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Chapter 290 - White Shadow of Poison

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 290 White Shadow of Poison

    The white bats’ speed was already surprisingly fast, but the jade-white bat was ludicrously fast. It wasn’t inferior to the Ghost King. Furthermore, Zhou Wen realized that it wasn’t just purely a difference in speed because it could now use the skill to pass through Great Yin Wind without suffering any damage.

    Could this jade-white bat really be capable of spatial teleportation? Or is it the legendary instantaneous transmission? Zhou Wen was astonished as he constantly controlled the blood-colored avatar to circle around the jade-white bat.

    Doctor Darkness and Ghost Bride helped by the side, but the jade-white bat was too fast. They were unable to injure it.

    Suddenly, Zhou Wen’s heart stirred. He saw the jade-white bat phase into existence on a spot before him. After deducing its location, he suddenly raised his palm and chopped down the Demonic Astral Wheel.

    The sanguine wheel of light spun furiously as it slashed at the jade-white bat.

    The jade-white bat flapped its wings and easily dodged the Demonic Astral Wheel. However, when it continued charging at Zhou Wen, it grunted.

    The Demonic Astral Wheel boomeranged back and landed on the jade-white bat’s back at an even faster speed.


    Zhou Wen’s Primordial Energy wasn’t enough to severely injure an Epic creature, but the jade-white bat was the type of Epic creature with high Speed but weak Constitution.

    With the Demonic Astral Wheel hitting its back, the spinning blade beams immediately left a long gash on its back as blood splattered.

    This attack caught the jade-white bat by surprise. Its body deviated from its trajectory and lost control for a moment.

    Doctor Darkness stabbed out with the scalpel in his hand. The scalpel in the Life Soul’s hand almost overlapped with his scalpel, stabbing into the bat’s chest, staggering it in midair.

    Zhou Wen didn’t hesitate and made Banana Fairy take her true form. She puffed up her cheeks, turning her face chubby. Then, she blew at the jade-white bat.

    The jade-white bat was frozen in place by the scalpel and couldn’t move. It was sent flying by the Great Yin Wind. Its body rapidly turned into an ice sculpture in the air before smashing into the wall and shattering to pieces.

    Ding! Zhou Wen heard another special chime of something dropping. He hurriedly looked over and saw a milky-white egg drop on the ground.

    Zhou Wen was instantly overjoyed. I’m really lucky today. I’m getting whatever I’ve been wishing for.

    However, on second thought, Zhou Wen felt a little nervous. He didn’t know if he could hatch a complete Epic Companion Egg.

    Regardless, Zhou Wen first got the blood-colored avatar to pick up the Companion Egg and checked its attributes.

    White Shadow of Poison: Epic

    Life Providence: Bone Corroding

    Life Soul: Shadow of Darkness

    Strength: 27

    Speed: 40

    Constitution: 24

    Primordial Energy: 32

    Primordial Energy Skill: Flash, Poison Ray, Claw of Poison

    Companion Form: Arm Wings

    After seeing the White Shadow of Poison’s attributes, Zhou Wen finally understood why this fellow was able to pass through the Grand Yin Wind. It didn’t teleport, but its Shadow of Darkness Life Soul could temporarily let it take on a shadow form.

    No matter how strong the wind was, it was impossible for it to blow away the shadow. The White Shadow of Poison in an incorporeal shadow form was nearly invulnerable.

    However, White Shadow of Poison could only enter a shadow state for a short period of time. Coupled with the speed-boosting Flash skill, it appeared as if it had completed teleportation.

    Zhou Wen gained a rough idea of its three skills, but White Shadow of Poison’s Companion Form left him somewhat puzzled.

    Flying-type Companion Beasts were mostly winged Companion Beasts, and most of them had wings as their companion form. However, this was the first time Zhou Wen had heard of arm wings.

    Looking at the White Shadow of Poison’s information, especially the information on the companion form, he saw a pair of white bat wings appear on the phone screen.

    However, unlike ordinary wings, the upper part of the wings was not an ordinary skeleton frame, but a bat’s claws.

    The arm wings could be considered wings and could also be considered a pair of arms. It was indeed very strange.

    Zhou Wen carefully looked at the White Shadow of Poison’s wings and discovered that they were indeed very ordinary, but extremely useful. They could be used as wings, allowing it to fly faster, and it could also be used as a pair of arms that were rather agile. When in combat, they could launch an attack that caught the enemy by surprise.

    Good stuff. I just don’t know if it can be fully hatched. Zhou Wen couldn’t bear to use such a high-leveled Companion Egg as food. He gritted his teeth and prepared to hatch it.

    However, Zhou Wen didn’t incubate it blindly. He first held onto the Companion Egg to grind a few white bats and picked up a few Primordial Energy Crystals. Placing them beside the blood-colored avatar, he made the blood-colored avatar sit on some and held two Primordial Energy Crystals in hand. Only then did he choose to hatch the egg.

    In an instant, Zhou Wen felt his Primordial Energy drain out of his body. He couldn’t even replenish his Primordial Energy with Dao Body. At this moment, the two Primordial Energy Crystals in the blood-colored avatar’s hands showed their effects. They kept injecting the blood-colored avatar with Primordial Energy. Likewise with the Primordial Energy Crystals under him. However, they were not absorbed as quickly as the Primordial Energy Crystals in his hand.

    Although he had the dual replenishment stemming from his Dao Body and Primordial Energy Crystals, hatching a Companion Egg required too much Primordial Energy in a short period of time. The expenditure couldn’t keep up with the supply provided, making Zhou Wen feel physically drained.

    After enduring for more than twenty seconds, just as Zhou Wen thought the blood-colored avatar was about to explode, the Companion Egg finally turned into a white beam and fused into the blood-colored avatar.

    At the same time, a white bat tattoo appeared on Zhou Wen’s back. Clearly, the incubation had been successful.

    I succeeded! Zhou Wen was overjoyed as he hurriedly looked at the White Shadow of Poison’s attributes. They were still the same. It remained at the Epic stage and didn’t drop in level. Its attributes were exactly the same as before.

    Zhou Wen anxiously summoned the White Shadow of Poison before riding on its back and rode it deeper into the bat cave. Indeed, he was traveling much faster this way.

    With the help of the White Shadow of Poison, Zhou Wen’s grinding speed increased. Along the way, he had another Poison Crystal and a Primordial Energy Skill Crystal drop.

    The Poison Crystal only had 9 points, so it was useless for Zhou Wen with his 13 Poison stat. However, Zhou Wen loved the Flash Primordial Energy Skill Crystal. He absorbed it immediately, learning Flash at the Rank 6. It was a wing-required flying skill that greatly augmented his flight speed.

    Zhou Wen had the White Shadow of Poison, so he used it with great skill and verve.

    If he wasn’t in a rush to scout ahead, Zhou Wen would have spent a few months here grinding and having more good stuff drop.

    After passing the bat cave, Zhou Wen finally saw the endless underground sea. He couldn’t help but look deep into the sea, searching for signs of the nine-headed dragon.