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Chapter 334 - Something Happened

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 334 Something Happened

    “Zhou Wen, something happened. Come to Old Dragon Cave quickly.” Early in the morning, Zhou Wen was still sleeping when his phone rang. When the call connected, he heard Zhong Ziya’s anxious voice.

    Zhong Ziya was usually an indifferent person who didn’t take anything to heart. Zhou Wen had never heard him speak in such a panicked tone before and had an ominous feeling in his heart.

    “What happened?” Zhou Wen hurriedly asked.

    “The League’s Special Inspector Bureau sealed the laboratory, saying that Teacher is a spy from overseas and has arrested him. The school is negotiating with the Special Inspector Bureau,” Zhong Ziya hurriedly explained the situation.

    “What?” Zhou Wen was immediately stunned when he heard that. He couldn’t connect Wang Mingyuan to being an overseas spy.

    “Wait for me. I’ll be right there.” Zhou Wen didn’t believe that Wang Mingyuan was a spy. Furthermore, with his understanding of the Special Inspector Bureau, he knew their modus operandi. They would place a groundless, trumped-up crime on their target. He was a living example.

    When Zhou Wen arrived at the scene, he realized that the entire Dragon Gate Grotto was sealed off. The uniformed inspectors from the Special Inspector Bureau probably numbered about a thousand. Many of them had high-ranking epaulets on their shoulders.

    Zhou Wen recognized Liz from before, but from the looks of it, she was only qualified to stand guard at the entrance.

    There were also Luoyang military, college management, and students outside, making the scene look extremely chaotic.

    Zhong Ziya, Hui Haifeng, and Jiang Yan were outside, their expressions grave.

    “What’s the situation now? Is he alright?” Zhou Wen hurriedly asked.

    “It must be a mistake by the bureau. How could Teacher be a spy?” Zhong Ziya said.

    Hui Haifeng comforted, “It should be fine. This is Luoyang, and Tutor is from Luoyang’s Wang family. If there’s no concrete evidence, even the Director-General of the League’s Special Inspector Bureau being here in person wouldn’t be able to take him away so easily. Ms. Wang Fei and the school’s management, and Deputy Governor Qin are inside. It won’t be that easy for the bureau to frame Tutor.”

    Zhou Wen felt better hearing Hui Haifeng’s words, but on second thought, he felt that something was amiss.

    “The Deputy-General of the Special Inspector Bureau is here?” Zhou Wen asked Hui Haifeng.

    Hui Haifeng nodded slightly. It was obvious that he was very worried about this.

    If only they were ordinary inspectors, even if they were ministers of a particular ministry, everything could be easily resolved. It was almost impossible to take someone away from Sunset College.

    However, it wasn’t an easily resolvable task if the Special Inspector Bureau’s Deputy-General was here personally. There was only one reason for him to come personally. The six hero families had already reached a consensus on the matter. This might be extremely disadvantageous for Wang Mingyuan.

    The four of them no longer had any desire to speak. They looked at Dragon Gate Grotto eagerly, hoping to see anything or hear good news.

    Not long after, they saw a group of people approaching them from the stone staircase. Many of them were part of the school management, including Wang Fei and Deputy Governor Qin, but their expressions were sour.

    However, when they saw Wang Mingyuan, their bodies trembled. Wang Mingyuan was held by two inspectors at gunpoint. He was handcuffed.

    Zhou Wen and company knew very well what this meant. Even Deputy Governor Qin had been unable to stop Wang Mingyuan from being arrested. The situation was already at a terrible level.

    “Teacher,” Zhong Ziya called and wanted to charge forward, but he was stopped by two inspectors.

    Zhong Ziya had a fearless personality. He tried to force his way in as though he would stab anyone who dared touch Wang Mingyuan even if they were a god.

    “Ziya, stop it.” Wang Fei came over to stop Zhong Ziya. Zhong Ziya knew of Wang Fei and Wang Mingyuan’s relationship, so he didn’t charge madly when she stopped. However, his eyes remained glaring at the inspectors.

    “They’re Wang Mingyuan’s students, right? Bring them in for interrogation.” A brawny, elderly man in a military uniform and jacket said as he glanced at Zhong Ziya and company.

    “Yes, Deputy-General.” Some of the inspectors immediately took the order and wanted to arrest the rest.

    “Deputy-General, they are only ordinary students. They only have an ordinary student-teacher relationship with Wang Mingyuan. As to them having any problems, we will conduct a thorough investigation. There’s no need to trouble your bureau.” Deputy Governor Qin extended his hand as a gesture. The troops beside him immediately protected Zhou Wen and company, forming a confrontation with the inspectors.

    “Governor Qin, there is concrete evidence that Wang Mingyuan is an overseas spy. Can you guarantee that his students weren’t brainwashed by him and have been made downlines?” the elder said coldly as he stared at Qin Wufu.

    “No, which is why I’ll take them in for proper investigation. Our Sunset army will not spare a bad person, but we won’t malign a good person either,” Qin Wufu said.

    With Qin Wufu not backing down, the elder frowned slightly. Qiao Siyuan walked over and whispered something into the elder’s ear before looking at Zhou Wen.


    The elder’s gaze landed on Zhou Wen and he said indifferently, “So he’s from the An family. It’s no wonder that Governor Qin is protecting him so flagrantly. Forget it, I’ll let him off on account of the An family. However, if our investigations show that he’s involved, I’m afraid the An family won’t be able to shirk their ties with him, even if they want to.”

    Then, he ignored Qin Wufu’s reaction and led the inspectors outside.

    Wang Mingyuan appeared very calm while he was being escorted out. He nodded at Zhou Wen and company with a smile, but he didn’t say a word.

    “Ms. Wang Fei, did they frame him? Think of something; we can’t let them take him away. The Special Inspector Bureau is a place where even the innocent will come out half-dead. We mustn’t let Teacher enter a place like that,” Zhong Ziya said as he tugged at Wang Fei.

    He knew that with his own strength, there was no way he could save Wang Mingyuan even if he were to risk his life with the Deputy-General present.

    Wang Fei held back Zhong Ziya as she said with a heavy expression, “We’ll talk when we get back.”

    Everyone watched helplessly as Wang Mingyuan was escorted away. However, there was nothing they could do.

    “Ms. Wang, can you explain the situation?” Zhou Wen asked.

    Wang Fei sighed softly. “Although I don’t believe that Uncle Mingyuan would be that kind of person, the evidence is conclusive.”

    The four of them were stunned when they heard that. Zhong Ziya said, “Impossible! How can Teacher be that kind of person? It must be the Special Inspector Bureau wronging Teacher. They are a bunch of mad dogs that bite anyone they see.”

    Wang Fei shook her head slightly and said with a wry smile, “Those documents have Uncle Mingyuan’s signatures. Many of the things were gathered by Uncle Mingyuan himself. Those things can’t be faked.”

    Zhou Wen and company were taken aback, momentarily at a loss for words.