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Chapter 269 - Stone Chi

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 269 Stone Chi

    “What?” Zhou Wen frowned.

    “Did you plan on entering the ancient battlefield before you came to Zhuzhuo? Or did you decide on it at the last minute?” Lu Yunxian asked.

    “Is there a difference if I already had a plan?” Zhou Wen asked.

    “Yes. If you had already made a plan, you would naturally have made a lot of preparations. It wouldn’t be as easy to die here. If it’s just a spur of the moment, I will send you back no matter what,” said Lu Yunxian.

    “I have indeed made a lot of preparations. It shouldn’t be that easy to die. Let’s go. We don’t have time to waste. We need to find the stone artifact and take it to the ruins as soon as possible.” Zhou Wen looked at Liu Chengzhi and said, “Lead the way. Just walk forward. If I don’t say stop, continue walking.”

    Liu Chengzhi nodded. Due to Zhou Wen’s arrival, the fear in his heart lessened significantly.

    They had previously encountered the Wangliang, and many had died. However, Zhou Wen had easily killed one. This did plenty to assuage his fear.

    The trio continued on. Although they were fewer in number, the atmosphere was not as oppressive as before.

    Lu Yunxian watched as Zhou Wen walked ahead with the umbrella open. He found it somewhat odd, having no way of connecting this Zhou Wen to the one he had known previously.

    “Stop.” Lu Yunxian suddenly heard Zhou Wen’s voice and hurriedly stopped to look at him. Seeing Zhou Wen staring ahead, he traced Zhou Wen’s gaze and saw nothing but the blood rain.

    “Liu Chengzhi, retreat now.” Zhou Wen walked in front of Liu Chengzhi and pulled out his Bamboo Blade.

    When the rain hit the blade, not a drop remained on it as they streaked straight down. Even in the rain, the Bamboo Blade remained untainted as it shimmered with a cold glint.

    After a while, Lu Yunxian saw another strange person walk through the rain and approach them. It looked identical to the strange person they had met earlier. He couldn’t help but be put on alert as he gathered his strength to prepare for battle.

    Zhou Wen immediately moved as his eyes shot out a light beam that shone down on the strange person’s body. In the next second, Zhou Wen’s figure had vanished. When he appeared again, the Bamboo Blade pierced through the strange person’s body, causing it to explode into a mass of black liquid. A dimensional crystal dropped as a result.

    Lu Yunxian glanced at Zhou Wen as he found it increasingly bizarre. He wondered if Zhou Wen really was a student at the Legendary stage. In this terrifying place where even an Epic stage expert was treading on thin ice, he seemed to be in control of everything. He could easily kill a dimensional creature, that even he was helpless against, with a swing of his saber.

    “Let’s continue,” Zhou Wen said to Liu Chengzhi as he picked up the dimensional crystal.

    “Yes, Young Master Wen.” Liu Chengzhi was a lot more spirited. After responding, he took large strides forward, the fear in his heart seemingly lessened.

    During the rest of the journey, Zhou Wen and company didn’t encounter any dimensional creatures. There weren’t many dimensional creatures on the ancient battlefield to begin with, but every one of them was terrifying and had their own unique traits.

    If it wasn’t for Zhou Wen’s deep understanding of them that he gleaned from the game as well as knowing the method to counter these dimensional creatures, the three of them would have long died.

    After walking for more than five kilometers, they still didn’t see any signs of the Chi which Liu Chengzhi had mentioned. It was unknown if Liu Chengzhi had led them in the wrong direction or if that Chi had already gone somewhere else.

    “Old Liu, how much farther do we have to go?” Lu Yunxian also felt that they had gone too far and asked.

    Liu Chengzhi scratched his head and said, “We should have already reached the area where we encountered it, but for some reason, we didn’t see any traces of it.”

    When Liu Chengzhi said that, Zhou Wen and Lu Yunxian felt that something was amiss. If that Chi had really left this area, where could they find it when the ancient battlefield was so huge?

    Besides, there wasn’t only one Chi on the battlefield. How would they know which one was the one that swallowed the stone artifact?

    “Don’t walk any further. Let’s try to search the vicinity.” The ChiMeiWangliang that Zhou Wen encountered in the game all loitered in a fixed area. They didn’t wander off too far.

    However, this was reality and not a game. No one knew if the Chi would remain here.

    The three of them adjusted their direction slightly and searched the surrounding ruins. After searching in trepidation for a while, Zhou Wen was pleasantly surprised to find a Chi.

    However, after seeing the Chi, Zhou Wen frowned and said to Liu Chengzhi, “Confirm if it’s that monster who swallowed the stone artifact you brought back.”

    Zhou Wen had seen many Chi in-game. They were mostly identical in appearance, so there was no difference.

    However, this Chi was clearly different from the ones Zhou Wen had seen. Typically, they were all in black-scaled armor. Although they looked strange, they looked like living beings.

    The Chi in front of him was different. Its body was grayish-white and it looked like a stone sculpture. If it hadn’t slowly walked over, Zhou Wen definitely wouldn’t have believed it to be a living thing.

    Liu Chengzhi couldn’t see it at first. Only when the Chi came closer did he finally see it clearly. His face was filled with puzzlement. “From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem wrong, but the one we saw looked like a living thing. Why does this one look like a stone statue?”

    The moment Liu Chengzhi said that, the Chi roared as a gray flame rose from its body. Then, Zhou Wen and company felt the ground quake violently.

    “No good. Quick, dodge.” Zhou Wen flew up and, at the instant his feet left the ground, stone spears pierced out from the ground.

    Lu Yunxian and Liu Chengzhi jumped up as well, dodging the sharp stone spears.

    They did not have the ability to withstand the blood rain. If they were stabbed by the spears, even if they survived it, they would probably still be dead if their custom raincoats were damaged.

    Zhou Wen was alarmed and puzzled. This Chi was somewhat different from what he had seen in the game. It even had different skills.

    The Chi roared as it charged forward. As he didn’t know anything about it, Zhou Wen didn’t dare to forcefully fight it. He summoned the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior, hoping to test the strange Chi’s powers.

    Although the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior was only at the Legendary stage, it had the Life Providence of Golden Body and the Invulnerable Golden Power skill. Previously, it had been able to withstand two to three blows from a Chi in-game without dying.

    Seeing the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior standing in its way, the Chi rolled its eyes and shot out two blurry gray beams of light that shot straight at it.

    Seeing another skill he had never seen before, Zhou Wen immediately felt ominous. However, it was already too late for him to dismiss the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior. When the light landed, its body cracked like tempered glass. In the next second, it was reduced to fragments that fell all over the ground. It had been killed.