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Chapter 273 - Paper Slip

Let Me Game in Peace
     “You are the Mei, the succubus.” Sitting in the rain of blood, Zhou Wen suddenly stared at Liu Chengzhi after some thought.

    There were three types of monsters among the ChiMeiWangliang, but despite seeing the Wangliang and Chi, Zhou Wen hadn’t seen the Mei. Now, Liu Chengzhi didn’t look like a normal human in any way.

    “Hehe… You’re really smart… You actually saw through my identity. What a pity that I failed to kill you despite having such a good opportunity.” As Liu Chengzhi spoke, his body trembled strangely. A strange purple smoke drifted out of his seven orifices.

    The purple smoke gradually gathered together, transforming into a blurry purple figure. However, the figure was enveloped by the purple smoke. Zhou Wen and Lu Yunxian could only see a woman’s figure, but they couldn’t see what she looked like.

    After the purple smoke completely wafted out, Liu Chengzhi’s body collapsed. He no longer had an aura that a living person should have. He was obviously a dead person, and his body was rapidly rotting.

    “I didn’t see through your identity previously, but I found it a little strange. Why was it only you who managed to escape? From my point of view, you weren’t equipped with the possibility of escaping. Besides, I’m born with a cold personality, so it’s hard for me to trust anyone. I’m wary of anyone,” Zhou Wen said.

    “I see. I imagined that you had long seen through me considering how you could call out my name,” the purple figure said with a giggle.

    “Why did you possess Liu Chengzhi’s body and trick us here?” Zhou Wen only wanted to stall for time so that his body could recover a little more.

    The Mei in front of him might be more difficult to deal with than Stone Chi. Although the Stone Chi was strong, its intelligence wasn’t high. In contrast, the purple figure was full of tricks.

    “That Chi was lucky to have swallowed the stone artifact that Liu Chengzhi and the others had brought out. By the time I discovered it and rushed here, it had already begun to evolve and I was no longer its match. Therefore, I could only think of a way to lure you humans here and hope that both of you would suffer a deadly outcome. However, I didn’t expect that you humans only had such a pittance of strength left. I was originally a little disappointed, believing that my chances were null. I never expected a human like you to appear. It was quite a pleasant surprise.”

    As the Mei spoke, she gave a coquettish laugh and said to Zhou Wen charmingly, “I still have to thank you for helping me kill the Stone Chi and retrieve the stone artifact. The power in your body sure is potent. It even makes me feel fear. It’s truly amazing. Unfortunately, your body is too weak. It’s impossible for you to withstand such a potent force. If you still wish to use it, your body will explode from that force even without me raising a finger. Your body is on the edge of breaking down. You can no longer fight me. If you were to offer the stone artifact to me with both hands, I will spare your lives and allow the two of you to leave Zhuolu alive.”

    “Young Master Wen, leave now. I’ll stop her,” Lu Yunxian stood in front of Zhou Wen and said with a burning gaze.

    The Mei curled her lips disdainfully. “The potency of your flames have been reduced to less than 70% of its original might in the Lord of the Rain’s Baneful Blood Rain. Furthermore, you’ve just been injured and you don’t even have half your full combat strength. I only need a moment to kill you. Where can a person whose body is about to collapse run?”

    “It looks like you’ve planned everything,” Zhou Wen said as he looked at her. Although he believed that one could change their destiny, he had to admit that ever since he obtained the Bamboo Blade, his luck had really changed drastically. He had been in danger several times.

    “I was luckier than my plan called for. Since you aren’t willing to hand over the stone artifact, I have no choice but to pull it out from your fingers when you are dead.” The Mei saw through Zhou Wen’s thoughts as a purple light suffused her body and she walked towards him.

    Lu Yunxian gathered his strength and punched out with Flaming Tiger Fist. However, the Mei extended her hand and pressed the top of the flaming tiger’s head with her slender palm. The flaming tiger instantly extinguished as though it was a pricked bubble.

    “As I said, your combat strength is less than 50%. Killing you will be too easy,” said the Mei as she walked.

    “It won’t be difficult for you to obtain this stone artifact, but can you tell me what it is before I give it to you?” Zhou Wen asked as he held the stone artifact.

    “There’s no harm in telling you. In the Zhuolu battle years ago, there was a clash between two dimensional life-forms. The stone artifact was the holy object of one side,” said the Mei.

    “Wasn’t the Zhuolu battle between the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou? They are all humans. How did they involve dimensional life-forms?” Zhou Wen asked in puzzlement.

    “They are human, but what they represent aren’t just humans. Otherwise, how could two mere humans invite so many terrifying dimensional creatures to participate in the battle?” said the Mei indifferently. “The two of them are merely representatives of different dimensional life-form factions in the mortal world. The dimensional life-form represented by the Yellow Emperor is a race that treats stones as holy. And the dimensional creature represented by Chiyou treats metal as holy. The stone artifact you have is one of the holy artifacts that Yellow Emperor obtained from the stone-elemental dimensional life-forms.

    “According to what I know from legends, ChiMeiWangliang were creatures that stood on Chiyou’s side. If the legend is right, what use does the Yellow Emperor’s stone artifact have on you?” Zhou Wen tried to stall for time, but his injuries were too serious. It was impossible for him to recover so quickly.

    As he spoke to the Mei, his mind raced in search of a chance for survival.

    However, no matter how he racked his brains, the situation was just as the Mei had said. He was already in a hopeless situation and there was no possibility of him defeating her.

    He no longer had the ability to fight, and Lu Yunxian was no match for her. The only useful combat strength he had left was Doctor Darkness. However, his combat abilities were not strong to begin with. He was more geared towards functionality than combat.

    The Mei had also witnessed the abilities of Doctor Darkness. If she lacked confidence dealing with Doctor Darkness, she wouldn’t have taken action.

    “It’s useless to stall for time. However, there’s no harm in telling you. That stone artifact is extremely beneficial to any dimensional life-form.” As the Mei spoke, she walked over and grabbed Zhou Wen’s head with her hand that had a purple halo.

    Lu Yunxian immediately took action while Zhou Wen summoned Doctor Darkness. He wanted to use the scalpel to fix the Mei in place.

    However, when Dr. Soul’s scalpel stabbed into her body, it pierced straight through. It did not work on her. Instead, Lu Yunxian was sent flying by the Mei’s purple halo as he fell into a pool of blood. The situation looked extremely bad.

    Teacher! I can only rely on you to save me now. Zhou Wen was already at the end of his rope. Apart from using the Sigh of the King to risk his life again, he couldn’t think of any other solution. He couldn’t help but think of the tiny box Wang Mingyuan had given him before he left.

    Zhou Wen remembered that there was a paper slip written by Wang Mingyuan in it. He didn’t know what was written on it, but hoping to make a Hail Mary effort, Zhou Wen hurriedly pulled out the box from the chaos space and opened it. He took out the slip and saw the words written on it.

    “Kneel and beg for mercy!” Zhou Wen nearly spewed a mouthful of blood when he read the words.