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Chapter 245 - Movement Technique (2)

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 245 Movement Technique (2)

    “Haha, I’ve finally found a suitable movement technique for myself. No matter how fast I am, I can’t compare to you and Ziya. I can’t maintain a high speed like the two of you, but I can use my explosive impulse to accelerate myself to a speed faster than the two of you for a moment. And I have good endurance and can sustain such continuous impulses. This is the most suitable movement technique for me.” Hui Haifeng laughed heartily.

    “It’s indeed a pretty good movement technique,” Zhou Wen praised.

    Hui Haifeng wrapped his arm around Zhou Wen’s shoulder and said, “This movement technique was completed with your help. Half the credit goes to you. I’ll give you half of the naming rights. You and I can think of one word and we’ll use it as the name of this movement technique. In the future, when it becomes famous, your name will definitely be recorded in history.”

    “There’s no need. I’m just a sparring partner,” Zhou Wen said with a shrug.

    “It’s different. My movement technique was inspired by your movement technique. Half its name has to come from you. Come, quickly think of a name for it. I can’t wait to perfect it.” Hui Haifeng took out a piece of paper and a pen and handed them to Zhou Wen. He asked him to have a think before he wrote a single word.

    Although Zhou Wen found Hui Haifeng’s method of naming rather ridiculous, he thought for a moment under Hui Haifeng’s insistence and wrote the word “True” on the piece of paper.

    After the two of them finished writing, they unfolded the pieces of paper together and saw that there was also the word “True” on Hui Haifeng’s paper. When they saw the words on the paper, they couldn’t help but be slightly stunned.

    Hui Haifeng laughed. “It looks like we’re both like-minded and thought of the same thing. Let’s do it this way. It won’t be interesting to write another name. This movement technique shall be called Double True.”

    “Double True… Double True… True Double… This name sounds a little…” Zhou Wen repeated it a few times before he realized[1] that something was amiss.

    After Hui Haifeng said it out loud, he clearly realized this problem. However, he didn’t mind it and said with a smile, “Double True movement technique doesn’t sound nice, but since it’s decided by fate, let’s call it Double True.”

    With that said, Hui Haifeng ran off. He couldn’t wait to head back and continue researching and perfecting the Double True movement technique.

    Zhou Wen shook his head and said, “Wang Mingyuan’s disciples are all talented geniuses, but their personalities are weird. I originally thought Hui Haifeng was a normal person, but from the looks of it, he isn’t very normal.”

    An Sheng needed to do a lot of work. Not only was he An Tianzuo’s adjutant, but he was also the An family’s butler. He had to handle the matters of the military and the An family. Therefore, An Sheng had to organize people to handle many matters.

    When he received a name list, his expression turned extremely odd.

    There were three names written on the listone of them was Zhou Wen. These three names were specially written by Qin Wufu. An Tianzuo had also mentioned that he wanted to personally reward the three.

    None of that was a problem, but one of the three names was Zhou Wen.

    “Are you sure this list is correct?” An Sheng looked at the intelligence officer in front of him and asked. He had to be sure of this matter, or else there would be a huge problem.

    “Yes, many officers have seen the three of them before. We have also checked the surveillance footage of some shops nearby and compared them to the school’s database. We have confirmed that it’s the three of them. Furthermore, we have also brought a photo to show those officers. It’s confirmed without a doubt that it’s the three of them,” the intelligence officer said with certainty.

    “Very good. You did well. Go ahead and busy yourself.” An Sheng looked at the name on the list and a strange smile appeared on his lips. He took some documents and got up to head to An Tianzuo’s office.

    “Come in.” An Tianzuo was handling some documents, clearly in a bad mood.

    He already had a headache over the various break-out creatures from the dimensional zones. Now that Ouyang Lan had gone to such a dangerous place, he was very worried.

    If it wasn’t because there were too many problems in Luoyang and he couldn’t split himself, he yearned to fly to Zhuolu immediately and get Ouyang Lan back.

    However, he knew Ouyang Lan’s temper very well. Even if he went, it would be impossible for her to return because his temper was inherited from her. He knew very well that no one could stop her once she made up her mind.

    “Overseer, the list of students who have rendered meritorious services has been compiled. The three students who helped us destroy the spider wells have also been found. The commendation ceremony has already been prepared. Should we start as planned?” An Sheng walked over and handed the document to An Tianzuo.

    “Act according to the plan. Go ahead and do it.” An Tianzuo didn’t look at the documents. Usually, such matters were handled by An Sheng. He didn’t think there would be any problems with such trivial matters.

    “Yes.” An Sheng took back the document and left An Tianzuo’s office.

    Zhou Wen was constantly grinding at Snake Cavern, but he hadn’t had a Mutated Overlord Snake drop with Ever-Victorious. Therefore, he planned on inviting Wang Lu to try it out at Snake Cavern.

    Wang Lu was listening to music in the living room when she heard the doorbell ring. When she opened the door, she couldn’t help but be surprised that Zhou Wen had actually knocked on her door. It was unbelievable.

    “Wang Lu, how much money do I need to hire you to accompany me to the Snake Cavern to hunt dimensional creatures?” Zhou Wen asked Wang Lu.

    “You want to hire me?” Wang Lu was stunned before looking at Zhou Wen with interest.

    “Yes, if it’s possible, we can head to the Snake Cavern now.” Zhou Wen nodded with certainty.

    “You should know that I don’t lack money, right?” Wang Lu said with a smile.

    Zhou Wen was slightly disappointed. “Sorry for disturbing you.”

    With that said, Zhou Wen prepared to leave when Wang Lu hurriedly said, “Hold on. It’s not impossible for you to hire me, but I don’t want money. I have one condition.”

    “What condition?” Zhou Wen asked.

    “I want to go shopping tonight. Be my lackey and help me carry things,” Wang Lu said.

    “No problem, I’m going to the Snake Cavern to kill the Mutated Overlord Snakes. I wish to use your luck to have a Mutated Overlord Snake egg drop.” Zhou Wen shared his motives.

    “It shouldn’t be a big problem, as long as there’s a Mutated Overlord Snake there,” said Wang Lu with a smile.

    Zhou Wen and Wang Lu headed to Dragon Gate Grotto where Snake Cavern was. Zhou Wen was already very familiar with the place, so killing Overlord Snakes was very simple for him. He only wished to meet a Mutated Overlord Snake. After all, it wasn’t something that could be found at any time. If there wasn’t a Mutated Overlord Snake, it wouldn’t matter how lucky Wang Lu was.

    However, Zhou Wen had clearly underestimated Wang Lu’s luck. Not long after they entered Snake Cavern, they saw an Overlord Snake that resembled black jade. It was a Mutated Overlord Snake.

    [1] Double in Chinese lingo can mean clueless/idiot. So flipping the name becomes True Idiot.