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Chapter 301 - Demonstrating

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 301 Demonstrating

    “There are two types of water-type dimensional creatures commonly found in Pool City. Take note of the waves. If the angle of the waves is around 30°, you have to be careful. They are Epic Electric Eels. They have extremely powerful electric powers. Electricity easily conducts in water. The best way to deal with a Electric Eel is to stay out of the water. Having the ability to fly is the best. Otherwise, choose to jump onto a building. In short, make sure not to stay in the water unless you have the confidence of withstanding the electrocution at the Epic stage with your body. If the waves are at 50°, it’s an Epic Sword Fang Fish. Their offensive strength is extremely high, but they have low intelligence. To Epic experts, they are pretty much a bonus…” Wang Fei patiently explained to Zhou Wen.

    She had already learned of Zhou Wen’s actions in the Zhuolu battlefield from Ouyang Lan. Although Ouyang Lan was very worried about the former principal, she still mentioned Zhou Wen several times and urged her to take good care of him.

    Wang Fei admitted that she didn’t have the ability to teach a special genius like Zhou Wen, but teaching him some practical experience wasn’t a problem. After all, Wang Fei had once been a soldier and participated in many battles.

    “Dealing with the Sword Fang Fish is very simple. As it’s quite brainless, only having high offensive strength, you just have to dodge its attack and then stab it.” As Wang Fei spoke, the Razortooth Fish flew forward, arriving in front of her with astounding speed.

    Wang Fei’s figure flashed slightly before she drew her sword and slashed upwards. After crossing the Sword Fang Fish, waves of blood splashed out from behind her. Soon, a thin, two-meter-long strange fish floated with its white belly facing up. It was obviously dead.

    It was the first time Zhou Wen had seen Wang Fei in combat. Her technique was swift, accurate, and elegant. It exuded the feeling of being fully composed while striding between life and death. She was truly an expert amongst those at the Epic stage.

    Wang Fei sheathed her sword and turned to Zhou Wen. “However, if you do that, you have to wait until it’s one meter away from you before dodging and attacking. You mustn’t give it any time to react. If you lack the confidence to dodge at such close proximity, it’s best you jump onto a wall and not face it directly in battle. Do you understand?”

    “Got it.” Zhou Wen nodded in response.

    Wang Fei’s experience was obtained from actual combat. Ordinary people had to earn these experiences with their lives.

    Now that Zhou Wen had Banana Fairy, ordinary Epic creatures couldn’t do anything to him. As long as he didn’t have a death wish, there wasn’t much danger in Pool City.

    “Ms. Wang, where are you going?” Zhou Wen asked Wang Fei who was walking ahead. Although he had Banana Fairy, he didn’t want to take too many risks.

    “Don’t worry. I’m just taking a stroll nearby. I heard that a Electric Eel was spotted here recently. I happen to want a Electric Eel Companion Beast, so I came to try my luck,” said Wang Fei.

    Only then did Zhou Wen relax. As long as she didn’t go to places like the Poison Wyrm Pool, nothing would happen.

    Wang Fei led Zhou Wen onto the roof of the buildings, but her gaze remained fixed on the water beneath as she searched for traces of the Electric Eel.

    She didn’t find the Electric Eel, but she found another Sword Fang Fish. Wang Fei looked at Zhou Wen and asked, “Do you want to give it a try? I heard you already have the ability to kill Epic creatures.”

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    “There’s no need. I’m not good at fighting in water.” Zhou Wen shook his head. Although Wang Fei had already demonstrated the technique to slaying Sword Fang Fish, Zhou Wen still felt that there was no need to gain experience by risking his life. After all, he could do the same safely in-game.

    Wang Fei didn’t say anything when Zhou Wen declined the proposal. After all, she had heard about his escapades from Ouyang Lan. An Sheng had told her and he had heard it from Lu Yunxian; therefore, Wang Fei felt that there was likely some level of exaggeration. After all, Ouyang Lan thought highly of Zhou Wen to begin with. After the trip to the battlefield ruins, she thought even better of him. It was quite understandable that she had embellished it a little.

    “It’s right for you to choose not to try. Killing a Sword Fang Fish requires experience too. Watch from the side and I’ll demonstrate again.” As Wang Fei said that, she jumped into the water, but stood on the water surface without sinking. Apparently, she had quite good skills in alacrity.

    Sensing the fluctuations in the water’s surface, the ripples in the water immediately rushed towards Wang Fei. It looked extremely fast and potent, making it seem as if something was a little off.

    Wang Fei frowned slightly as she seemed to notice something


    As the water splashed, a four-meter-long golden Sword Fang Fish leaped up from the water, stabbing at Wang Fei like a sharp sword.

    On the golden Sword Fang Fish’s body, there was a golden glow.

    “It’s a Mutated Sword Fang Fish?” Wang Fei’s eyes focused as she drew her sword and slashed out a beam at the Mutated Sword Fang Fish.


    When the sword flashes clashed, several sword flashes appeared on the golden Sword Fang Fish’s body. They split like gears, grinding Wang Fei’s sword beams to pieces.

    Wang Fei tapped the surface of the water with her toe and dodged the Sword Fang Fish’s attack before engaging in battle with it.

    Zhou Wen watched from the side and realized that the golden Sword Fang Fish was much stronger than the average Sword Fang Fish. Its sword flashes were able to grind all sorts of Primordial Energy Skills to pieces. Despite Wang Fei’s sword techniques being highly ingenious, her sword flashes would shatter upon contact with the Sword Fang Fish’s body. She couldn’t injure it in any way.

    However, Wang Fei’s movement techniques were lithe and swift. Although the Sword Fang Fish’s sword flashes were fast, they couldn’t injure her. The situation was in a stalemate.

    After watching for a while, Zhou Wen roughly knew the weakness of the golden Sword Fang Fish. Although Wang Fei wasn’t weaker than it and had very high-quality Companion Beasts, she didn’t have the ability to overwhelm the golden Sword Fang Fish.

    However, Wang Fei’s standard was clearly much better than the golden Sword Fang Fish. She was definitely able to slay it given enough time.

    Seeing that she couldn’t finish the battle anytime soon, Zhou Wen sat on the rooftop and took out his phone. As he gamed, he waited for Wang Fei to kill the golden Sword Fang Fish.

    When Wang Fei noticed that Zhou Wen was sitting there playing games, it was a miracle that she wasn’t angered to death by him. All she could do was vent her anger on the golden Sword Fang Fish. However, it was quite a handful, something she couldn’t finish instantly.

    Just as Wang Fei was feeling depressed, she suddenly saw a wave of water appear in the street a distance away. The angle of the wave was extremely small, and it was like an arrow that was approaching her.

    “Electric Eel?” Wang Fei was immediately alarmed. She still had the energy to deal with a golden Sword Fang Fish, but adding on a Electric Eel made it a challenge.