inspection, he realized that the six chicks didn’t bring fruit, but instead, they were shards that resembled jade.

    The six shards were all different shapes, but the material looked about the same. It was a translucent jade that was close to beige in color.

    Why are you giving me this? I’m not a Western dragon or a woman. I don’t like shiny things. I’d rather receive fruits, Zhou Wen thought.