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Chapter 343 - Sword Snatching

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 343 Sword Snatching

    “Why are you killing a child?” The woman in black was clearly the same as Zhou Wen. She only believed that the girl was a human child. She had passed by and seen Zhou Wen slashing at the girl from midair. She didn’t know of the development prior to that.

    After confirming that the little girl was not a dimensional creature but a human, the woman in black stood in front of the little girl on her flying sword. However, she had no intention of taking action. She just wanted to figure out the situation.

    “She’s not human,” Zhou Wen said to the woman in black.

    “How can she not be… Ah…” Before the woman in black could finish her sentence, she felt a searing pain in her calf.

    The little girl had lunged forward and hugged her leg. She had imagined that the little girl had done so out of fear, but the little girl ended up biting her calf. Her white teeth pierced into her flesh, almost snapping off her calf.

    The woman in black was at the peak Epic stage with high hopes of stepping into the Mythical stage, but her ancient sword was already a Mythical Companion Beast.

    With the toughness of her body, it naturally wasn’t something a human child could injure. It immediately made her realize that what Zhou Wen was saying was the truth. This was indeed not a human child.


    The woman in black instinctively raised her leg and kicked the little girl away. Then, just as she was about to attack, her body suddenly shook and she almost fell to the ground. Her vision blurred, and she immediately felt something was amiss.

    She barely ordered the ancient bronze sword to attack the little girl, wanting to kill her now. However, as the ancient bronze sword flew out, she had already fallen to the ground. It was unknown if she was dead or alive.

    Zhou Wen was secretly alarmed as he subconsciously touched the wound on his neck. The woman was so strong, but with just one bite from the girl, in moments, her fate was in question. He had been bitten by her too, but he was fine. He considered it extreme luck.

    The ancient bronze sword continued flying towards the girl and penetrated her body. It then flew back and automatically floated above the woman in black. Zhou Wen knew that the woman wasn’t dead; otherwise, the Companion Beast would have dissipated after her death.

    Since the ancient bronze sword remained, it implied that the woman in black was still alive.

    Zhou Wen ignored her and charged at the girl who had fallen onto a grass patch. Although her heart had been pierced through by the ancient bronze sword, Zhou Wen doubted that she was truly dead.

    When he rushed to the grass where the girl had fallen. There were some bloodstains on the grass, but there was no sign of the girl.


    Zhou Wen heard a noise coming from the direction of the woman in black. He hurriedly turned around and saw the girl grabbing onto the hilt of the ancient bronze sword. Blood covered the sword as it trembled without killing the girl.

    Although Zhou Wen didn’t know that the ancient bronze sword was a Mythical existence, he had seen the might of the bronze sword killing the strange mountain. Such might was something that the Epic Banana Fairy couldn’t match up to. Even after its master stopped directing it, it wasn’t likely to be seized by someone else.

    However, the girl held onto the ancient bronze sword. All it did was tremble without releasing any sword beams as an offensive. This left Zhou Wen very puzzled.

    Soon, he realized that something was amiss. The ancient bronze sword was covered with blood-the girl’s blood.

    The blood was slowly seeping into the ancient bronze sword. The latter wasn’t simply stained with blood, but rather, the quality of the ancient bronze sword was undergoing changes itself. The originally bronze material had turned to the color of purple copper after being soaked in blood. It looked extremely bizarre.

    Furthermore, as the blood seeped into the ancient bronze sword, the resistance it put up increasingly weakened.

    Zhou Wen was alarmed. He didn’t dare hesitate. He slashed his saber over, hoping to kill her.


    The girl brandished the ancient bronze sword in her hand and clashed with the Bamboo Blade. Although she wasn’t able to stimulate the power of the ancient bronze sword, Zhou Wen’s Bamboo Blade wasn’t able to slice through the sword. All it did was send the girl and the sword flying.

    Before the girl landed, Zhou Wen had already closed the distance with Ghost Steps. He delivered Transcendent Flying Immortal once again as saber beams criss-crossed in a bid to slay the girl.

    The girl brandished the ancient bronze sword to block Transcendent Flying Immortal, but she was unable to completely block its saber forces. With the augmentation of a Life Soul, Zhou Wen’s Transcendent Flying Immortal was even faster and more ruthless than before. He forcefully slashed across her, producing a bone-deep wound.

    The little girl flew as the ancient bronze sword landed beside her.

    Having been stabbed through the heart by the ancient bronze sword, Zhou Wen didn’t dare hope that one strike was enough to kill her. He immediately rushed to her.

    Indeed, she wasn’t dead. She even glared fiercely at Zhou Wen as he slashed down with the Bamboo Blade in hand.


    With a sword hum, Zhou Wen immediately felt that something was amiss. He instantly activated Ghost Steps. When he appeared dozens of meters away, he saw a sword beam sweep past the spot he had been standing on. It left behind a deep rift spanning hundreds of meters.

    The Companion Beast that had turned into a purple-copper ancient sword floated beside the girl. Purple sword flashes shimmered, like a venomous snake flicking its forked tongue, one that could devour at any moment.

    How can this be? Zhou Wen wore a strange expression. It was almost impossible for a Companion Beast to betray its owner the moment it signed a contract. A Companion Beast’s life was intrinsically tied to its owner.

    Although there were some methods that could “tear up” a Companion Beast contract, it was done at a huge price. Even so, the owner had to give permission. It was unheard of for Companion Beasts to betray on their own accord, nor had he ever heard of Companion Beasts being snatched away and used by others.

    Where exactly is this girl from? Zhou Wen was alarmed.

    Zhou Wen’s first thought was to turn around and flee. He had seen the might of the ancient bronze sword before it could kill a suspected Mythical creature like the strange mountain. Although he had advanced to the Epic stage, he was still no match for it.

    Now that the ancient bronze sword was under the girl’s control, there was a high chance that she would launch a terrifying offensive against him.

    As expected, the girl grabbed the ancient sword’s handle and swung the sword at Zhou Wen. Purple sword beams immediately tore out of the sword in an indomitable fashion, halving everything that stood in front of her. Zhou Wen was next.

    The sword beam was just too fast. Zhou Wen barely dodged with Ghost Steps, partly thanks to his Life Soul’s augmentation.

    The sword beam shot out thousands of meters into the forest. Everything that stood in its way was severed, including the hard mountain rocks. It was like slicing through tofu.