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Chapter 205 - The Holy Temple’s Invitation

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 205 The Holy Temple’s Invitation

    Zhou Wen sat on the stone steps outside the Connate Holy Temple to game while Li Xuan entered to take the test.

    The youth in black and the few others had long disappeared. The youth’s Primordial Energy sea had been destroyed and he had even had his possessions robbed from him. They didn’t dare stay here any longer.

    Zhou Wen couldn’t help but feel somewhat disappointed that he had died once again at the hands of the Golden Flying Ant. He didn’t know how many times he had been killed by it; yet, he had failed to touch the white cocoon.

    Zhou Wen really wanted to know what was inside the white cocoon.

    “Why are you the only one here? Did no one else come here to the Connate Holy Temple?” Just as Zhou Wen was about to restart his game, he saw a man descending on a butterfly. The man glanced at the sealed temple door and then looked at Zhou Wen.

    “There’s another person inside the holy temple,” Zhou Wen replied when he saw that the man didn’t harbor any ill intentions.

    After alighting from the butterfly’s back, Lance unsummoned the butterfly and looked at Zhou Wen’s phone. “I enjoy playing mobile games too. However, I play fighting games. These kinds of repetitive games aren’t suitable for me.”

    Saying that, Lance took out his cell phone and launched a game. “It’s a pity that the magnetic field here is too unstable and causes excessive signal interference. Otherwise, we could network and play together.”

    “I don’t play fighting games, ” Zhou Wen said.

    “That’s such a pity.” Lance seemed a little disappointed as he sat down on the steps beside him. As he gamed, he asked, “Are you also interested in the Connate Holy Temple?”

    “No, I’m just accompanying a friend here to take a look. Are you also here to accept its test?” Zhou Wen asked.

    “Well, not really. I’m only here to see what the Connate Holy Temple looks like. I have no intention of receiving the Connate Holy Temple’s special physique.”

    Zhou Wen found this person rather interesting. As he spoke, he played games. His actions and thoughts didn’t conflict, and his handling was extremely fine. This wasn’t something an ordinary person could do.

    “Since you came to the Connate Holy Temple, why don’t you give it a try? Perhaps there might be a chance of obtaining a Connate Infinite physique,” Zhou Wen asked with interest.

    While playing games, Lance said, “It’s not only the Connate Infinite physique, I’m actually not interested in any of the special physiques in the Holy Land. It’s just that my family insists that I come. So, I came to take a look and since I’m here, I might as well visit all the Holy Temples. I’ll just treat it as a vacation.”

    “You sure are interesting.” Zhou Wen found this person interesting.

    “You’re very interesting too. I’ve heard of people vying for the nominations here in the Holy Land, but never about someone here to accompany their friend,” Lance said with a smile.

    “I plan on vying for them too, but I don’t have my sights on the Connate Infinite physique,” Zhou Wen said.

    Lance lowered his phone and sized up Zhou Wen for a moment before saying, “The six types of physiques in the Holy Land have their own advantages and weaknesses. This Connate Infinite physique has very high requirements on one’s body, so ordinary people are unable to meet the requirements. According to what I know, in the League, only those who cultivate in the Invincible Connate Divine Art can barely meet the requirements. From the looks of it, you don’t look like someone who cultivates in it. Your aura is a little odd. I’m afraid it’s not compatible with any of the Holy Temples’ special physiques. If you wish to vie for one, the difficulty might be higher than the others.”

    “Human effort can achieve anything.” Zhou Wen wasn’t willing to elaborate on his matters, but he was rather interested in Lance. He asked, “Why don’t you want a special physique? This is something many want to vie for.”

    “It’s precisely because everyone wants it. It’s been so many years and although there aren’t many people with the six special physiques in the League, there are still quite a number of them. There’s no point in me obtaining what others have. It’s rather pointless so I might as well not get it. Besides, An Tianzuo of the An family doesn’t have any special physiques. Yet, he can suppress his peers. And if he can do it, so can I.” Lance seldom shared such thoughts, but for some reason, he mentioned it in passing to Zhou Wen.

    Upon hearing An Tianzuo’s name, Zhou Wen’s expression turned odd.

    “You know An Tianzuo?” Lance acutely guessed that Zhou Wen knew An Tianzuo from his expression.

    “Yes, but we aren’t on good terms. If you wish to ask me about him, I’m afraid you will be disappointed,” Zhou Wen said with a


    “There’s no need… There’s no need… Please don’t tell me anything about An Tianzuo.” Lance hurriedly waved his hands.

    “Why is that?” Zhou Wen looked at Lance in puzzlement.

    “I will personally defeat him in the future. If I hear about him now, it will be too boring if I end up learning about his weaknesses. The An Tianzuo I want to defeat is the strongest An Tianzuo I can face,” said Lance solemnly.

    Zhou Wen thought to himself, From the looks of it, this person should also be from the six hero families. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be thinking about defeating An Tianzuo all day. However, it’s strange. Doesn’t he know that I’m the one coming on behalf of the An family?

    After chatting for a while, they seemed to get along pretty well. They also talked about their experience in cultivation and martial techniques. Although they understood things differently, their shared concepts that were congruent with each other.

    As the two were chatting, they suddenly saw the door to the temple open. Li Xuan walked out.

    “How was it?” Zhou Wen got up and asked.

    “I passed, but I’ve no idea if anyone will have better results than mine. We’ll know in ten days,” Li Xuan said with a smile. “I’m done. Which holy temple do you want to head to? I’ll accompany you.”

    At that moment, Li Xuan saw Lance. Clearly, he didn’t know him. Seeing that he and Zhou Wen seemed to get along pretty well, he asked curiously, “Who is this? Someone you know?”

    “I just got to know him.” Only then did Zhou Wen recall that he didn’t know of his name. Neither of them had said their names.

    Lance stood up and said, “It’s time for me to go in. See you again if there’s a chance.”

    However, before Lance could enter the Connate Holy Temple, a wyrm statue coiled around a stone pillar in front of the door suddenly opened its eyes. Its body moved as it came alive. It stretched out its head and stared at Zhou Wen. “Are you willing to be the representative of my Connate Holy Temple?”

    The three of them were slightly taken aback. Lance looked at Zhou Wen with a strange expression. As a member of the six hero families, he had never heard of anyone receiving an invitation from a holy temple.

    Even the first six heroes who came to the Holy Land had only been chosen after many trials.

    It was the first time he had seen an invitation extended by the holy temple.

    “Zhou Wen, what are you waiting for? Quick, agree.” Li Xuan hurriedly nudged Zhou Wen when he saw him in a daze.

    However, Zhou Wen wasn’t feeling happy about being invited. The reason he was stunned was because after the wyrm sent out the invitation, his Life Providence, Sigh of the King, seemed to be in a frenzy. A sense of disgust spread through him, affecting him with those emotions.