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Chapter 282 - Boomerang Wind

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 282 Boomerang Wind

    ‘Absorbed Realmwind Insect Crystal. Attained wind-elemental Primordial Energy Skill: Boomerang Wind.’

    It’s not Realmwind? Zhou Wen was somewhat disappointed. He had already seen how powerful it was, so he had been hoping that it would be Realmwind, but to his dismay, it wasn’t.

    Scrutinizing the Boomerang Wind’s information, he found that it was a passive wind-elemental Primordial Energy Skill that couldn’t be used actively. It had to meet certain conditions before it could be used.

    Boomerang Wind: Requires saber aura-type Primordial Energy Skill to trigger, creating a wind with a boomerang effect.

    Zhou Wen didn’t know what the Boomerang Wind effect was, but thankfully, he knew a saber aura-type Primordial Energy Skill. It was the Astral Slash Blade that he had obtained from the Mutated Demonized General. He had fused it with two other skills to form the Demonic Astral Wheel. Now, Zhou Wen wasn’t sure if it could still be considered a saber aura-type Primordial Energy Skill.

    Since I’ve learned it, I might as well give it a try. Zhou Wen continued walking forward until he reached a Realmwind Insect’s hiding spot. As he drew his saber, he used Demonic Astral Wheel. A sanguine arc slashed out from the Bamboo Blade like a razor blade, slicing the stone pillar into two and killing the Realmwind Insect inside.

    Zhou Wen sheathed his saber and was about to head over to check the corpse of the Realmwind Insect to see if there were any crystals inside when he saw a sanguine beam flash. The Astral Slash Blade he had slashed out had flown back, but thankfully, Zhou Wen reacted fast enough and ducked in time. Otherwise, he might have been hit by his own Primordial Energy Skill.


    The Demonic Astral Wheel slashed at the stone wall behind Zhou Wen, splitting the stone wall in half before it vanished.

    So this is the boomerang effect? That’s quite interesting. Zhou Wen was slightly surprised. Typical Primordial Energy Skills were uncontrollable once they were slashed out.

    But with Boomerang Wind, it gave him the possibility of controlling the Demonic Astral Wheel he had slashed out.

    “Young Master Wen, your saber aura is so strange. It’s similar to the legendary Cyclic Saber Aura, but it’s also different. Cyclic Saber Aura achieves victory through artifice. The saber aura is elusive because of the curved trajectory it takes, but the destructive force is lacking. But for yours, it’s extremely domineering while being bizarre. It really catches one off guard. If I hadn’t seen it, I would never expect the saber aura to return. There’s a high chance of me being heavily injured or even dying,” Lu Yunxian said.

    “I’ve only just learned it and haven’t mastered it well. Sorry for making a fool of myself,” Zhou Wen said.

    “Then you have to practice properly. Such a technique is often very effective on the battlefield.” Lu Yunxian said seriously, “Combat on the battlefield emphasizes a one-hit kill. Everyone will fight with all their might, but to have a slash suddenly appearing behind them is not something many will be able to dodge.”

    “Alright.” Zhou Wen nodded. “We’ll talk about it later. It’s more important to find An Sheng and the rest now.”

    Zhou Wen was rather familiar with the interior of the ruins and had deliberately taken a detour to kill the Realmwind Insects. Now that he had obtained the Wind Crystal, he stopped taking the detour and headed straight for the entrance to the passageway.

    “Young Master Wen, could that be the underground entrance Liu Chengzhi… no… the Mei mentioned…” Lu Yunxian said as he pointed at a dilapidated building.

    The structure was squarish like a stone box with only one empty side. From there, they could see a stone staircase leading underground

    On both sides of the stone steps, there were two strange stone statues. The statue on the left had a tiger-like body, but on its back was a pair of wings. On the right was a bird-like statue, but on its head were two ox-like horns.

    “It should be here.” Zhou Wen obviously knew that this was the entrance to the underground tunnel. He had been here many times in-game, but he just never entered.

    Zhou Wen was somewhat disappointed that he didn’t see An Sheng and company. As such, he had no choice but to enter the passageway to find them.

    I wonder if this item can be used as a replacement for the stone artifact? Zhou Wen looked at the stone egg in the chaos space and felt somewhat depressed.

    “Young Master Wen, I’ll go in and take a look.” Lu Yun said first.

    “Don’t go in now. It’s dangerous here. It doesn’t matter if we fall in, but if we lose the stone artifact, it won’t be worth it,” Zhou Wen said.

    “Then what should we do?” Lu Yunxian asked.

    “Let’s wait for a day or two. If An Sheng doesn’t come out, we’ll enter.” Zhou Wen needed time to understand the situation in the underground tunnel, or he would be courting death.

    After all, he was only at the Legendary stage and his cultivation level wasn’t strong enough. He could not barge in forcefully like An Sheng and Ouyang Lan. If an accident happened, he might not be able to handle any unexpected situations.

    Lu Yunxian followed Zhou Wen’s lead. Since Zhou Wen had said so, he had no objections.

    “Stay guard here and wait for An Sheng and the rest to come out. I’ll clean up the rest of the insects in the ruins to prevent them from encountering any trouble after they come out,” Zhou Wen said as he prepared to leave. However, he suddenly heard a strange noise from the underground tunnel.

    Zhou Wen cocked his head to the side to listen. The sound was like a train moving on steel tracks. It sounded rhythmic, as though a train was running underground. The sound grew louder, giving the feeling that a train might rush up the pitch-black stone steps at any moment.

    It’s a pity that Truth Listener is evolving. Otherwise, with its abilities, I could tell what was going on inside. Zhou Wen was already beginning to miss Truth Listener’s ability. It could resolve many problems.

    “If I remember correctly, this place doesn’t have any train networks. There shouldn’t be any trains here. Could there be something similar to a train in the myths?” Lu Yunxian listened for a while and also heard the sound resembling a train.

    Zhou Wen shook his head and didn’t say a word. In this era, he wouldn’t find it unbelievable to have a spaceship fly out from underground.

    The two of them stared at the stone steps warily. It was pitch-black inside, like the mouth to a hell fiend. They could not see anything except the rumbling noises that grew in intensity. It was as if a train was coming out.

    Zhou Wen and Lu Yunxian looked at each other before they retreated to the side. They stood on both sides of the passageway-at least they wouldn’t be hit by a train if it really rushed out.

    As the sound approached, Zhou Wen was almost convinced that a train was about to rush out. He could even see the flickering lights of a train in the darkness.

    “Is there really a train down there?” Lu Yunxian saw the light as well and couldn’t help but be surprised.

    “I don’t know if it’s a train, but it’s coming out soon. Be careful.” Zhou Wen summoned Doctor Darkness and got him to possess him. Then using Doctor Darkness’s Light of Penetration, he looked into the dark passageway.