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Chapter 280 - Realmwind Insec

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 280 Realmwind Insect

    A notification of him killing an Epic Realmwind Insect popped up in-game. Zhou Wen walked towards the stone pillar that had been sliced apart by the Realmwind and saw a hole in the middle. Hidden in it was something that resembled a cricket, but it was more than a foot long. However, it had been halved just like the stone pillar.

    So this is what’s causing all the problems inside the ruins. Zhou Wen didn’t expect that an insect like this would have such destructive power.

    Thankfully, I have Banana Fairy. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be easy to find it. Zhou Wen got Banana Fairy to continue searching for the Realmwind Insects in the ruins. He planned on killing a few more to confirm whether Banana Fairy could completely repress the Realmwind Insects.

    However, Banana Fairy’s performance was better than Zhou Wen had imagined. As long as the Realmwind appeared and wasn’t too far from her, it would be controlled by her and become her weapon. She easily found the Realmwind Insects that were hiding in stone columns or walls while releasing Realmwind. All of them were slain.


    When he killed the sixth Realmwind Insect, Zhou Wen heard a familiar chime and a crystal dropped.

    Zhou Wen was delighted when he saw the crystal. It resembled an ant’s egg and was the size of a chicken’s egg. There was the shadow of a Realmwind Insect inside. It was clearly a Primordial Energy Crystal with the name Realmwind Insect Crystal.

    I wonder what the Realmwind Insect’s Primordial Energy skill is? It can’t be Realmwind, right? Zhou Wen thought to himself as he got the blood-colored avatar to pick up the Realmwind Insect Crystal, hoping to see what skill he would receive.

    However, the system popped up a notification: ‘Requires 21 Strength and 9 Wind stats to absorb the Realmwind Insect Crystal. Insufficient Wind stats. Cannot be refined and absorbed.’

    It actually needs a Wind stat? Zhou Wen was somewhat depressed. He had an inkling what it was—it was probably similar to the Poison stat he had obtained from his previous absorption.

    Epic Primordial Energy Skills seemed to have all sorts of requirements, unlike in the past where he could just master one if he so wished.

    Zhou Wen had killed quite a number of Wangliang, but he only had one Poison crystal drop. The later ones were all four basic stat crystals. It was obvious that special stat crystals didn’t have high drop rates, likewise for the Wind stat crystal. It wasn’t easy to have one drop.

    Zhou Wen held the Realmwind Insect Crystal and felt dismayed. If he left it on the ground, it might be gone in a respawn, but he couldn’t absorb it even if he held it in his hand. There was no inventory in the game.

    If only there was a Chaos Bead in the game. Zhou Wen had no choice but to hold onto the Realmwind Insect Crystal and wander the ruins killing all the Realmwind Insects.

    Just as Zhou Wen expected, a few basic stat crystals dropped, but not a single Wind stat crystal dropped. The drop rate was rather low.

    However, this also had to do with the rarity of Realmwind Insects. Zhou Wen and Banana Fairy toured the ruins and only found 17 Realmwind Insects. They couldn’t find any more Realmwind Insects no matter how hard they tried.

    However, once the instance dungeon was refreshed, the Realmwind Insect Crystal in the blood-colored avatar’s hand disappeared along with the refresh. Its drop rate was similarly low, making Zhou Wen reluctant to waste such an opportunity.

    It’s such a waste letting it be deleted in the refresh. I’ll make a trip to the ruins in real life and kill the Realmwind Insects to see if they can drop Wind stat crystals. Zhou Wen made up his mind-he was going to hunt Realmwind Insects in real life.

    With Banana Fairy around, as long as he didn’t enter the underground tunnel, there shouldn’t be any danger. He could also take a look and see if An Sheng and the rest were still inside the ruins.

    If they hadn’t entered the tunnel, he could meet up with them.

    However, Zhou Wen felt that they had already entered the underground tunnel. It was highly likely that he had to go down the tunnel as well.

    After packing his things, Zhou Wen left the tent. He planned on informing Lu Yunxian and the others to remain while he made a trip to the ruins.

    Zhao Xin and company were chatting when they saw Zhou Wen coming over. Zhao Xin asked casually, “With your serious injuries, why aren’t you resting in the tent? Just shout if you need anything.”

    “My injuries are much better. I want to go into the ruins to take a look. Stay here. If An Sheng comes back, tell him not to enter the ruins again. Wait here for me.” Zhou Wen turned around and left.

    Zhao Xin and company widened their eyes. Previously, Lu Yunxian had mentioned that Zhou Wen would definitely head to the ruins, but they didn’t believe him. Now, they had no choice but to believe him.

    “Zhou Wen, there’s the strange spatial wind in the ruins. It’s useless even if you go. You will just suffer a pointless death,” said Zhao Xin.

    “I’ve already thought of a way to deal with spatial winds. You don’t have to worry about me.” Zhou Wen didn’t plan on letting them go, so he didn’t stay any longer and walked away.

    “Young Master Wen, I’ll go with you.” Lu Yunxian was already prepared, so he chased after him.

    The remaining three looked at each other. Finally, it was Zhao Xin who said, “Let’s go and take a look outside the ruins. If they die in the ruins, we might be able to find a way to collect their corpses.”

    “Brother Zhao, do you think Zhou Wen has really thought of a way to crack the spatial wind?” asked another person.

    “How is that possible? Adjutant An couldn’t even crack it, and Zhou Wen doesn’t cultivate in wind-elemental Primordial Energy Arts, and he’s only at the Legendary stage. How can he possibly succeed?” Zhao Xin wasn’t convinced.

    “If Zhou Wen really cracked it, should we follow him in?” the person asked.

    “It’s not going to happen, so why are you thinking so much? Let’s go take a look first.” Zhao Xin then put on his raincoat and the three of them left the tent together.

    When they arrived at the ruins, Zhou Wen and Lu Yunxian had already entered. Thankfully, the blood rain inside the ruins was lighter, allowing them to see their figures clearly.

    “Zhou Wen, Battalion Commander Lu, we’re here to receive you. Call for help if you need anything.” Zhao Xin didn’t dare enter the ruins as he shouted to Zhou Wen and Lu Yunxian.

    Zhou Wen ignored him. He had persuaded Lu Yunxian against following him, but Lu Yunxian refused to return. All Zhou Wen could do was let follow him into the ruins.

    I wonder if the Realmwind Insects are located in the same spots as in-game? Zhou Wen looked at a stone pillar. If the location was the same, he could directly go up to kill the Realmwind Insects without waiting for them to release the Realmwind.

    With this thought in mind, Zhou Wen clenched the hilt of his Bamboo Blade and slowly approached the stone pillar. Regardless of whether they were in the same position as the game, there was no harm in trying