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Chapter 212 - Trajectory Holy Temple

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 212 Trajectory Holy Temple

    Zhou Wen attempted using his Strength, but he didn’t sense any additional attributes or burning effects. He didn’t know what the word “Sun” behind Strength meant.

    However, he had finally found a way to make a breakthrough. Zhou Wen planned on visiting the other temples. If he could succeed in obtaining Power Crystals there, he might be able to advance to the Epic stage. When that happened, learning the Mutated Fairy Skill would be a piece of cake.

    Among the six holy temples, Zhou Wen had already been to two—the Connate and Sun God Holy Temples. The nearest one to them was the Divine Emperor Holy Temple.

    However, after some consideration, Zhou Wen didn’t head to the Divine Emperor Holy Temple. Instead, he headed for one that was slightly further away.

    Zhou Wen had seen John’s Holy Emperor body before and guessed that it was likely a Strength-type physique. The Sun God Holy Temple had boosted his Strength, and the two seemed to overlap.

    Therefore, Zhou Wen planned on taking a look at the Trajectory Holy Temple first. It was said that it gave one the physique-Body of Trajectory; it was the most mysterious physique among the six.

    The Dugu family, which had the Body of Trajectory, didn’t seem to offer any outstanding performance. Hence, this physique was the most controversial. Some people even claimed that the owner of the Body of Trajectory, the first-generation hero of the Dugu family, didn’t deserve to be ranked alongside the other five heroes.

    However, the Dugu family’s lineage had continued most stably amongst the six families to date. In contrast, the other five families were more famous and had more power.

    However, they would occasionally have people die for various reasons. However, up till now, no one from the Dugu line died.

    The other first-generation heroes of the five families were mostly dead, but the original hero of the Dugu family remained alive and well. Now, the power of the Dugu family was so great that it was ranked in the top three of the six families.

    Quite a number of people jested in private that having superior martial arts wasn’t as good as having a long life. The Dugu family’s hero had outlasted several young heroes of the other five families. In the future, perhaps once the members of the five families were all dead, the Dugu family would be able to rule the world.

    The name—Trajectory-together with the fact that the people from the Dugu family had long lifespans, made Zhou Wen suspect that the Body of Trajectory was a Speed-type physique. Therefore, members of the Dugu family could escape quickly. This allowed them to survive several dangers and stay alive.

    Zhou Wen was extremely interested in opportunities to augment his escaping abilities, so he planned on heading to the Trajectory Holy Temple to take a look.

    Many of the people from the six families had been crippled by Zhou Wen, so the few remaining ones didn’t dare cause him trouble. It was as though they had vanished into thin air.

    Zhou Wen and Li Xuan spent more than a day walking in the Holy Land without meeting a single member of the six families. Instead, they encountered the descendants of several powerful figures from other places.

    Those people had indifferent attitudes towards Zhou Wen. They neither offended him nor showed any intention of getting cozy with him. Clearly, they didn’t wish to interfere in the feud between Zhou Wen and the six families.

    When they arrived at the Trajectory Holy Temple, there was no one outside, but the door was closed. Clearly, someone was undergoing a test inside.

    Zhou Wen and Li Xuan could only wait outside. Zhou Wen took out his cell phone and continued gaming while Li Xuan studied them, having the intention of hatching them all.

    After waiting for a while, they suddenly heard a rumble. The door to Trajectory Holy Temple opened and a person rushed out.

    The person really sped out and ran very quickly. Furthermore, his hair was disheveled and he looked like a lunatic. His face was awash with extreme horror as though he had seen something unbelievable.

    “Don’t kill me… Don’t kill me… I didn’t see anything… I didn’t see anything…”

    “Pal, what’s wrong?” Li Xuan went forward to stop the person and pressed his shoulder as he asked.

    Li Xuan wanted to ask what exactly was going on in the Trajectory Holy Temple to scare him to such an extent.

    However, the moment Li Xuan pressed down on the man’s shoulder, the man immediately turned pale from fright. What happened next shocked Zhou Wen and Li Xuan.

    The person reached out and stabbed his eyes until they were two bloody holes. Then, he struggled to free himself from Li Xuan’s grasp. As he ran, he shouted, “I didn’t see anything… Don’t kill me… Don’t kill me…”

    The duo was stunned as they looked at the bloodstains on the ground, wondering if they were dreaming.

    “Old Zhou, I think it’s best if we don’t enter this Holy Temple. Although we aren’t afraid of death, if we become a lunatic like that fellow, it’ll be a fate worse than death.” Li Xuan gulped his saliva and turned to look at the Trajectory Holy Temple. The way he looked at it was as though it was a diabolical den.

    “Indeed.” Zhou Wen felt that what Li Xuan said made sense. He didn’t wish to become a lunatic, and he was indeed afraid of death.

    The Holy Land appeared extremely safe without any dimensional creatures threatening their lives; however, the real danger was within the temples.

    Previously, the Sun God Holy Temple had nearly injured Zhou Wen. With the Trajectory Holy Temple being so bizarre, Zhou Wen felt that he didn’t necessarily have to enter.

    The two of them had a short discussion before preparing to leave. But at that moment, they saw the crazy man who had just stabbed his eyes run back again.

    His eyes were still bleeding and he looked extremely terrifying. As he ran, he shouted, “Help… Help…”

    His eyes were blinded, so he stumbled as he ran. It took him a few stumbles before coming in front of the duo. He fell to the ground and hugged Li Xuan’s thigh. “Save me… I don’t want to die… Save me…”

    Li Xuan could sense that his body was trembling terribly, as though something extremely terrifying had affected his thoughts, causing such intense convulsions.

    “What happened? Tell me clearly first.” Li Xuan felt apologetic towards the person, so he didn’t push him away and comforted him.

    Li Xuan thought that if he hadn’t stopped this person just now, this person might not have blinded his eyes.

    Even a lunatic would be happier to see things than being blind.

    The person hugged Li Xuan’s calf and said in an extremely terrified tone, “I saw a ship-a very, very large ship. Someone on the ship was engaging in murder. All of them died… All of them died… I didn’t see anything… Don’t kill me… Don’t kill me…”

    The person said a few more words before his madness worsened. He released Li Xuan’s leg and attempted to escape again.

    Zhou Wen extended his hand to pull the person. Since he was blind, there was a chance of him running off a cliff to certain death.

    Zhou Wen grabbed the man’s arm, but the man struggled with all his might. He managed to escape with his extraordinary strength, but his sleeve was ripped off by Zhou Wen.

    When his gaze landed on the man’s arm, Zhou Wen’s pupils constricted. On the man’s arm, there was an anchor-like tattoo.