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Chapter 224 - Boundary Stone

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 224 Boundary Stone

    Zhou Wen was somewhat vexed. His Strength and Speed had been enhanced by the God Power Crystals, making him break through to 21 points.

    However, his Primordial Energy and Constitution were still unable to break through. Now, he had no God Power Crystals to obtain unless he waited another ten years for the Holy Land to open again to head to the temples once more.

    Unfortunately, Zhou Wen couldn’t wait another ten years. Even if he could, the An family probably wouldn’t give him the spot.

    How do I get my Constitution and Primordial Energy to break through to 21 points? Zhou Wen had no idea what to do.

    Since there are God Power Crystals in the Holy Land, they might exist in other dimensional zones as well. I can only look around in the game dungeons. Zhou Wen couldn’t help but recall the Golden Flying Ant and the white cocoon.

    Now that his Dragon Gate Fairy Skill had improved and he had mastered Transcendent Flying Immortal, he might have a chance of obtaining that white cocoon.

    “I was planning on taking you to the dimensional zones that we didn’t have a chance to visit when we returned, but I think we can forget about it now. We’ll go again when we have the chance,” said An Sheng as he drove.

    No one objected. Zhou Wen had offended the six families terribly, so it wasn’t appropriate for them to continue wandering outside. It was best they returned to Luoyang as soon as possible.

    As he was afraid that something would go wrong, An Sheng didn’t choose to take the plane back. He drove all the way until they arrived at a mountain road where they saw a girl waving at them in the middle of the road.

    The car stopped and they saw that the girl’s ankle was severely injured as if she had been bitten by something. The wound was very deep and her bones were injured.

    “I was attacked by a dimensional creature nearby. All my Companion Beasts died in battle and I couldn’t walk due to my injuries. Can you take me to a nearby city?” the girl requested.

    “You were injured in this area? There shouldn’t be any dimensional zones nearby, right?” Li Xuan asked the girl.

    “I thought that too, but a dimensional creature appeared here. I nearly died because of it,” the girl said.

    “Where did you encounter dimensional creatures? What kind of dimensional creatures were they?” An Sheng stared at the girl and asked.

    “It was on a mountain road about a kilometer ahead. It’s a snow-white ape-shaped dimensional creature…” The girl recounted what had happened.

    After An Sheng heard this, he agreed to let the girl hitch a ride.

    Li Xuan found an opportunity while An Sheng was checking the car and whispered to him, “Brother Sheng, is there a problem with this woman? We just offended the six families and ended up meeting an injured woman in the wilderness. Isn’t this too much of a coincidence?”

    “If she has a problem, then all the more reason I should take her with me. I’d rather keep the enemy in my hands,” An Sheng said.

    Li Xuan felt that it made sense and stopped talking.

    As the car continued its journey, Zhou Wen saw that there were many signs of a battle. There was quite a lot of rubble and terrifying claw marks on the road. This woman didn’t seem to be completely lying. At the very least, there had been a fight here. As for whether her opponent was a dimensional creature or a human, it was hard to tell.

    Li Xuan was very good at talking with women, so he quickly started chatting with her.

    The woman said her last name was Zhang, Zhang Yuzhi—from the Eastern capital. She was a dimensional creature hunter who was a freelancer.

    Typically, even if one entered a dimensional zone to adventure or kill dimensional creatures, they would join large organizations or the League’s organizations.

    Only a small number of people chose to become a freelancing hunter. They would enter dimensional zones to hunt dimensional creatures alone or with a few friends.

    This woman was only in her early twenties. According to the current education system, most people went to university at the age of 16. After four years of college, they would only be in their early twenties. It was surprising that a newly graduated woman would choose to become a freelance hunter.

    There was also something that left Zhou Wen and company very concerned. The Eastern Capital was very close to Luoyang, and it was now under Luoyang’s jurisdiction. This woman was from the Eastern Capital, so she happened to be on the same path as them.

    While Li Xuan and Zhang Yuzhi were chatting, he deliberately asked a lot of questions about the Eastern Capital. Zhang Yuzhi answered them proficiently like she was a native. She even knew some of the tinier shops in the old alleys.

    When they arrived at the place Zhang Yuzhi mentioned that she had encountered the dimensional creature, they didn’t see white ape. Instead, there were many fallen stones on the road ahead that blocked the way.

    Li Xuan went down to clean up the road and swept the rubble to the bottom of the mountain. However, after moving the rubble away, he realized that there was a corpse beneath it.

    The corpse was a white ape, similar to Zhang Yuzhi’s description. It was undoubtedly the same one she had seen before.

    “You killed it?” An Sheng looked at the white ape’s corpse and asked Zhang Yuzhi.

    “No. It nearly killed me. It killed all my Companion Beasts, so how could I have the ability to kill it?” Zhang Yuzhi shook her head with certainty.

    “That’s strange. If you didn’t kill it, why would it die here?” Li Xuan asked.

    “I don’t know about that. Maybe there’s someone else here.” Zhang Yuzhi scanned her surroundings, but this was one of the curvy mountain roads. There was no one here. One side of the mountain road was a cliff, while the other side was a straight mountain wall. It was impossible to hide anyone.

    Zhou Wen was also looking at the corpse and saw a bloody hole in the white ape’s chest. It was as though someone had dug its heart out and it had died a tragic death.

    “Get in the car. Let’s continue moving.” An Sheng moved the white ape’s corpse to the side and got into the car.

    Just as Zhou Wen was about to get into the car, he glanced to the side in passing and realized that there was a Boundary Stone erected by the roadside.

    Boundary Stones weren’t rare. In the past, they were used to divide the boundaries between regions, cities, and countries. Some even demarcated the borders between villages. Boundary Stones were used to separate territories.

    After the dimensional storms, no one really used the Boundary Stones anymore. This was because most regions had dimensional zones, making it difficult to divide them.

    There were still some Boundary Stones remaining that were often seen. However, they were of no use now.

    It wasn’t a rare sight to see one here, but what was rare was the tiny palm symbol on it.

    Zhou Wen was very familiar with the palm symbol. Although it looked inconspicuous in the corner of the Boundary Stone, he saw it at a glance.

    In the strange palm symbol was a skull. It looked even eerier.

    And the four words carved on the Boundary Stone didn’t look like a location’s name. The four words were actually “Yin Yang Boundary Stone.”