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Chapter 236 - Selling on Behalf

Let Me Game in Peace
     The Companion Eggs Zhou Wen had snatched were Legendary Companion Eggs which were specially prepared for sale by the various major merchants. Most of them were unique to certain regions and were very few in number. They were considered rather rare types that were scattered all across the globe.

    Even if one went to a large Companion Egg store in Holy City, it would be very difficult to see so many different types from so many different regions.

    “You’ll know if it’s true if you buy one,” Zhou Wen said.

    “That’s fine, but isn’t your price too high?” Li Yu glanced at Zhou Wen’s bid. The Broken-Winged Angel was worth 188,000. Typical Legendary Companion Eggs could be bought at 10–20,000. The rare ones went for about 70-80,000. Only excellent-grade Eggs could exceed 100,000.

    “I referenced the price on the Internet. It’s non-negotiable,” Zhou Wen said.

    He had checked the prices on the Internet, but due to the frequent appearance of dimensional zones across the world, traffic was greatly obstructed. The supply chain had become slow and unsafe, and there were often severe losses of goods. Therefore, the scale of Internet transactions was gradually shrinking

    If he couldn’t sell it in the college, Zhou Wen could only try his luck at Luoyang’s market. If he still couldn’t get a buyer, he could only sell it to merchants. If that happened, the price would be very low.

    Li Yu smacked his lips. “Zhou Wen, I don’t have the money to buy such things. However, if you try here, I’m afraid you won’t be able to sell it either. Why don’t we do it this way? Why don’t you hand over your Companion Eggs to me for selling. I’ll take a ten percent commission for my hard work?”

    “Why will you be able to sell it if I can’t sell it here?” Zhou Wen looked at Li Yu with interest.

    Li Yu handed a business card to Zhou Wen. “To be honest, I’ve already been accepted by the Royal Pet Store. Although I haven’t graduated yet, I’m already an official employee there. As you can see, there’s no one here. I’m only setting up a stall here due to the company’s requirements. If your Companion Eggs are real, I can help you sell them through the company’s channels. The prices will definitely be high, on the premise that these Companion Eggs are definitely real.”

    Unfortunately, most people didn’t know of the battle in the Holy Land, nor did they know what Zhou Wen had done in Holy City. Otherwise, Li Yu wouldn’t have suspected the authenticity of these Companion Eggs.

    “There’s no need. I’ll just sell them by myself. After all, I have nothing to do.” Zhou Wen knew that Li Yu was planning on doing a lossless business. The risk was all Zhou Wen’s, but the profits had to be shared with Li Yu. Furthermore, Zhou Wen didn’t know how much Li Yu would sell them for.

    However, Zhou Wen knew that the fellow wasn’t reliable based on the name of the Royal Pet Store. Together with three other pet stores, it was known as one of the top four scammers in the League. They were well-known to purchase at low prices and sell at high prices, and they liked to play cheap tricks.

    Zhou Wen wasn’t too busy himself. He could game while running a stall, so there was no rush.

    “Let’s do this. Since it’s not easy to sell these Companion Eggs, why don’t you sell them to me as a package deal? As long as you can guarantee their authenticity, I’ll give you 80,000 each. Four of them makes it 320,000. Let’s round it off to 300,000. How about that?” Li Yu added.

    “Non-negotiable,” Zhou Wen said as he gamed.

    “This Ice Frost Bear is clearly too expensive. An ordinary Ice Frost Bear Companion Egg is only 70-80,000. Why are you pricing it at nearly 200,000?” Li Yu pointed at the Frost Bear Companion Egg.

    “It’s worth every penny.” Zhou Wen’s Ice Frost Bear was indeed priced very high, but that was because he had seen its stats and knew that it was worth the price.

    “If you do business like this, you won’t even be able to sell it in the Luoyang market, much less here.” Li Yu had never seen Zhou Wen’s sales tactics before. He decided to wait and see; he believed he could buy Zhou Wen’s Companion Eggs at low prices after Zhou Wen realized the cruel reality of the world.

    There were very few people in the market. Occasionally, students would come for Li Yu. From the looks of it, his identity as a Royal Pet Store employee wasn’t fake. Occasionally, the student council would entrust him to sell the Companion Eggs they obtained from the dimensional zone.

    Although he didn’t offer a high price, the benefit was that money could be directly received without going through the trouble of selling it themselves.

    However, the ones that were sold to Li Yu were mostly common Companion Eggs that were nothing spectacular.

    “How about it? Did you see that? The students acknowledge me. The price is fair and honest. The price I gave you isn’t low.” Li Yu took another Companion Egg and flaunted it at Zhou Wen.

    Zhou Wen ignored him as he continued gaming. By the side, Huang Ji was also doing something on his laptop. His fingers were rapidly tapping on the keyboard, having no time to chat with Zhou Wen.

    Seeing that Zhou Wen was ignoring him, Li Yu couldn’t help but mumble, “That’s not the way to do business. You definitely won’t make any sales.”

    As he spoke, another person walked over. When Li Yu saw that person, his eyes lit up.

    “Gu Dian, you got another Companion Egg?” Li Yu hurriedly went forward to welcome him warmly.

    When Zhou Wen heard Gu Dian’s name, he looked up and indeed saw the devilish-looking man walk in.

    “How much can these Companion Eggs be exchanged for?” Gu Dian threw a bag in front of Li Yu.

    Li Yu hurriedly opened the bag and was overjoyed when he saw more than ten Companion Eggs inside. As he appraised them, he said in delight, “This should be a Golden Warrior Companion Egg. Others will pay at most 5,000 to buy them out. On account of us being old friends, I’ll give you 5,500 for it…”

    Zhou Wen looked at the Companion Eggs with his cell phone and couldn’t help but be astonished. Li Yu was indeed quite capable. His appraisal of the Companion Egg’s species was right on the money.

    However, the price he offered was nothing but a scam. It was basically less than a third of the market price.

    A Golden Warrior Companion Egg might only be an ordinary Legendary, but it was an excellent pet for tanking. They were sold for rather high prices on the market. However, the price Li Yu offered was much lower than that of a typical Legendary Companion Egg. He was truly unscrupulous.

    “Gu Dian, are you selling these Companion Eggs?” Zhou Wen asked Gu Dian.

    Gu Dian was ultimately a member of the Xuanwen Club despite only being recruited to make up the numbers. Zhou Wen didn’t wish for him to be cheated right under his nose.

    A person like Gu Dian spent all day in the dimensional zones without even having a friend. He definitely wouldn’t know the market prices, so Zhou Wen reckoned that he had been scammed by Li Yu in the past.

    “Yes,” replied Gu Dian.

    “Since I’m also selling Companion Eggs, I’ll sell it for you if you trust me,” Zhou Wen said.

    “Alright.” Gu Dian grabbed his bag and placed it in front of Zhou Wen before turning to leave without a word.

    Li Yu was somewhat infuriated as he said to Zhou Wen with a cold expression, “Zhou Wen, that’s quite an a**hole thing to do. Don’t you know the rules of doing business?”

    “I don’t know much about business, but Gu Dian is a member of our club. I’m not breaking the rules by helping him sell them, right?” Zhou Wen said.

    “Alright, let me watch you sell them here.” Li Yu was in no hurry. He had to sell the Companion Eggs through the Royal Pet Store’s channels. It was practically impossible to sell them here.