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Chapter 274 - Kneel and Beg for Mercy

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 274 Kneel and Beg for Mercy

    Teacher, this joke isn’t funny at all. You are killing me. Zhou Wen was at a loss whether to laugh or cry nor did he feel angry. He never expected Wang Mingyuan to pull his leg, so he was momentarily at a loss.

    If kneeling to beg for mercy was useful, humans wouldn’t die in dimensional zones. After all, there were more people who cherished their lives than people who cherished their pride.

    Instantly, Zhou Wen felt as though he had reached the end of his rope. Although he had the stone artifact in hand, it didn’t have the ability to initiate an attack. Even if he were to feed it to a Companion Beast, it wouldn’t be effective. If there was an effect, it would require an evolutionary process that wasn’t instantaneous.

    In his current situation, he was probably minutes away from being killed by the Mei. He didn’t have the luxury of time.

    Why don’t… I kneel down and beg for mercy… Teacher wouldn’t be pulling my leg, right? Zhou Wen couldn’t help but have this thought come in his mind. Wang Mingyuan didn’t seem to have any reason to prank his student. Perhaps, it might really work.

    However, the Mei didn’t give Zhou Wen time to finish his thoughts. She had already attacked with the strange purple halo. Zhou Wen hurriedly blocked with the stone artifact.

    The stone artifact was tiny, while the strange purple halo seemed to blot out the sky. It was impossible for it to be effective at blocking.

    When the purple halo dawned on him, he saw a blinding blur in front of him. He could even see the Mei within the purple halo reaching out to grab his head. The palm was inches away.

    Just as Zhou Wen thought he was doomed, he suddenly saw the purple halo in front of him converge. And the Mei in front of him seemed to come under the influence of a powerful magnet on the ground. Her body sank down as she knelt on the ground with a thud, sending blood splattering everywhere.

    Zhou Wen stared blankly at the Mei kneeling in front of him, at a loss.

    The Mei knelt on the ground with both hands pressing down on the ground. Her knees and hands sank into the mud as her body trembled. She seemed to be using all her strength to prop herself up, but she just couldn’t.

    Her head seemed to be attracted by an invisible magnetic force as she slowly sank into the ground. No matter how hard she struggled, she could not lift her head up.

    The Mei let out a terrifying scream as purple gases rose from her body. She struggled to get up, but she was unable to move. The invisible force was so strong that she could only bow her head.

    Did the stone artifact show its powers? This was the first thought in Zhou Wen’s mind, but he immediately rejected the idea.

    The stone artifact was still the same as before. It did not produce any energy fluctuations at all. Unless an attack was directed onto it, it wouldn’t have any reaction. The Mei’s attack had yet to touch it, so how could it have unleashed such a powerful force?

    If it could really produce such powerful strength to protect others, Zhou Wen wouldn’t have been able to kill the Stone Chi so easily.

    But if it’s not the stone artifact… that leaves only… No way… Zhou Wen turned his gaze to the paper slip in his hand.

    It was an ordinary piece of white paper with the words “kneel and beg for mercy” written on it. As Wang Mingyuan liked calligraphy, the words were written with a brush. They were elegant with quite a flair. Each stroke contained a charm, making it a rare piece of excellent calligraphy that was in no way inferior to famous calligraphers. Even Zhou Wen, who didn’t know much, could tell that the calligraphy was beautiful.

    However, no matter how beautiful the words were, they were just words written on ordinary paper with normal ink.

    Zhou Wen looked at the piece of paper in his hand and immediately discovered something strange. Although it was ordinary and without any luster to it, none of the blood that rained down stained the piece of white paper at all. It was as though the raindrops automatically avoided it.

    It can’t be… Teacher… He wasn’t pulling my leg? Zhou Wen instantly felt like he had gone from hell back to heaven. He turned the piece of paper in his hand to read the words on it, hoping to see if they emitted supreme radiance to suppress the Mei in front of him.

    Zhou Wen turned the paper around and realized that the words on the paper were still the same. There was nothing special about it.

    However, when he pointed the four words at him, the Mei immediately lost her restraints. She leaped up from the ground, giving Zhou Wen a fright.

    The Mei didn’t expect the invisible force on her body to suddenly vanish. Her struggles immediately bore fruit as she flew into the air.

    Zhou Wen hurriedly aimed the words ‘kneel and beg for mercy’ at the Mei in the sky. Immediately, he saw the airborne Mei attracted to the ground by a powerful magnetic field. With a loud thud, she fell to the ground and landed on her knees with her hands pressed to the ground. She sprawled across the mud that was covered in blood and took on the kneeling posture.

    Teacher, I love you! Zhou Wen wished he could hug the paper slip and kiss it a few times. He never expected Wang Mingyuan’s words to have such an effect.

    Without any hesitation, Zhou Wen shouted at Lu Yunxian, “Commander Lu, what are you waiting for? Quickly kill her!”

    Lu Yunxian was also stunned by what had just happened. He widened his eyes as he looked at the Mei kneeling in the pool of blood. With Zhou Wen’s shout, he immediately snapped out of his daze and gathered all of his strength. The Flaming General Life Soul erupted as he struck out with his Flaming Tiger Fist, slamming it at the kneeling and powerless Mei.

    The Mei was unable to defend herself and, just as the Flaming Tiger Fist was about to strike her, a trace of panic flashed in her eye. She slammed her head into the blood and shouted, “Spare me, great lord!”

    In the next second, the invisible force field that was suppressing the Mei seemed to disappear. The Mei’s figure charged into the sky and avoided Lu Yunxian’s Flaming Tiger Fist.

    Holy sh*t! When Zhou Wen saw this, he couldn’t help but curse. He wondered about his teacher’s reliability. He could dish out a suppression, but the enemy would be fine once they begged for mercy? What was the point?

    With the Mei liberated, wouldn’t he be in a hopeless situation again? Zhou Wen felt like he was about to go crazy from Wang Mingyuan’s antics.

    “Hehe, how dare you receive my kowtow? You are dead.” The Mei laughed weirdly in midair, her voice filled with bone-chilling hatred.

    Having reigned supreme in the dimensions for so many years, she had kowtowed before, but that was to supreme rulers. How could she bow to a weak human like Zhou Wen? From her point of view, it was the worst insult she had ever experienced.

    With a terrifying purple halo, the Mei streaked across the void like a demonic purple beam, lunging straight at Zhou Wen.

    However, when the purple halo arrived in front of Zhou Wen, there was another loud thud. The Mei’s figure emerged from the purple beam as she found herself kneeling in the blood.

    “I…” Zhou Wen had no idea how to describe his feelings.