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Chapter 252 - Demonic Astral Wheel

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 252 Demonic Astral Wheel

    ‘Acquired Comb Skill: Demonic Astral Wheel’

    A notification appeared on his cell phone screen. Then, Zhou Wen saw that in the blood-colored avatar’s skill column, there was indeed an additional Demonic Astral Wheel. And the three Demonized General techniques from before had vanished.

    Soon, Zhou Wen came to a realization that the Demonic Astral Wheel combined the effects of all three Demonized General skills. It combined offense and defense into one system, making it far more powerful than any of the original skills individually.

    Why am I able to acquire the Demonic Astral Wheel while the Mutated Demonized General who has all three skills is not able to obtain the Demonic Astral Wheel? Do I need him to use all three skills simultaneously to acquire it? Zhou Wen summoned the Mutated Demonized General and attempted to command it to use all three skills simultaneously.

    However, the Mutated Demonized General’s control over Primordial Energy was clearly not as strong as Zhou Wen’s. It was very difficult to achieve that intricate balance of using the three Primordial Energy Skills at the same time.

    From the looks of it, it’s not an easy task to make the Demonized General acquire the Demonic Astral Wheel. Zhou Wen gave up temporarily and left for a future endeavor.

    Now, all Zhou Wen wanted to do was give it a try to see if the Demonic Astral Wheel could catch the arrow shot from Tiger Cage Pass.

    In fact, even if Zhou Wen didn’t use the Demonic Astral Wheel, he could still dodge the arrow by relying on Ghost Steps. He just hadn’t attempted to rush into Tiger Cage Pass.

    The blood-colored avatar came in front of Tiger Cage Pass and directly stepped over the threshold. Indeed, just like before, an arrow tore through the air and instantly traversed the battlefield, shooting right at the blood-colored avatar.

    Zhou Wen didn’t make the blood-colored avatar retreat. Instead, he used the Demonic Astral Wheel. The spinning wheel like sanguine light slammed into the arrow’s tip.

    Zhou Wen immediately saw a strange scene. The revolving Demonic Astral Wheel spun together with the arrow. However, the direction of their spin was different.

    The Demonic Astral Wheel spun forward like a car wheel, while the arrow spun like an electric drill. The moment the two collided, the arrow changed direction and landed on the ground in front of the blood-colored avatar. Furthermore, the strength left in the Demonic Astral Wheel wasn’t significantly expended.

    Zhou Wen immediately understood why the Wu siblings said that the fusion of the three skills allowed one to counter the arrow. The arrow’s power mode was very similar to the fusion of the three skills. When both powers were simultaneously in effect, the arrow would automatically deviate from its trajectory; thus, not causing any damage to Zhou Wen.

    Zhou Wen’s heart stirred. He no longer produced Demonic Astral Wheel, but instead allowed it to continue spinning like a shield as he walked towards Tiger Cage Pass.

    Another arrow shot out from Tiger Cage Pass. However, the moment the arrow touched the Demonic Astral Wheel, it was automatically diverted to the ground, blasting a huge crater into the ground.

    Zhou Wen was delighted. With the Demonic Astral Wheel’s protection, he quickly charged into Tiger Cage Pass.


    Tens of thousands of arrows shot out from Tiger Cage Pass and rained down like a heavy storm.

    However, the arrows that landed on Zhou Wen’s body deviated from their trajectories due to the Demonic Astral Wheel. They shot into Zhou Wen’s side without even damaging his clothes.

    Just as Zhou Wen was feeling smug, he saw the Demonic Astral Wheel suddenly vanish. In the next second, the blood-colored avatar was pierced by thousands of arrows and shot to death on the spot. The phone’s screen turned black.

    I forgot that this Demonic Astral Wheel expends plenty of Primordial Energy. Even with Dao Body activated, there’s no way for me to sustain it for long. Zhou Wen wasn’t discouraged. The Demonic Astral Wheel was already strong enough and what he lacked was only Primordial Energy. In the future, when he advanced to the Epic stage, his Primordial Energy would increase and the Demonic Astral Wheel would only grow stronger.

    However, storming past Tiger Cage Pass sure is a little troublesome. I wonder what kind of figures are inside. The legendary Tiger Cage Pass in Romance of the Three Kingdoms does have a very famous general. Could the person shooting arrows at the city gate be him? Zhou Wen thought to himself.

    He really wanted to see who the person inside Tiger Cage Pass was. Zhou Wen dripped his blood to respawn and entered the game once again. However, he first went to Binyang Cave to kill the tiger before heading to other spots to grind. Only after all of that was done, did he come to Tiger Cage Pass.

    He switched his Primordial Energy Art to Dao Body, the Primordial Energy Art that Zhou Wen used the most frequently. Quickly recovering his Primordial Energy was just so useful. Zhou Wen only found it regretful that it wasn’t fast enough; otherwise, he could use all sorts of Primordial Energy Skills indefinitely.

    If I were to advance to the Epic stage, I wonder if Dao Body would be able to produce a Life Soul. If Dao Body also had a Life Soul, I might really be able to recover Primordial Energy without end. Zhou Wen was only secretly fantasizing.

    The Three-Eyed Golden Warrior transformed into Golden Silk Soft Armor while the Gold-Armored Beast transformed into armor that covered the former. Then, Zhou Wen sent the blood-colored avatar rushing towards Tiger Cage Pass.

    As the arrow flew like the wind, the blood-colored avatar directly activated the Demonic Astral Wheel and fended off the arrow. The Demonic Astral Wheel was only activated in momentary bursts, to conserve Primordial Energy to its fullest extent.

    Just like before, after the blood-colored avatar closed in, the rain of arrows once again launched a dense attack.

    However, these arrows were not as terrifying as the previous arrows. Most of the arrows’ strength was only at the ordinary Legendary stage. Only one of the arrows could instantly kill a Legendary.

    However, with so many Legendary arrows, it was impossible for ordinary Legendary creatures to withstand them. Zhou Wen didn’t wish to use his body to experiment. At the instant the arrows rained down, the blood-colored avatar’s figure vanished. When it appeared again, it had already left the volley of arrows behind as it continued heading for Tiger Cage Pass.

    As he approached the city walls of Tiger Cage Pass, Zhou Wen could roughly see that there were many guards on it.

    Unlike the bedraggled soldiers before reaching the threshold of Tiger Cage Pass, these soldiers were all dressed in bright armor and looked majestic. They looked extraordinary at a glance.

    On the steps of the city gate was a powerful and domineering general dressed in black armor. There was wine on the table in front of him, and beside him was a halberd. He was also holding a longbow in his hands, and the person who shot the arrows was undoubtedly him.

    Seeing that Zhou Wen had already rushed to the gates of Tiger Cage Pass and was about to leap up to the city gates, the black-armored general threw the wine glass in his hand and suddenly rose up. He grabbed the nearby halberd and thrust it at the blood-colored avatar that came whooshing through the sky.

    The black-armored general’s aura seemed to transform into a black ferocious beast’s shadow. The shadow was like a tiger or lion, but it had three heads, like a three-headed hell hound.

    In the next second, terrifying power erupted from the halberd. It shattered the Demonic Astral Wheel and two layers of armor on the blood-colored avatar and killed it on the spot as it exploded into a bloody mist.

    Epic stage! Zhou Wen wasn’t surprised. He didn’t choose to dodge with Ghost Steps, but instead forcefully received the strike. He wanted to know how powerful the black-armored general was, and as expected, it was a top-ranked Epic creature who wasn’t any weaker than the Golden Flying Ant. He might even be stronger.