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Chapter 298 - Dragon Pearl

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 298 Dragon Pearl

    “It’s not that I lost it, but one of my Companion Beasts has eaten it. It has now transformed into a stone egg and is evolving.” Zhou Wen took out Truth Listener’s stone egg. “I wonder if this can be used as a substitute?”

    “That… I don’t know… Let’s give it a try…” An Sheng wasn’t sure either. After some thought, he said, “Give me the stone egg and take this chariot out. It will take you all the way out of the ruins without bringing much danger. The injuries on Lu Yunxian and Lu Ning need treatment. There aren’t any healing Companion Beasts here.”

    “Were you the one who sent Lu Ning out?” Zhou Wen handed the stone egg to An Sheng as he asked.

    “The Blood Threadworms in her body weren’t easy to deal with, so I had no choice but to send her out first,” An Sheng said as he took the stone egg.

    “What’s going on with you, Lord Alcohol and the others?” Zhou Wen didn’t believe that An Sheng would be so careless as to bring a group of people with ulterior motives.

    “Let’s just say that we were making use of each other. Lord Alcohol had his ploy, and I also needed someone to attract the attention of the Longevity Tree in the Longevity Hall.” An Sheng carefully put away the stone egg.

    “Have Sis Lan and the former principal been found? Are they alright?” Zhou Wen asked the question he wanted to know the most.

    “They should be inside the temple. However, with the stone artifact missing, the temple couldn’t be opened. If there are no mishaps, I should be able to rescue them. Head back now. Let’s talk when I’m back.” An Sheng said as he jumped out of the strange vehicle, heading towards the cave where the strange vehicle had come from. In a blink of an eye, he vanished.

    Zhou Wen heaved a sigh of relief and leaned against the back of the chariot’s hold. He felt his body aching terribly.

    If I knew I could meet Ah Sheng by riding the chariot all the way to the temple, I wouldn’t have gone through so much trouble. I almost died. Zhou Wen looked at Lu Yunxian and Lu Ning. They were in terrible conditions, and he had no idea if they could survive the journey back to the encampment.

    On the chariot’s return trip, the route it took was identical to the previous one. After passing through the desert and sea, the chariot drove out of the ruins’ underground tunnel.

    Zhou Wen took Lu Yunxian and Lu Ning back to the camp. Zhao Xin treated their wounds and managed to keep them alive. The Blood Threadworms that had entered their bodies were not fatal, but he was unable to rid the Blood Threadworms for them as Doctor Darkness was seriously injured.

    Zhou Wen’s injuries were also very serious, but the energies of the Ivy Companion Beast were limited. He got Zhao Xin to take care of Lu Yunxian and Lu Ning first while he slowly recovered using the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra.

    He laid in bed and grinded the bat cave instance dungeon once again. Although the bat cave’s drop rate wasn’t high, it had many bats, allowing for quite a number of items to drop. However, none of them were good.

    When can I have a baby tiger drop? If I take it to the bat cave, I’ll definitely enjoy a much bigger harvest. Zhou Wen didn’t manage to obtain a baby tiger the entire time, so he was extremely unhappy.

    When he arrived at the underground sea again, Zhou Wen carefully looked at the sapphire sky but didn’t discover anything inside.

    Why isn’t there the chariot in-game? With no way to travel by air, Zhou Wen had no choice but to travel over the surface of the sea. He flew one White Shadow of Poison at low altitudes, not daring to fly too high.

    After flying for a short while, the seawater sprayed out as an obsidian-like sea dragon tore out from the sea’s surface. It opened its mouth in a bid to swallow Zhou Wen and White Shadow of Poison.

    Its mouth seemed to be a black hole with a terrifying suction force, sucking the White Shadow of Poison. It had no ability to resist at all and couldn’t even escape.

    Zhou Wen hurriedly got White Shadow of Poison to use its Shadow of Darkness skill. It was effective, turning both itself and the blood-colored avatar into a shadow. Then, sneaking away, they escaped the dragon’s jaws.

    But very quickly, a few heads of the black dragon popped out from different directions and sucked at White Shadow of Poison.

    Zhou Wen’s heart was unperturbed as he controlled the blood-colored avatar to jump down from White Shadow of Poison’s back using Ghost Steps as he plunged into the sea.

    The dragon heads bit White Shadow of Poison, practically dooming it. After the blood-colored avatar jumped into the sea, Zhou Wen controlled him to rapidly dive down as he looked at the body of the sea dragons.

    Zhou Wen had previously seen them twice and realized that their bodies were connected together under the sea. Now that there was a chance, he naturally had to take a closer look.

    He was astonished to discover that it wasn’t a nine-headed dragon. The nine black dragons’ bodies beneath the sea were actually chained together.

    Black chains pierced through their spines, connecting their bodies to a black war wagon. The war wagon looked like it was made of metal, and was completely sealed with four walls with a ceiling. It was impossible to see what was inside.

    When the nine black dragons moved, they would pull the huge metal war wagon slowly. Therefore, the speed of these black dragons was greatly restricted. Otherwise, they would have traveled even faster.

    Who has the right to sit on a war wagon pulled by the nine black dragons? Zhou Wen didn’t know if there were any creatures inside the war wagon. If there were, it would be extremely terrifying.

    However, looking at the war wagon, it seemed to have been abandoned for a long time. Seaweed wrapped around it, with seashells and coral taking root on the war wagon, making it look very strange.

    Wait… What’s that? Zhou Wen’s gaze landed on the corals on the war wagon, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

    Among the coral, there was an obsidian-like pearl wrapped in seaweed. Zhou Wen suspected that the pearl was a dragon pearl as spoken in legend. It could also be an egg of a dragon.

    If I can get that dragon pearl, I wonder if I can borrow its power to raise my last stat to 21 points? Just as Zhou Wen thought of this, the game screen turned black.

    A black dragon had devoured the blood-colored avatar, ending Zhou Wen’s game.

    However, Zhou Wen wasn’t depressed. On the contrary, he was extremely excited. He seemed to see the hope at advancing to the Epic stage.

    The black dragons were very likely Mythical creatures, and the dragon pearl in the corals might be their descendant. Consuming one would likely be a good substitute for the divine blood.

    More importantly, the nine black dragons were chained and connected to the black war wagon. The war wagon’s weight greatly affected the nine black dragons’ mobility. This gave Zhou Wen a chance to steal the dragon pearl or he wouldn’t survive in front of these Mythical creatures.

    How can I obtain that dragon pearl? Zhou Wen kept the question on his mind.

    Although he found it promising, Zhou Wen failed to approach the war wagon the next few times he tried before being devoured by the black dragons.

    From the looks of it, I have to come up with a detailed plan. I wonder if kneeling will be of any use… Zhou Wen thought to himself.