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Chapter 202 - Sky Battle

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 202 Sky Battle

    The way he entered the Holy Land made Zhou Wen question life. He and Li Xuan stood on a stone pillar, and the stone pillar descended like an elevator.

    Zhou Wen originally believed that the Holy Land was underground, but after the stone pillar’s long descent, he suddenly felt the ground beneath him give way. Then, he realized that he was in the air, surrounded by floating clouds with mountains beneath his feet.

    How is this possible? We were clearly descending, so how did we end up in the sky? Zhou Wen was alarmed as he sized up the ground beneath him. Soon, he realized that the area below wasn’t Holy City’s territory.

    There were no mountains near Holy City, but there were endless mountain ranges below.

    Li Xuan didn’t have the Godfiend Life Providence, so he didn’t have the ability to levitate, preventing him from examining his surroundings as Zhou Wen did. Instead, he summoned a huge eagle pet and landed on its back. At the same time, he flew towards Zhou Wen and pulled him onto the back of the giant eagle.

    “How magical. This is the Holy Land, a sacred place. No one knows where the Holy Land is, but It’s definitely not underground anyway,” Li Xuan said, as he looked at the surrounding mountains and rivers.

    “Which Holy Temple are you going to?” Zhou Wen asked.

    “I cultivate in the Invincible Connate Divine Art. This Primordial Energy Art corresponds to the Connate Infinite physique, so I’ll be going to the Connate Holy Temple.” Li Xuan replied, “It’s highly likely that the An family made you cultivate the Sun Strafe Art, right? In that case, you should go to the Sun Divine Temple. However, from the looks of it, your Primordial Energy doesn’t look like it’s of the Sun Strafe Art pedigree.”

    “I’ve never cultivated the Sun Strafe Art, so it doesn’t matter where I go. Since you are going to the Connate Holy Temple, I’ll go somewhere else to try my luck.” Zhou Wen naturally wasn’t willing to compete with Li Xuan.

    Every physique only chose one person. If Zhou Wen snatched it away, Li Xuan would definitely not have one.

    “Alright, where shall we meet later?” Li Xuan asked.

    “I haven’t decided where to go for the time being. If there’s nothing special, let’s meet up after we exit this place.” If Zhou Wen wanted to vie for the special physique, he probably had to fight the youths from the six heroes’ families. He was unwilling to involve Li Xuan.

    “In that case, I’ll accompany you to find a suitable Holy Temple. After all, the test lasts ten days. It doesn’t matter when one visits it. I’m not in a rush either,” Li Xuan said with a smile.

    Seeing how Li Xuan insisted on accompanying him, Zhou Wen could only say, “If that’s the case, let’s head to the Connate Holy Temple first.”

    “Alright.” Li Xuan didn’t stand on ceremony as he let the giant eagle fly east.

    Shortly after they flew off, they saw more than ten people riding on flying mounts. Leading them was someone Zhou Wen still remembered. It was none other than Saint John from the Cape family.

    “Zhou Wen, do you think you can escape trouble just by entering late?” John said coldly, as he rode on a flying lion.

    As they spoke, the group had already surrounded Zhou Wen and Li Xuan in all directions. Unable to charge out of the encirclement, the giant eagle could only spiral around in the middle.

    “John, if you wish to have another battle, I’ll take up your challenge any time.” Zhou Wen shot Li Xuan a glance. Li Xuan immediately understood and controlled the giant eagle to land on the ground.

    “Trying to run? Aren’t you an overly naive one.” John sneered as he gave the order. More than ten people together with their Companion Beasts attacked simultaneously.

    Without a word, Zhou Wen summoned the banana fan and sent a gust of Grand Yin Wind at John.

    “I wasn’t prepared the last time, allowing you to successfully sneak an attack on me with your Companion Beast. This time, you won’t have another chance.” John clearly came prepared. Upon seeing Zhou Wen’s Grand Yin Wind approach, he didn’t fluster or show any intention of dodging.

    When the Grand Yin wind reached John, it was as if it had encountered an invisible barrier that splashed sideways. No damage was dealt to John nor the lion beast that he was sitting on.

    Zhou Wen was slightly surprised and he found it odd. However, time didn’t permit him to ponder over the reason. The attacks of the other ten plus Companion Beasts had already circled him, nearly sealing off all routes of retreat for him and Li Xuan.

    Just as Zhou Wen was about to go all out, he suddenly heard a young bird’s tender chirping. It was the yellow-feathered chick.

    This fellow had been following Zhou Wen all this time. As it stood on Zhou Wen’s shoulder, a mere chirp was enough to make the dozen or so flying pets suddenly lose control and be thrown into disarray like a kite with a broken string.

    Zhou Wen took a careful look and knew that it was all thanks to the yellow-feathered chick. The flying Companion Beasts who were randomly flying about were all birds. Only a minority, like John’s flying lion, wasn’t affected.

    With the opponent’s lineup in chaos, there was a weakness to exploit despite the attacks of the ones remaining. Li Xuan controlled the giant eagle to rush out of the encirclement and quickly landed on a nearby mountain.

    “Chase after him.” John gritted his teeth and chased after him. The dozen or so disciples of the six hero families also joined in the chase.

    “John, are you really going to fight me to the death?” Zhou Wen stood on the back of the giant eagle as he stared at the chasing John.

    “You don’t have to die. We are very fair. Back then, An Tianzuo injured our family members. Now, since you are here on behalf of the An family, we will also be very fair. All we need to do is cripple your Primordial Energy sea and maim you,” John said coldly.

    “An Tianzuo had crippled your family members once. Don’t force me to do the same thing,” Zhou Wen said as he looked at the approaching John.

    “Haha, do you really think you’re An Tianzuo? You’re just representing the An family. Your name isn’t An Tianzuo. The pets you rely on are completely useless against me. Who are you to act so arrogantly in front of me?” John held his sword as he began to condense Light of Judgment. He was prepared to finish Zhou Wen and company in midair, preventing them from having a chance to escape back to the ground.

    Zhou Wen didn’t say anything else as he took out the Bamboo Blade. With one hand holding the scabbard and the other holding the hilt, he said to Li Xuan, “You leave first.” Then, he leaped up and flew towards John who was charging at him.

    “Old Zhou, what are you doing?” Li Xuan was alarmed. He wanted to stop Zhou Wen, but it was too late.

    “So you have a death wish.” John knew that when fighting in the sky, the death sentence was practically given to those without a flying mount. Without any hesitation, he slashed out with his sword, transforming into a gigantic sword beam that tore towards Zhou Wen.

    The few youths behind him who weren’t using avian mounts also used their own Primordial Energy Skills. Together with John, they surrounded Zhou Wen. Several beams of light instantly intersected with each other, nearly sealing off all possible routes of retreat for Zhou Wen.

    This was difficult to avoid even on land, much less when in the air.