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Chapter 341 - Condensing a Life Soul

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 341 Condensing a Life Soul

    The girl was rather obedient as she reached out and hugged Zhou Wen’s neck. Although she still had tears on her face, she had stopped crying

    Suddenly, Zhou Wen felt his heart palpitate as he slashed at the girl in his arms. At the same time, he pushed her away with his other hand. The girl instantly retreated more than ten meters. Blood was left on the corner of her mouth as she stuck out her tongue to lick it. Her face was filled with a look of greed.

    Zhou Wen touched his neck and his hand was immediately covered with blood. There were two rows of teeth marks on his neck. If he had been any slower, his neck would have been bitten off.

    “Are you a human or a dimensional creature?” Zhou Wen held the Bamboo Blade as he calmly sized up the girl. Up to this point in time, he still had not realized that the girl had the aura of a dimensional creature. She looked like a two or three-year-old human girl no matter how he looked at her.

    However, her actions and ability proved that she was no ordinary human girl.

    The girl ignored him. Her figure flashed as she pounced at Zhou Wen, so fast that she left blurry shadows in her wake.

    Without any hesitation, Zhou Wen used his Bamboo Blade coupled with Transcendent Flying Immortal. Instantly, blade beams flashed as they slashed at the girl.

    However, the girl was surprisingly fast. Zhou Wen’s lightning-like saber technique had actually been dodged by her. She was even faster and more bizarre than Ghost King’s movement technique.

    The girl charged through the gaps in the saber strikes and lunged forward, wanting to bite Zhou Wen’s neck.

    The banana fan appeared in Zhou Wen’s other hand. It fanned at the little girl who came at him, sending her body flying into the air.

    Zhou Wen followed with Ghost Steps and slashed out Demonic Astral Wheel in midair. The blood-red saber beam slashed out, slashing at the girl like a blood wheel. It ripped through her clothes, but the Demonic Astral Wheel failed to slice through her tender-looking, fair skin.

    It was as if the skin was not made of flesh and blood but extremely tough steel.

    Zhou Wen could still understand the failure of Demonic Astral Wheel, but when the sharp Bamboo Blade slashed at her, it actually failed to rip her skin apart. It left him alarmed.

    Bamboo Blade was sharp; even an Epic creature with a relatively stronger physical defense couldn’t completely withstand it. However, this slash didn’t even manage to pierce through her skin. It merely sent her flying. All of this was quite frightening.

    The little girl landed on the ground as if she wasn’t injured at all. She was only slightly angry as she pounced forward again.

    Zhou Wen retreated as he fought. Despite using all sorts of means, he was unable to injure the little girl.

    The girl was odd. She didn’t have the aura of a dimensional creature, but her actions were like


    What was even stranger was that she didn’t have any special powers. Other than having tremendous strength and extreme speed, as well as unimaginably tough skin, Zhou Wen wasn’t even able to injure her when using Ashen Palm to inject a devastating force into her.

    Unable to kill her, Zhou Wen wanted to escape from her, but she had a deep hatred for him. She was constantly in hot pursuit. He had tried using Ghost Steps several times to escape, but she quickly caught up to him every single time.

    The girl was like a vengeful ghost that would not stop unless she had him dead. She kept chasing and attacking him, seemingly hoping to devour him alive.

    Zhou Wen could neither kill her, nor escape. All he could do was retreat as he battled.

    The black hole in the sky slowly shrank, significantly reducing the number of dimensional creatures that rushed in. The six hero families had used everything they had in Holy City, cooperating with the military to slay the invading dimensional creatures.

    Although the situation was gradually brought under control, the losses this time were unprecedented since the establishment of Holy City.

    Back then, Jing Daoxian had only rushed into the League building and killed some League officials. Now, the disaster had embroiled all the ordinary citizens of the Holy Land. Countless people had died.

    Zhou Wen was certain that after today, his teacher would likely replace Jing Daoxian and become the devil that everyone despised. He would probably become even more infamous than Jing Daoxian.

    Teacher, is this really worth it? Zhou Wen didn’t know if Wang Mingyuan’s choice was right.

    Just like Wang Mingyuan had said, risking his life to save that woman or choosing to join the villains before thinking of a way to save her was a difficult question to begin with.

    Without any further time to think, Zhou Wen had already rushed out of Holy City’s vicinity. There were fewer dimensional creatures around him, but the girl continued pestering him.

    Zhou Wen even struck her using Overlord Sword with Ever-Victorious, but no matter how many times he did so, the girl didn’t suffer any injuries as she continued pestering him.

    What in the world is this thing? Zhou Wen had a hard time battling her. If not for his Companion Beasts’ help giving him a chance for a breather to recover his Primordial Energy, he would have been bitten to death by the girl a while ago.

    Zhou Wen felt the Lost Immortal Sutra in him circulated faster and faster. His entire body seemed to be undergoing a tumultuous change as a kind of force was growing inside him.

    The origin of that force was his Life Providence, but it was connected to his blood and soul. It was an indescribable feeling.

    If he had to describe it, Zhou Wen felt as though his soul was being split.

    Of course, this was just what he felt.

    Am I about to condense a Life Soul? What is my Life Soul? As Zhou Wen retreated, he thought about it. Could it be a Life Soul in the form of a woman? Or could it be an artifact?

    The reason Zhou Wen thought of a woman first was because of his Sigh of the King Life Providence. He vaguely felt that it had the appearance of a woman.

    Typically, a Life Soul would be tremendously influenced by a Life Providence. For example, a person with a Buddhist Child Life Providence would likely have a revered Buddha shadow or Buddha statue as their Life Soul.

    For someone like Feng Qiuyan who had the Life Providence of Swift Saber Heavenly King, it was a certainty that his Life Soul would definitely be related to a saber in the future.

    Therefore, Zhou Wen believed that his Life Soul was likely in the form of a woman, but this was just a guess.

    Crap! Zhou Wen’s Life Soul formation reached a critical moment. His entire body was undergoing sublimation, and his soul had seemingly left his body. This temporarily stopped him from moving.

    To his chagrin, the girl was still chasing after him. Zhou Wen stood motionless as the girl immediately lunged forward and opened her mouth in a bid to bite his neck.

    Damn it, why has it got to happen at this moment! Zhou Wen was so depressed that he nearly vomited blood. Unfortunately, the Lost Immortal Sutra wasn’t under his control. After absorbing Wang Mingyuan’s drop of blood, it automatically activated an evolution.