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Chapter 303 - One-on-One

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 303 One-on-One

    “Ms. Wang, your movement technique and swordplay are truly exquisite. Can I learn from you?” Zhou Wen asked Wang Fei sincerely.

    Wang Fei frowned at Zhou Wen, unsure if he was mocking her.

    Although Zhou Wen’s EQ wasn’t high, he could tell that there was something wrong with the way she was looking at him. He hurriedly explained, “I mainly focus on movement techniques, but I’m so inferior to you. I wonder if you can tell me the name of the movement technique you used, or which dimensional creatures drop it?”.

    Wang Fei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when she saw how sincere Zhou Wen was, a clear act that he wasn’t being sarcastic.

    She had thought of so many methods in the past, hoping that Zhou Wen would learn from her, but to no avail. To her surprise, Zhou Wen ended up wanting to learn from her because of the embarrassing circumstance.

    “This movement technique is unique to my family, so it’s hard for outsiders to learn it.” When Wang Fei learned that Zhou Wen wanted to learn it from her, she was thrown into a difficult position.

    This movement technique was a secret technique of the Wang family. It required the combination of three different movement technique-type Primordial Energy Skills to acquire mastery. Furthermore, the three Primordial Energy Skill Crystals were proprietary to the Wang family’s dimensional zones. Outsiders could not obtain them.

    “I see. Then I’ll look at other movement techniques.” Zhou Wen was slightly disappointed. Wang Fei’s movement technique was indeed better than his Dragon Gate Fairy Technique, and it was more practical.

    However, since it was the Wang family’s secret technique, Zhou Wen had to give up.

    Seeing Zhou Wen’s disappointed expression, Wang Fei had mixed feelings. She previously wanted Zhou Wen to study under her, but now that he wanted to do so, she couldn’t teach him.

    “You’re my student and also Uncle Mingyuan’s disciple. You can’t be considered an outsider. How about this? I’ll go back and discuss it with my family elders. Perhaps there’s a chance,” Wang Fei said after some thought. She really didn’t wish to miss an opportunity to teach Zhou Wen.

    “Thank you, Ms. Wang. If it’s too troublesome, forget it.” Zhou Wen didn’t really want to trouble Wang Fei.

    “We’ll talk about it when the time comes. I may not succeed.” Wang Fei didn’t say much because she really wasn’t sure if she would succeed.

    If it weren’t for the fact that the person who wanted to learn it was Zhou Wen, Wang Fei wouldn’t even attempt to win him an opportunity.

    After hoisting up the Mutated Sword Fang Fish and Mutated Electric Eel, she discovered that they each had a Companion Egg inside their bodies. Two Companion Eggs had dropped at once.

    “This is yours.” Wang Fei handed Zhou Wen the Mutated Sword Fang Fish’s Companion Egg and put away the Mutated Electric Eel Companion Egg.

    Zhou Wen didn’t stand on ceremony when he considered how he had indeed put in the effort. He put away the Mutated Sword Fang Fish Companion Egg and planned to hatch it when he returned. It might come in handy later when he went to slay the Poison Wyrm at Poison Wyrm Pool.

    In Bright Prospects College’s canteen, a man with short black hair was quietly eating his meal. A girl walked over and sat opposite him, speaking to him excitedly, “Ming Xiu, I got accepted to be an exchange student at Sunset College. I can head over to Sunset College with


    “Is it worth being so happy to go to Sunset College?” The boy looked up at the girl, confused.

    “Of course, it’s something worth celebrating. It’s Sunset College! The best school in Luoyang! It’s not even just Luoyang, there are many outstanding geniuses in the entire League who wish to study at Sunset College. Being able to attend school there is the dream of many students, right?”

    Saying that, the girl blinked and said, “Of course, I’m so happy not because I can study at Sunset College, but it’s that I can go to Sunset College with you. I want to see you defeat the high and mighty geniuses there. I want to let them know who the strongest genius is.”

    “There are many geniuses, but I’ve never been a genius,” said Ming Xiu indifferently.

    “I know; you relied on your own hard work, but it’s undeniable that you’re a true genius and the strongest genius in Bright Prospects College’s history. If your father weren’t the chancellor of Bright Prospects College, you wouldn’t have attended this school. Famous schools like Sunset and Covenant Colleges are where you should’ve gone. You are not inferior to any of those students. You are even more outstanding.” The girl looked at Ming Xiu, speaking with agitation.

    “Outstanding?” Ming Xiu shook his head slightly and reached out to stroke the girl’s head. “Compared to going to Sunset College, I prefer eating the lunch boxes you prepare for me in the sun.

    “Got it, got it. You’ve said it many times. Wasn’t I training hard recently to get a spot to go to Sunset College with you? I obviously didn’t have the time to make lunch boxes for you. Now that I’ve already obtained the qualification, I’ll make it for lunch tomorrow. You greedy cat,” the girl said in exasperation.

    At the same time, Sunset College was also discussing the exchange students between Bright Prospects College and Sunset College. The two colleges had a deep relationship, so there would be certain spots reserved for students from Bright Prospects College to study for one semester which lasted three months.

    Although it was an exchange, it was to let them learn advanced knowledge and theory. The teachers from Sunset College would send their students to tutor them on a one-on-one basis.

    “These are the nominations for the student tutors this year. Look and see if you have any objections,” the vice-chancellor said as he pointed to the documents in front of the teachers.

    Wang Fei picked up the name list and looked at it. She asked in surprise, “Why is Zhou Wen’s name on it? Aren’t the student tutors always third years and above? Zhou Wen is just a freshman. He shouldn’t need to do this, right?”

    The managing vice-chancellor smiled and said, “Zhou Wen is in the top ten of our school’s comprehensive test, and he once defeated John and won honor for our school. If he doesn’t qualify, few of our students qualify.”

    Wang Fei didn’t want Zhou Wen to waste his time and energy on being a student tutor. She wanted to change the vice-chancellor’s mind, but before she could say anything, the vice-chancellor waved his hand and said, “This matter is decided. There is no room for discussion.”

    Seeing how determined the chancellor was, Wang Fei had no choice but to swallow her words. After the meeting, before Wang Fei went to look for the managing vice-chancellor, he asked her to stay behind.

    “Madam personally called to request this,” the managing vice-chancellor said to Wang Fei.

    “Sis Lan?” Wang Fei was slightly taken aback. However, since it was Ouyang Lan’s request, she had nothing to say. She was only Zhou Wen’s teacher, but Ouyang Lan was, in name, his mother.

    Wang Fei picked up the name list again and glanced at the person Zhou Wen would be tutoring. On it were two words: Ming Xiu.

    “Ming Xiu, could it be the one from the Ming family? What is Sis Lan trying to do?” Wang Fei looked at the name with an uncertain expression.