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Chapter 242 - The Team for Putting Out Fires

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 242 The Team for Putting Out Fires

    Zhou Wen heard the sound coming from the backyard, but it was already covered in beads of silk, like a snow cave.

    Truth Listener’s ability allowed Zhou Wen to see what was happening inside. Zhong Ziya was fighting a group of spiders, and in the yard, there was something like a well. Spiders were pouring out of it and, clearly, that was the problem.

    “I’ll be right there.” As Zhou Wen spoke, he circled around to the backyard. Indeed, he saw Zhong Ziya embroiled in a battle with a horde of spiders.

    He didn’t have any spiderwebs on him, and his powers were clearly unable to restrain the spider silk like Zhou Wen’s. However, his movement technique was extremely odd. He was like a boneless snake as he swam through the silk, preventing it from sticking to him.

    Zhou Wen took a closer look and realized that when Zhong Ziya’s body touched a strand of silk, he would land on the non-sticky spider silk. The spiders could do nothing about him.

    However, Zhong Ziya wasn’t in the best of conditions. Although normal spiders couldn’t do anything to him, there was a very strange spider that left him in peril.

    The spider was also snow-white in color, but on its back was a unique blood-red pattern. The pattern looked like a human face, making it stand out among a group of snow-white spiders.

    The blood-patterned spider kept darting through the horde of spiders to avoid being attacked by Zhong Ziya. Zhong Ziya had been pursuing it the entire time, but there was something that left Zhou Wen somewhat puzzled.

    When the blood-patterned spider burrowed into the pile of spiders, Zhong Ziya would lose his target. When he saw it again, he failed to recognize it immediately.

    “Ziya, what’s the situation now?” Hui Haifeng noticed something amiss as well and hurriedly asked.

    “That spider is the problem. Quickly kill it,” Zhong Ziya said.

    “I see, but why does it look like you don’t want to kill it?” Hui Haifeng said as he rushed over.

    “If I could recognize it, I would have killed it long ago. It’s very cunning. It’s always burrowing into the spider horde and mixing with other spiders. It takes me a while to determine which one it is,” Zhong Ziya said.

    “It can’t be, can’t you see the blood-colored patterns on its back?” Hui Haifeng asked, puzzled.

    “I’m colorblind, and particularly can’t identify red.” Zhong Ziya’s answer nearly caused Zhou Wen and Hui Haifeng’s jaws to drop to the ground. If it weren’t for this critical moment, they would never have believed that such a strange illness existed in this world.

    Hui Haifeng charged forward and punched the blood-patterned spider. It moved at rapid speed, allowing it to easily dodge Hui Haifeng’s attack. Speed wasn’t Hui Haifeng’s forte to begin with, so now that he was wrapped in spider silk, he became even clumsier. He ultimately failed to catch up to the blood-patterned spider, but he did kill several ordinary spiders.

    Without another word, Zhou Wen used Ghost Steps and charged forward as though he had teleported. The Bamboo Blade cleaved the blood-patterned spider into two.

    Unlike the other spiders, once the blood-patterned spider died, it didn’t reduce to dust. It was actually a true body of flesh and blood.

    What’s going on? Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised. He thought that all the spiders were puppets, but this one was clearly not.

    The moment the blood-patterned spider died, the underground well exploded and large amounts of white liquid spewed out. After that, no spiders crawled out.

    When Zhou Wen and company had slaughtered all the spiders, he walked to the well and saw that it was only a few meters deep. It resembled a huge pot, so he couldn’t work out how that many spiders managed to crawl out of it.

    The military was firing wildly outside and killing the spiders that crawled out earlier. However, the effects were getting worse. Quite a number of soldiers were hung up by the spider silk and some of them even had their bodies snapped into two by it.

    Despite almost failing to hold the defensive line, the significant drop in spiders that crawled out of the temple allowed them to gradually stabilize the situation.

    “They succeeded!” The officer in charge was surprised and delighted. He ordered the soldiers to increase their firepower and quickly eliminate all the spiders.

    By the time Zhou Wen and company came out, most of the spiders outside had already been killed by the troops and other students who had rushed over to reinforce them.

    “Students, thank you for everything you’ve done…” The officer was about to say something when he suddenly received an urgent notification. There was another spot in the city where another spider horde had gathered. The troops there were asking for reinforcements.

    “Students, if it’s possible, can I ask you to come with us?” the officer said in embarrassment.

    “How troublesome. Where is it?” Zhong Ziya asked.

    Hence, Zhou Wen and company became an emergency team that was made to put out fires. They constantly shuttled through the city, in charge of clearing locations that constantly produced spiders.

    There were more than ten places like this in Luoyang City. And these were the discovered ones. It was unknown how many in the suburbs had yet to be discovered.

    The three of them should have split up and gone to different locations, but Hui Haifeng couldn’t catch up with the blood-patterned spider and Zhong Ziya was colorblind, so they had no choice but to rush over together.

    Thankfully, with the two of them opening up a path, all Zhou Wen needed to do was focus on killing the blood-patterned spider. The effects had increased significantly.

    After killing a few blood-patterned spiders, Zhou Wen discovered a Companion Egg inside a blood-patterned spider’s body. Zhou Wen glanced at it with his mysterious phone.

    Sky Spider Larva: Legendary (Youngling)

    Life Providence: Son of the Sky

    Strength: 19

    Speed: 20

    Constitution: 17

    Primordial Energy: 20

    Talent Skill: Sky Spider Silk, Sky Spider Sanguine Venom.

    Companion Form: Sky Spider Glove

    Zhou Wen knew what was going on when he saw the annotation of a youngling. Typical Companion Beasts didn’t have any room for growth. Legendaries were Legendaries; impossible for them to further evolve.

    However, with the youngling annotation, it meant that there was still room for growth. As for the level of advancement after becoming an adult, that depended on its bloodline.

    Since it was a youngling of a Sky Spider, it would probably grow into existence like the Sky Spider in the sky.

    The three of them continuously moved to help the military kill the Sky Spider younglings. Many officers recognized them, but they didn’t know their names.

    Zhou Wen and company had killed another Sky Spider youngling and were rushing to the next location when they suddenly saw the sky light up.

    It was daytime with the blazing sun high in the sky, but the radiance was even more dazzling than the sun.

    The trio couldn’t help but look up. They saw a brilliant sword flash sweep across the sky, as though it had swept across the entire horizon. The gigantic Sky Spider was instantly killed.

    The Sky Spider had been sliced in half and fell from the sky. It was unknown where it landed, but it caused the entire city to experience tremors for a moment like an earthquake.

    Zhou Wen looked up into the sky. At the spot where the sword beam disappeared, a man in an officer’s uniform and trench coat stood in midair like a god of war.

    An Tianzuo? Although he couldn’t see An Tianzuo’s face due to the distance, the latter’s figure immediately made him recall An Tianzuo.