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Chapter 272 - Killing the Stone Chi

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 272 Killing the Stone Chi

    “Pfft!” When Zhou Wen pressed down on the stone, he couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood. He had used the Sigh of the King for too long and his internal organs had been torn apart. He was already suffering from severe internal bleeding.

    If it were any ordinary person, they would have been dead, but Zhou Wen held on. He looked at the shattered stone that manifested the Stone Chi. If the Stone Chi wasn’t dead, the three of them would be doomed. Zhou Wen was powerless to continue fighting.

    Lu Yunxian and Liu Chengzhi stared intently at the pile of rubble. The entire world seemed to quieten down at that moment as the three of them could almost hear their rapidly-beating hearts.

    After the silence continued for a while, Liu Chengzhi was a little unsure, but he said hopefully, “It’s not… It’s not moving… It really seems to be dead…”

    Zhou Wen exhaled as he felt the pain in his body. It made him feel like his skin was being ripped off, but he still held onto the stone with one hand.

    When he first pressed down on the piece of stone, Zhou Wen could still sense it throbbing and struggling a few times. However, it quickly calmed down, as though it was a lifeless object.

    “Commander Lu, your raincoat…” Zhou Wen had just heaved a sigh of relief when he heard Liu Chengzhi exclaim.

    Zhou Wen looked at Liu Chengzhi and saw his horrified expression. He had his finger pointed at Lu Yunxian as his fingers trembled nonstop.

    Zhou Wen looked in the direction of his finger and saw that Lu Yunxian’s custom raincoat had torn at his waist. Although the opening wasn’t large, the blood rain was already dripping in.

    Lu Yunxian didn’t know when the raincoat had been torn apart during the intense battle. The color in his face drained as his pupils gradually turned red.

    “Young Master Wen, I’m afraid I can’t accompany you any further. I have let down Adjutant An and failed to complete the mission he assigned me. I even brought you into the ancient battlefield. However, I beg you to take the stone artifact to the ruins and hand it over to Adjutant An. I’m sure you can do it.” As Lu Yunxian spoke, his eyes became increasingly bloodshot. His breath also became heavier.

    “Young Master Wen, I’ll make a move now. I hope I can still be a member of the Sunset army in my next life.” Chaos began to rule Lu Yunxian’s consciousness as bloodthirst overwhelmed his intelligence. He knew that he didn’t have much time left. Unwilling to become a rabid monster, he raised his fist that had gathered flames and was about to smash himself in the head.

    “Stop!” Zhou Wen endured his pain as he ordered Doctor Darkness to leave his body and charge at Lu Yunxian. At the same time, he activated his surgical skills.

    Lu Yunxian did not listen to Zhou Wen. He did not wish to die like a rabid dog.

    However, his fist did not land on his head. Dr. Soul’s scalpel was faster as it stabbed into his neck, causing his body to stiffen and become motionless.

    At the same time, Doctor Darkness came in front of Lu Yunxian. A syringe appeared in his hand as he stabbed into his blood vessel, injecting the poison into his body.

    Lu Yunxian felt the excruciating pain in his body. He could not help but let out a cry, but the blood color in his eyes gradually faded away as he slowly returned to normal.

    Zhou Wen propped himself up. With the stone artifact in one hand, he picked up the umbrella that he had thrown into the rain with the other. After shaking away the blood rain on it, he opened it. He then stood in front of Lu Yunxian and sheltered him with the umbrella.

    “Do you still have any armor-type Companion Beasts? Can they first block the damage from the rain?” Zhou Wen asked Lu Yunxian as he unsummoned Doctor Darkness.

    Lu Yunxian’s consciousness had mostly recovered. He could feel that the virus that had invaded his body was being expelled by the pain.

    “There isn’t any armor left, but I still have a Companion Beast that should be able to remedy the situation.” Lu Yunxian looked at Zhou Wen with a complicated expression.

    Back when An Sheng ordered him to protect Zhou Wen, he had never imagined such a day would come. He never expected so many things to happen between him and Zhou Wen, making him feel as if he was in a dream.

    “Then quickly fix it. My body is very weak, so I’m afraid there’s no way for me to fight again. If we encounter a dimensional creature again, I’ll be relying on you,” Zhou Wen said.

    Lu Yunxian gritted his teeth and nodded at Zhou Wen. Then, he summoned a Companion Beast. It was a snake that transformed into a strange leather belt. He wrapped it around his waist, perfectly blocking the hole on his raincoat.

    Zhou Wen staggered before he collapsed into the muddy ground that was covered in blood. The damage to his body was too serious. Despite switching to the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, it was still difficult to completely recover in such a short period of time.

    The Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra’s restoration is still lacking. If only I could have Li Xuan’s Immortal God of Combat body, that would allow me to quickly recover from this injury. Zhou Wen sighed inwardly.

    “Young Master Wen, are you alright?” Liu Chengzhi hurriedly came forward to help Zhou Wen.

    “Let him rest for a while.” Lu Yunxian spoke, but his pupils suddenly constricted as his eyes widened.

    Liu Chengzhi struck Zhou Wen’s head with his palm, and the purple light from his palm flashed with a ghastly glow. His aura was not inferior to Lu Yunxian’s, and it was even more demonic and powerful.

    Lu Yunxian couldn’t figure out how Liu Chengzhi, who had yet to recover from his injuries, could produce such terrifying strength. Even in perfectly good condition, he wouldn’t have such strength, let alone when he was seriously injured.

    Furthermore, Lu Yunxian knew that Liu Chengzhi likely cultivated a wind-elemental Primordial Energy Art, but his palm was clearly not wind-elemental.

    There was no time for Lu Yunxian to think further. Liu Chengzhi was too close to Zhou Wen, so there was no way for him to dodge the strike. Furthermore, Zhou Wen’s body was too weak.

    Without thinking, Lu Yunxian extended his hand, hoping to use his arm to block Zhou Wen’s strike.

    However, Zhou Wen was faster than Lu Yunxian. He raised the stone artifact in his hand and parried Lu Yunxian’s arm, causing Liu Chengzhi’s palm to land on the stone artifact.


    A blurry light emitted from the stone artifact. The purple light on Liu Chengzhi’s palm shattered as he retreated a few steps due to the recoil. Standing amid the rain of blood, he stared at Zhou Wen with an odd expression.

    The raincoat covering his palm had torn, and his unshielded palm was exposed to the blood rain. However, the blood rain had failed to penetrate his body.

    “You are not Liu Chengzhi, who exactly are you?” Lu Yunxian stared at Liu Chengzhi and asked.

    Although Liu Chengzhi was also an Epic, he was only considered average among them. Even Lu Yunxian couldn’t fend off the blood rain with his bare body, much less Liu Chengzhi.

    “Hehe… I’m Liu Chengzhi…” Liu Chengzhi’s expression and voice became strange. It was clearly a man’s body, but his demeanor and voice were that of a woman’s.