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Chapter 227 - Jinxes Husband

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 227 Jinxes Husband

    Truth Listener transformed into a golden beam of light and instantly appeared in front of the ghost bride. The ghost bride’s body trembled as a result. Facing the Epic-stage An Sheng, the ghost bride hadn’t shown any fear, but now, she turned around and attempted to escape.

    However, Truth Listener clearly wasn’t letting her go. It pressed its claw on her back and it seemed to resemble a golden seal that left a mysterious golden branding on the ghost bride’s back.

    No matter how far she ran, her body shimmered with golden light. Soon, her soul dissipated amidst the golden light, dropping a red crystal.

    Truth Listener’s tiny claw grabbed the red crystal and leaped back with a whoosh, landing in Zhou Wen’s palm. It then placed the red crystal in his hand.

    Li Xuan widened his eyes as he looked at Truth Listener, who resembled a golden-silk monkey in Zhou Wen’s palm. He asked in surprise, “Old Zhou, what kind of pet is that? Why is it so awesome?”

    An Sheng also sized up Truth Listener in surprise, clearly very curious.

    “A Legendary Companion Beast. However, it has Buddhist attributes, so it should be effective against ghosts. Probably the reason why it killed the ghost bride so easily.” Zhou Wen unsummoned Truth Listener and carefully looked at the red crystal in his hand before realizing that it was a Companion Egg.

    “Ghost-type Companion Beasts are very rare at the moment. Typically, a ghost-type Companion Beast can avoid physical attacks and most of its attribute attacks. However, typically speaking, a ghost-type Companion Beast’s attack strength is relatively weaker. They are more adept at curses. This ghost bride’s offensive strength was very powerful, so it’s relatively rare among ghost-type pets. Although she’s only at the Legendary stage, she will be very useful when exploring new dimensional zones due to her characteristics. Even if she were to encounter an Epic creature, she probably wouldn’t be killed unless the opponent is of a counter attribute,” An Sheng said as he looked at the Companion Egg in Zhou Wen’s hand.

    Zhou Wen threw the ghost bride Companion Egg at An Sheng, who was slightly taken aback when he caught it. “Young Master Wen, what are you doing?”

    “I’m still a student, so I naturally don’t have the chance to explore new dimensional zones. It’s useless keeping her around. Take this with you to the military. Perhaps it can reduce the number of military sacrifices.” An Sheng had spent a lot of effort taking care of them along the way. It could even be said that he had risked his life. All Zhou Wen wanted was to do something in return.

    Although ghost bride Companion Beasts were rare, Zhou Wen had already downloaded the Yin Yang World’s instance dungeon and had Truth Listener who was effective against the ghost bride. It wouldn’t be difficult for him to obtain ghost bride Companion Beasts in the future.

    “A Companion Egg can’t solve the military’s problem. It will be of great use if there’s a large number of ghost brides.” As An Sheng spoke, he returned the ghost bride Companion Egg to Zhou Wen. “Young Master Wen, if you really wish to help the military, you can join after graduation. You will definitely be of help with your capabilities.”

    “We’ll see when the time comes,” Zhou Wen said with a shake of his head. Even if he wanted to join the military, he had no plans of joining An Tianzuo’s unit.

    As though he had seen through Zhou Wen’s thoughts, An Sheng shook his head slightly and said nothing more.

    They packed their things and followed the path back. Even with an Epic expert like An Sheng around, they couldn’t randomly enter an unknown dimensional zone and risk their lives. Furthermore, this dimensional zone had the most bizarre ghost-like creatures.

    “Old Zhou, quickly hatch that ghost bride and take a look. I want to see what she looks like. After you hatch her, get her to remove the red veil for us to take a look,” Li Xuan said to Zhou Wen when they got into the car. He was curious.

    Zhou Wen also wished to see the ghost bride’s stats, but it wasn’t convenient for him to use his cell phone in front of Li Xuan and company. He listened to Li Xuan and took out the ghost bride Companion Egg.

    Zhou Wen seldom hatched Companion Eggs himself as he typically hatched them in-game. With the Companion Egg in hand, he injected his Primordial Energy into it. Immediately, he felt his Primordial Energy flow into the Companion Egg like it overflowed a dam. Soon, all the drops that flowed out were gone. There was even a feeling that he had provided an insufficient amount.

    This left Zhou Wen slightly taken aback. Although his Primordial Energy had yet to reach 21 points, he still had 20 points. Typical Legendary Companion Eggs that could be hatched with 18 or 19 Primordial Energy were already considered excellent-grade. Yet, the ghost bride found 20 Primordial Energy points insufficient. This made it rather impressive.

    She sure is a powerful creature that dared to walk out of the dimensional zone. She really seems different. Zhou Wen gritted his teeth and forcefully survived the pressure the Companion Egg exerted on him. Thankfully, he had a Dao Body and his Primordial Energy recovered quickly. It wasn’t difficult for him to last through the ordeal.

    The Companion Egg was finally hatched as it transformed into a red glow that imprinted onto Zhou Wen’s forehead. It transformed into a red dotted tattoo that resembled a red birthmark on his forehead.

    “Quickly summon her and take a look,” Li Xuan said eagerly.

    “It’s so crowded in the car. How do I summon her?” Zhou Wen asked.

    “Your intelligence sure is lacking. She has a ghost body. Nothing in the car can touch her,” Li Xuan said.

    Zhou Wen shook his head. “Let’s wait until we arrive at a rest area.”

    He found an opportunity when no one was watching to glance at the ghost bride’s stats and never expected her name to really be Ghost Bride.

    Ghost Bride: Legendary

    Life Providence: Wife of the Ghost King

    Strength: 19

    Speed: 20

    Constitution: 19

    Primordial Energy: 21

    Talent Skills: Ghost, Spirit Suction, Yin Wind Claw, Jinxes Husband.

    Companion Form: Ghost Eyes.

    Her Primordial Energy is actually at 21 points. Isn’t this a stat point that only Mythical Creatures have? How can ordinary Legendary creatures reach such a level? Zhou Wen was alarmed. Seeing her talent skills, his expression turned even odder. How is jinxing a husband considered a skill?

    Looking at her companion form, he had no idea what Ghost Eyes meant. He could only guess that the Ghost Bride could become an eye.

    Zhou Wen was studying the Ghost Bride’s stats when he suddenly felt An Sheng brake. The tires screeched as it dragged across the road, producing ear-piercing sounds.

    Li Xuan was about to doze off, so without sitting properly, he slammed into the back of the seat in front of him. Just as he was about to say something, he heard Zhang Yuzhi, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, let out an extremely sharp scream. “In front… there are ghosts in front…”

    Zhou Wen and Li Xuan looked ahead where the car lights shone. Immediately, their expressions changed. A group of white-robed ghosts appeared on the main road ahead of them. They walked over in a daunting manner, and amongst them, there were even ghosts carrying a red-painted coffin. When they walked over, the entire sky seemed to be enveloped by a terrifying ghostly aura. Instantly, the surroundings became a place filled with ghosts.

    The white-robed ghosts had long green fangs that didn’t resemble human teeth. As for the red coffin, there was a strange black gas emitting from it. It looked ghastly and terrifying.