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Chapter 247 - Taboo

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 247 Taboo

    Zhou Wen timed his opportunity and once again charged to the side of the white cocoon. He thrust the spear in again, but this time, he stabbed straight at the strange creature inside the cocoon.


    Zhou Wen heard a crisp sound like the sound of jade colliding. The spear tip failed to stab into the supple-looking skin. Instead, it felt like it had collided with a metal wall.

    So hard? Zhou Wen was alarmed as he began to suspect the level of the dimensional creature within the white cocoon.

    However, at this point, it was impossible for Zhou Wen to give up. All he could do was try, again and again, hoping to use repeated attacks to tear through the creature’s skin.

    Unfortunately, it was clearly futile. The continuous attacks failed to break through the creature’s skin, it was as if it was an indestructible piece of rock.

    At this point, how could Zhou Wen be willing to give up? He gritted his teeth and activated the power of Sigh of the King.

    The strength, Primordial Energy Skills, Primordial Energy Art of a Life Providence was different. To the typical person, it was a different kind of strength mode. However, to Zhou Wen, be it in-game or in reality, using the Sigh of the King was a very dangerous matter.

    Once Life Providence was activated, not only would the blood-colored avatar in the game be affected, he would even be affected by the power of the Sigh of the King in reality.

    If it wasn’t used properly, Zhou Wen would end up exploding to his death.

    Therefore, Zhou Wen wasn’t willing to use the Sigh of the King if he didn’t have a reason to do so. Even if he could stop in time, he needed to lie in bed for a few days before his body and bones would slowly heal. The pain and itchiness he ended up suffering was unimaginable to others.

    Having used the Sigh of the King twice, Zhou Wen already had a taste of the feeling. If it was possible, he was unwilling to attempt it a third time.

    But now, he had no choice but to use it again. With Overlord Spear with Ever-Victorious unable to injure the creature within the white cocoon, it was unknown when he would have the ability to kill the creature inside.

    A terrifying force instantly descended upon Zhou Wen, causing the blood-colored avatar’s strength to surge.

    He didn’t dare to delay at all. With Ghost Steps and Transcendent Flying Immortal, the Overlord Spear in his hand brought with it the terrifying power that tore through space. Instantly, it stabbed into the white cocoon once again.

    When the spear beam struck the creature’s skin, it shattered and scattered like glass shards. When the spear tip stabbed into the skin, it finally broke through its fair skin and stabbed a little deeper.

    However, it was just a little. It was probably less than a centimeter from the tip of the spear. This left Zhou Wen alarmed.

    Although the Sigh of the King’s power had only just been activated, it was enough to kill an existence like the Ghost King back in the Yin Yang world.

    And with such strength, coupled with the fact that he had attacked with Overlord Spear’s Ever-Victorious, he had only barely torn open the creature’s flesh. This made Zhou Wen suspect that the dimensional creature in the cocoon might very well be at the true Mythical stage as spoken of in legends.

    Although Banana Fairy and Truth Listener were also at the Mythical stage, they were only considered half-Mythicals. They might be able to advance to the Mythical stage in the future, but that was not the case now.

    At the instant the tip of the spear stabbed into the flesh, the life form in the cocoon twitched. His head slowly turned, revealing part of his side profile. He looked flawless like a figure that had walked out of a painting. An orange-red eye also revealed itself as it stared at the blood-colored avatar through the hole bored through by the spear.

    The eye exuded an indescribable diabolical feeling. Its pupil was like an orange gem, without any impurities. However, with that gaze, even Zhou Wen, who was outside the game, had goosebumps.


    Almost at the same time, a force blasted out of the cocoon, instantly sending the Overlord Spear and the blood-colored avatar flying.

    The blood-colored avatar flew right across Ant City’s sky like a cannonball before slamming into a stone wall.

    Although the blood-colored avatar didn’t die immediately, Zhou Wen could sense that all the bones in its body had broken. The pain inundated Zhou Wen’s nerves, but this time, the bones weren’t broken by Sigh of the King, but by the terrifying force.

    That must be a Mythical creature! A mere glance without any physical activity was enough to quake the blood-colored avatar that had activated the Sigh of the King to the brink of death. Such power was just too terrifying



    The Overlord Spear that had been snapped into several pieces slammed into the stone wall. The outcome of the Overlord Spear was worse than Zhou Wen’s. After it snapped, it immediately vanished and dissipated like ash. It left Zhou Wen heartbroken.

    It hadn’t been easy for him to obtain the Overlord Spear with Ever-Victorious, but it was destroyed just like that.

    Although this was a game where a Companion Beast could be revived, Zhou Wen’s first reaction when he saw the Overlord Spear destroyed was a heartache.

    But as the Overlord Spear disappeared, a drop of sparkling orange blood dripped down from the tip of the spear. It was a gem the size of a grain of rice. It just remained suspended in midair.

    ‘Discovered Mythical Blood Essence. Absorb it?’

    With the notification popping in-game, Zhou Wen didn’t hesitate and hurriedly chose to absorb it.

    The blood-colored avatar stretched out its hand with great difficulty. The Sigh of the King had already been deactivated, and the blood-colored avatar’s bones were almost completely fractured. Both his arms and fingers were bent as he stretched out with great difficulty to touch that drop of blood. At the same time, the game screen suddenly turned black.

    Zhou Wen immediately had the urge to curse. The blood-colored avatar had failed to hold on and died right at that moment. If the blood was gone from the respawn, Zhou Wen’s efforts and hard work would have all been in vain.

    Just as Zhou Wen was about to drip his blood and revive the blood-colored avatar, he suddenly felt a strange power flow out of the mysterious phone, instantly filling his entire body.

    Due to the heavy burden of using the Sigh of the King, he had already shown signs of internal bleeding in several spots. Under the nourishment of the strange energy, he gradually snapped to his senses and recovered at an extremely fast speed.

    In just a few seconds, Zhou Wen’s damaged body returned to normal. As for the strange power, it remained fused into his body, giving him an indescribable sense of comfort. He felt as though all his cells had been revived, as though he had been given a new lease of life.

    After a long while, this feeling gradually disappeared.

    After everything returned to normal, Zhou Wen hurriedly dripped a drop of blood onto the mysterious phone, allowing the blood-colored avatar to revive as he carefully read the blood-colored avatar’s information.

    With this look, Zhou Wen immediately realized that his Primordial Energy stat had reached 21 points.

    Just like before, there was an additional word behind his Primordial Energy value.

    Taboo. Zhou Wen looked at the word, but he didn’t understand what it meant. He thought to himself, Strength has the postfix of Sun because it absorbed the God Power Crystal of the Sun God. Speed has Trajectory as its postfix because it absorbed the God Power Crystal of the God of Trajectory. Could it be that there’s also a god in the cocoon? Is his name the God of Taboos?

    Zhou Wen could only make this guess, but he was unable to confirm it.