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Chapter 201 - Gold-Armored Beas

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 201 Gold-Armored Beast

    The words “Thundergod General” seemed to contain infinite attraction. Many young people were attracted.

    Zhou Wen and company went over to take a look as well. After all, Thundergod General was a very famous Companion Beast. He had the reputation of being the best offensive pet, with potent offensive abilities. Be it his companion form or his pet form, he had extremely powerful attacks.

    The most famous aspect of Thundergod General was his Primordial Energy Skill, Thundergod Augmentation. It could augment a person with lightning from the void, giving a person infinite power to battle an enemy. Every strike had terrifying lightning power accompanying it. It struck extreme fear into the hearts of people.

    Furthermore, even in his companion form, Thundergod Sword, Thundergod Augmentation could still be used. Even someone who had never cultivated a lightning-elemental Primordial Energy Skill would be able to use the Thundergod Sword that came with sword beams imbued with lightning

    The reputation of Thundergod General as the number one Legendary offensive pet was definitely not unfounded. However, that was if one had the Thundergod Augmentation. However, Thundergod had a total of four skills, so even if one hatched him, he might not have Thundergod Augmentation.

    Without the Thundergod Augmentation, Thundergod General was an ordinary Legendary Companion Beast. It was nothing compared to the best Legendary offensive pet.

    Therefore, whether Thundergod General was worth anything depended on whether he had the Thundergod Augmentation skill.

    Unfortunately, the items sold here were all Companion Eggs. Even with X-ray vision, it was impossible to tell the stats or skills available to the Companion Beasts.

    Hence, there were many onlookers, but none of them were willing to pay for it.

    The price of a Thundergod General Companion Egg was two million. This was definitely not too much to buy the best Legendary offensive pet. However, if Thundergod General didn’t have Thundergod Augmentation when he was hatched, he would be worth at most a hundred thousand or so. Spending two million to buy it was no doubt a waste.

    Therefore, many people just watched. It was very nicely priced. It made those who wanted to buy it still feel the pinch. Yet, they would find it unacceptable giving it up. After all, Thundergod General Companion Egg was extremely rare.

    Zhou Wen pretended to take a picture with his phone and glanced at Thundergod General Companion Egg’s stats. He discovered that it was Thundergod General with two skills, and one of the skills was the Thundergod Augmentation.

    “If it’s a Thundergod General with Thundergod Augmentation, two million would be worth it. I’m just afraid it doesn’t have it. Spending two million for trash would be a terrible loss.” Li Xuan was also tempted.

    “If you know that it has the Thundergod Augmentation skill, would you even have a chance of making a comment? It would long have been sold.” A blonde youth said disdainfully.

    “That’s odd. Why are there dogs barking randomly in Holy City?” Li Xuan asked Zhou Wen in surprise.

    “Perhaps someone’s dog wasn’t tied up and ended up running out,” Zhou Wen added.

    The blonde youth’s expression instantly darkened, but he didn’t turn hostile. He only said coldly, “Are the people from East District so uncultured?”

    “For us from East District, that’s only reserved for the cultured,” Li Xuan said, unwilling to be outdone.

    “Very good. I won’t argue with you. After we enter the Holy Land, we’ll settle the scores,” the blonde youth said without any expression.

    “I’ll be your guest.” After Li Xuan said that, he ignored him. He looked at Thundergod General Companion Egg before asking Zhou Wen, “Unfortunately, Wang Lu isn’t here. With her luck, she would definitely be able to help me get one that has Thundergod Augmentation.”

    “It’s only two million. That shouldn’t be a huge sum to you. It’s good to bet. If you score one and obtain the best Legendary offensive pet, it will be worth a lot more than two million.” Zhou Wen secretly nudged Li Xuan in the direction, hoping that he would buy the Thundergod General.

    He already had Banana Fan and had recently picked up Bamboo Blade. He didn’t lack any weapons. As for offensive pets, his Mutated Demonized General was in no way inferior to the Thundergod General. There was no need to buy another one.

    “Alright, I’ll take that bet.” Li Xuan gritted his teeth and bought the Thundergod General Companion Egg under everyone’s gaze.

    “Two million to buy a Thundergod General Companion Egg. There are so many vulgarians in rural cities,” someone mocked Li Xuan.

    Although Thundergod General Companion Eggs were rare, they were only worth four to five hundred thousand on the market due to the low probability of possessing Thundergod Augmentation. Buying it for two million was indeed expensive. This was also why nobody had bought it despite the huge crowd.

    However, Li Xuan didn’t mind. He went shopping with Zhou Wen and Ah Sheng at other stalls. He had plenty of wealth and wasn’t stingy with his money. He bought several Legendary Companion Eggs consecutively.

    “Will you have the time to incubate so many Companion Eggs?” Zhou Wen said with a frown.

    “Since I can’t incubate it outside, I’ll take it into the Holy Land. After all, we need to stay in the Holy Land for at least ten days. There will be time.” Li Xuan seemed to be full of confidence, but he changed the topic and said, “However, I want to incubate Thundergod General before entering the Holy Land. I’m just too curious. I wonder if he has Thundergod Augmentation.”

    There were rooms prepared by the League government. Li Xuan and company each requested a room while the former began incubating the Thundergod General Companion Egg

    Zhou Wen already knew what the outcome would be, so he wasn’t too concerned. He sat down on the sofa in the living room and took out the Companion Egg Ouyang Lan had prepared for him. He glanced at it with his mysterious phone.

    Gold-Armored Beast: Legendary.

    Life Providence: Steel Protection

    Strength: 19

    Speed: 11

    Constitution: 20

    Primordial Energy: 12

    Talent Skill: Tempered Steel.

    Companion Form: Armor

    Just by looking at the attributes, he knew that the Companion Beast was definitely an excellent-grade Legendary Companion Beast. Furthermore, it was one with an extremely high defense. It was very likely to be on par with the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior.

    The most critical thing was that the Gold-Armored beast’s companion form was armor. It was obviously given to him by Ouyang Lan to save his life.

    Li Xuan ran out from his room with a broadsword wrapped in lightning bolts as he shouted excitedly, “Jackpot… Jackpot… I never expected that I’d have such a day… Old Zhou… My Thundergod General has two skills… One of them is Thundergod Augmentation…”

    “Don’t tell me you want the entire world to know that you have a true Thundergod General?” Zhou Wen was speechless.

    “What’s the harm?” Although as Li Xuan said that, he quickly stowed Thundergod General away. With no one knowing, Thundergod General would make an excellent trump card.

    They did some preparatory work before bidding Ah Sheng farewell, in preparation to head for the Holy Land’s entrance.

    “Go in later. Head in when the twenty-four hours are almost up. That way, you can avoid meeting most people. They won’t wait that long since they will be vying for the qualifications,” Ah Sheng said.

    “Alright.” Zhou Wen was very patient, so there was no rush.

    Although Li Xuan didn’t think so, he patiently waited for Zhou Wen to head in with him.

    Zhou Wen had previously asked if Li Xuan wanted to head in himself to prevent him from being marked by the youths of the six hero families. However, Li Xuan didn’t mind at all. Since they came together, he believed that it was natural for them to enter together.