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Chapter 304 - Poison Wyrm

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 304 Poison Wyrm

    In the underground Pool City instance dungeon, Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar and ran towards Poison Wyrm Pool.

    There were few dimensional creatures in Pool City, so he only encountered two Sword Fang Fish along the way. However, they were only ordinary ones that he easily slew.

    Using the characteristics of the Overlord Spear’s Ever-Victorious, he was able to dish out death with one strike, but nothing dropped.

    The Poison Wyrm Pool was originally a lake built in the city. After the city was flooded, the pool wasn’t fully submerged due to its higher height. The square and stone columns by the side remained above the water surface.

    With the blood-colored avatar standing in front of the stone column, Zhou Wen looked down and couldn’t help but frown. The water in the Poison Wyrm Pool was black. Even if he jumped in, there was a chance that he wouldn’t be able to see anything.

    He first summoned an ordinary Golden Warrior, letting it enter the Poison Wyrm Pool to test things out. He wanted to see if he could lure the Poison Wyrm out.

    The Golden Warrior fell into the water and sank with a bloop. After a while, there was no reaction from the pool. However, the game indicated that the Golden Warrior had died. The Poison Wyrm didn’t appear.

    Zhou Wen summoned a few more Companion Beasts and sent them into the water, but the results were all the same. They caused quite a commotion when they sank, but they soon fell silent. However, the Poison Wyrm just didn’t appear.

    With no other choice, Zhou Wen let Ghost Bride give it a try. She had a ghostly body and wasn’t affected by the poisonous liquid. She floated straight into the lake.

    Although Ghost Bride was unaffected, she couldn’t see anything in the pitch-black pool and didn’t know how deep the pool went. Despite diving several hundred meters, Ghost Bride still failed to reach the bottom, nor did she find the Poison Wyrm.

    Ghost Bride kept diving for nearly a thousand meters before she finally reached the bottom. The bottom wasn’t very spacious, and she didn’t encounter the Poison Wyrm after circling the area.

    Strange, where did the Poison Wyrm go? Has it not spawned? Zhou Wen was puzzled.

    This was a game, and Zhou Wen was the only gamer. That made it quite impossible for there to be spawning problems. Zhou Wen made Ghost Bride make another circle of the area but ultimately didn’t discover anything.

    Strange! Zhou Wen had no choice but to go to the school’s database.

    There was quite a lot of information regarding the Poison Wyrm. After all, it was a dragon-like existence. Many tutors had attempted to obtain a Poison Wyrm Companion Beast.

    However, there were very few people who could kill it. The Poison Wyrm was also known as a Diving Wyrm. It remained within the Poison Wyrm Pool, and wouldn’t easily be tempted by external objects.

    As for the Poison Wyrm Pool, it was extremely toxic. Not only humans, but even some of the venomous Companion Beasts also found it difficult to survive in it.

    A tutor had specifically written a guide to lure the Poison Wyrm out. The most important point mentioned was that although the Poison Wyrm was an aquatic creature, it enjoyed eating birds, especially bird eggs.

    As long as one applied some beaten eggs to the stone railings, one could lure the Poison Wyrm out. If one couldn’t find any bird eggs, chicken eggs could be used too. However, the amount of chicken eggs required was around four kilograms.

    Drawing out the Poison Wyrm was only the first step. This was because an ordinary Epic expert would not be able to withstand the toxicity of the Poison Wyrm. If they were to be sprayed with poisonous gas, they would most likely die on the spot.

    Are there bird eggs in the game? I don’t have any bird eggs, but I have one stone egg. I wonder how long it will take before Truth Listener evolves. Zhou Wen was somewhat depressed. Only objects like Companion Eggs could be brought from real life into the game. Ordinary objects couldn’t enter.

    If I were to go to the Poison Wyrm Pool in reality, I could take the chick over and tie it up as bait. But in this game, where can I find birds and eggs? As Zhou Wen was thinking about how to get eggs, he heard a commotion outside.

    Originally, he didn’t want to pay attention to what was happening outside, but when he heard Li Xuan call his name, he opened the door. He immediately saw Li Xuan standing outside the courtyard with many people surrounding him. Most of them were special admissions students that lived in the Four Seasons Garden. Even Wang Lu was amongst them.

    They surrounded Li Xuan and said something, while Li Xuan had a smug look on his face. Beside him was a beautiful Companion Beast in a leafed robe with a wooden bow in hand. It had pointy ears and a pair of wings growing on its back.

    “Zhou Wen, what do you think of my newly acquired Elf Companion Beast? It’s an authentic Elf Archer from the West District’s Life Forest. Although it’s only at the Legendary stage, it’s much more expensive than the typical Epic. Furthermore, due to their rarity, it’s not something that can be bought with just money,” Li Xuan flaunted.

    The special admissions students by his side had looks of envy, as though they agreed with Li Xuan’s words.

    “What special abilities does she have?” Zhou Wen felt that ordinary Legendary Companion Beasts were useless to him unless they had special abilities.

    “Such a pet doesn’t need any ability. It just needs to stay by my side,” Li Xuan said.

    Many students beside him nodded in agreement, feeling that Li Xuan was right.

    “If there’s nothing else, I’ll go back and play games.” Zhou Wen didn’t see the point of having such a Companion Beast tag along.

    Li Xuan hurriedly followed Zhou Wen into the building.

    “Old Zhou, this item is just a decoration. It’s indeed useless. However, a batch of excellent-grade Companion Eggs has recently been sent to Luoyang. This Elf Archer is just one of them. Someone gave it to me as a gift. They invited my Li family to participate in the Companion Egg auction. Are you interested in joining me?”

    “I don’t have money anyway. What can I do if I go? I’ll just play games at home,” Zhou Wen said with a shake of his head.“Come on man. Join me. Just treat it as broadening your knowledge. After all, it’s rare seeing Companion Eggs from the West District. I heard there are dragons, angels, devils, and some other elemental Companion Beasts.” Li Xuan added.

    “I’m not going,” Zhou Wen rejected.

    “Don’t be so heartless. At most, I’ll pay you to attend.” Li Xuan knew that Zhou Wen lacked money, so he tempted him.

    However, that was in the past when Zhou Wen lacked money. He had invested enough money now, so his need wasn’t that high.

    “Why must you drag me along?” Zhou Wen asked.

    Li Xuan chuckled in embarrassment. “The last time I bought the Thundergod General was when you were with me. You helped me make up my mind, resulting in my good luck. I will definitely get a few more Companion Beasts this time, so if you join me, I’ll feel a lot more at ease.”

    “Do you think I’m some kind of lucky mascot? I don’t have that ability. If you really want to get lucky, why don’t you invite Wang Lu along?” Zhou Wen rolled his eyes at him.

    Upon hearing Wang Lu’s name, Li Xuan said depressingly, “Wang Lu will participate too, but she is buying a Companion Egg for herself. We will be competitors. Come with me. I won’t let you do it for free.” If any Companion Beast catches your fancy, I’ll buy it for you as payment as long as it’s not too expensive.”