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Chapter 225 - Red Clothes

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 225 Red Clothes

    Zhou Wen took out his cell phone and snapped a picture of the Boundary Stone. Indeed, it was downloaded into his interface.

    “Zhou Wen, what are you doing? Get in the car!” Li Xuan shouted at Zhou Wen from inside the car.

    “Look at this Boundary Stone. There seems to be a problem,” Zhou Wen said as he pointed at it.

    Li Xuan and company alighted from the car and walked to the Boundary Stone. Li Xuan said with a glance, “Is this a prank?”

    An Sheng walked to the stone monolith and touched it. He dug the soil under the stone monolith with his hands before he frowned and said, “This stone monolith wasn’t buried recently. It has existed here for a long time. It doesn’t seem like a prank.”

    “It’s not a prank? Why would there be such a thing as a Yin Yang Boundary Stone? Could it be that after crossing the Yin Yang boundary, one will reach the netherworld?” Li Xuan joked.

    “I don’t know if we will enter the netherworld, but there’s nothing wrong with being careful. All of you, be on your guard.” An Sheng carefully looked around but didn’t find anything unusual.

    There was only one path on the mountain. Furthermore, there were no dimensional zones nearby. An Sheng couldn’t directly turn back just because of the appearance of such a Boundary Stone.

    Zhou Wen said, “Ah Sheng, let’s switch paths. I think there’s something off about the area up ahead. Could it be a newly appeared dimensional zone?”

    “Not a bad idea.” An Sheng nodded slightly. He also felt that something was amiss. However, if he had to take a detour, they would have to travel another additional ten hours or more.

    He turned the car around and drove back the way they came. He drove to a fork at the foot of the mountain and made his way to another mountain road. He continued driving along another path that was a huge detour. Furthermore, it wasn’t easy to drive on, limiting the car’s speed.

    The path was riddled with potholes and it was extremely difficult to drive across it. The car was shaking violently as Zhou Wen looked at his phone. The download had been completed, and the Yin Yang World icon had appeared on the phone’s home screen.

    However, Zhou Wen usually only played the Ant Nest dungeon in front of others. Now that there were so many people, it was not appropriate for him to open the Yin Yang World’s instance dungeon.

    After driving for half a day, the tremors were so intense that Zhou Wen felt like his bones were about to fall apart. Li Xuan and Ah Lai felt a little uncomfortable as well, and the three nearly fainted.


    A sudden slamming of the brakes woke the three of them up. Their heads almost squeezed against the back of the front row.

    “Brother Sheng, what happened?” Li Xuan asked.

    “There’s another Boundary Stone in front of us,” said An Sheng before he opened the door and got out.

    Zhou Wen and company followed. Indeed, there was a Boundary Stone by the side of the mountain. On it were the same words: ‘Yin Yang World.’ However, Zhou Wen didn’t see the tiny palm symbol.

    “Must it be that creepy?” Li Xuan looked around. It was almost getting dark, so there was a limit to what he could see.

    “Ah Sheng, is there another way?” Zhou Wen asked.

    “That’s it. Now, most of the dimensional zones have cut off the routes available. If we want to take another detour, we will have to leave this mountainous area, but it would take too long.” An Sheng thought for a moment before saying, “How about this? It’s getting dark and there aren’t any street lamps. It won’t be convenient for us to go back. Let’s find a place to camp. After daybreak, we can return to the airport and take a plane back.”

    “Alright, let’s do that then.” Zhou Wen felt that it was best not to risk crossing the Yin Yang World’s stone monolith.

    An Sheng took out a simple tent and other tools from his car and found an empty space by the side of the road. He set up a tent and placed a few warning pins to prevent any other vehicles from crashing into their tents while driving past.

    Although there was a small possibility of cars passing through, An Sheng still managed to consider everything.

    Li Xuan and Zhang Yuzhi were chatting while Ah Lai started a fire to prepare some food.

    Zhou Wen sat in the car and was about to open the Yin Yang World instance dungeon to see what was inside when he suddenly heard Li Xuan’s surprised voice. “What is that?”

    Zhou Wen hurriedly got out of the car and looked over. He saw Li Xuan pointing in the direction of the Yin Yang Boundary Stone with a look of shock.

    He looked over and saw a woman in red standing on the other side of the Yin Yang Boundary Stone.

    To be precise, it was likely a woman wearing a red wedding dress. Zhou Wen had seen such clothes when he was watching television when he was young. It was said to be a rather ancient tradition.

    Women nowadays wore white wedding gowns when they got married. In the East District’s ancient times, white was something only when there was a death in the family. People wore red for marriage.

    The daughters of rich families all wore embroidered red silk wedding gowns, with a red veil covering their heads. The groom would only be able to remove the bride’s red veil on their wedding night.

    The woman standing on the other side of the Yin Yang Boundary Stone was like a bride dressed in red from a television drama. She had a red veil over her head and was standing behind the stone monolith, seemingly looking at them.

    “Who’s trying to act mysterious there?” Perhaps the trembling Zhang Yuzhi had triggered Li Xuan’s male hormones. At that moment, Li Xuan was shockingly bold as he shouted at the woman in red behind the Yin Yang Boundary Stone.

    The woman in red didn’t respond and stood there motionless. Although the red cloth covered her head, it didn’t deter Zhou Wen and company from feeling as though she was staring at them.

    Without any response from the woman in red, Li Xuan became somewhat angry. He summoned a Legendary black-eyed leopard and ordered it to pounce at the woman.

    An Sheng, Zhou Wen, and company stared at the black-eyed leopard. It quickly passed the stone monolith and leaped into the air, bearing its sharp claws as it pounced at the red-dressed woman.

    The next scene caused the five of them to widen their eyes as their scalps tingled.

    The black-eyed leopard actually passed through the woman’s body, as though her body was just an illusion.

    “Don’t tell me we’ve really run into ghosts?” When Li Xuan saw this scene, he felt a little nervous.

    He wasn’t afraid of guns or bullets, but a ghost would still make him feel uneasy even if he was strong.

    Li Xuan was just about to order the black-eyed leopard to continue attacking when he saw the woman’s body move. Only then did everyone notice that the woman’s feet were not touching the ground. She had always been levitating in midair, so they could clearly see the red floral embroidered shoes on her feet.

    Due to the Boundary Stone’s obstruction, everyone had imagined that she was standing there. Upon seeing this scene, they had the urge to flee. Even Zhou Wen was no exception.

    When he was young, he had heard many ghost stories from his grandfather. One of them was the story of the ghost bride. He thought to himself, Did I really encounter a ghost bride?

    When his grandfather told the story of the ghost bride when he was young, it scared Zhou Wen so much that he didn’t dare sleep the entire night. The moment he fell asleep, a red-dressed female ghost came looking for him, determined to kill him. It was a childhood nightmare.