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Chapter 344 - Pursui

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 344 Pursuit

    The girl had an indescribable ferocity. She brandished the ancient purple-copper sword and charged over again. The injuries on her body were almost fully recovered. Her recovery speed was not inferior to Li Xuan’s Immortal God of Combat, and was perhaps superior.

    Zhou Wen didn’t escape again when he saw the staggering sword beam brought about by the ancient purple-copper sword. He advanced instead of retreating, pushing Ghost Steps to the limit as he dodged the sword beam. This allowed him to approach the girl as he slashed at her neck with Bamboo Blade.

    If the ancient purple-copper sword had been fighting autonomously, Zhou Wen would have fled as far as he could. However, he realized that the girl held the purple-copper sword in her hand as she fought. This made him feel as though he had a chance.

    The girl was very strong, and her speed was very fast. Coupled with the indomitable sword beam from the purple-copper sword, she looked terrifying

    However, she clearly didn’t know any combat techniques or sword techniques. All she did was fight based on instinct. Her fighting with the sword was inferior to having the sword fight alone. This allowed Zhou Wen to see an opportunity.

    He was like a ghost as he pushed the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill, Nine Dragons Art, and Ghost Steps to its limits. The limited Primordial Energy problem that he had before, was now gone.

    With his Life Soul, he felt as though he had infinite Primordial Energy. He could continuously use Ghost Steps, Transcendent Flying Immortal, and many other Primordial Energy-expensive Primordial Energy Skills, but he could not sense any signs of his Primordial Energy weakening.

    With his Life Soul, Zhou Wen felt as if he had activated a cheat that gave him unlimited skills. All sorts of Primordial Energy Skills could be used without considering the Primordial Energy consumption.

    Although he was facing a huge crisis, Zhou Wen felt extremely carefree right now. The feeling of being able to use any Primordial Energy Skill as he wished was just too good.

    In the past, he needed to do all kinds of calculations and conservation. Even with the augmentation of his Dao Body, he could only use Primordial Energy Skills intermittently. But now, the exhilaration of using one skill after another ad infinitum was something he had never experienced before.

    Now, Zhou Wen felt as though he had become an enhanced version of Lance. Lance could deliver an infinite Primordial Energy Skill combo because he chose Primordial Energy Skills that expended very little Primordial Energy. In contrast, Zhou Wen could now use all sorts of devastating, expensive Primordial Energy Skills repeatedly.

    Furthermore, Zhou Wen’s every move seemed to be equipped with a booster. His Strength and Speed increased greatly as every step he took seemed to have him pushed forward by a booster rocket.

    Now, Zhou Wen really wanted to check his in-game stats and know what his Life Soul was. Although he enjoyed the benefits brought about by his Life Soul, he couldn’t see what it was.

    Zhou Wen’s figure kept flashing around the girl. Although he couldn’t clash with the ancient purple-copper sword’s beam, the girl’s brandishing was insufficient to hit him. Instead, Zhou Wen’s Bamboo Blade would slice through the girl’s body from time to time, producing cuts on her skin.

    If it wasn’t for the ancient purple-copper sword’s immense strength and how annihilative the sword beam was, forcing Zhou Wen to retreat at times, the girl would have long been slain by him.

    The girl also felt that she was in extreme danger. No matter how she brandished the purple-copper sword in her hand, it couldn’t touch Zhou Wen’s body. This infuriated her.

    The girl gritted her teeth and dragged the purple-copper sword as she fled.

    How could Zhou Wen allow her to escape? He held the Bamboo Blade and pursued her.

    This girl was so vicious and terrifying. If she wasn’t killed today, she might become greater trouble after she grew up and learned some techniques. She might even become another terrifying demoness in the history of the League.

    Zhou Wen wished for nothing more than to slay the girl under his blade. However, the ancient purple-copper sword’s beam was too powerful, making it difficult for him to directly slay her. It was also because the girl held it and limited its strength that Zhou Wen could chase after her.

    If the girl were to throw it out and let the ancient sword attack autonomously, the one running would probably be Zhou Wen.

    The girl clearly didn’t understand this logic as she kept slashing with the purple-copper sword, but it failed to hurt Zhou Wen. Instead, Zhou Wen left deep wounds on her body, ones so deep that her bones could be seen.

    The two engaged in combat as the pursuit continued. Soon, they rushed into the mountains. The purple-copper sword’s staggering sword beam sliced through some of the hills, testimony of the sword beam’s shocking prowess.

    What was even more shocking was that the girl had gradually begun imitating Zhou Wen’s movement technique and various techniques in battle. Although she was far inferior to Zhou Wen and could hardly cause trouble for him, she was improving rather quickly.

    What kind of origins does this fellow have? If she’s human, how can she have such a terrifying physique and capabilities? A powerful existence like the woman in black had been bitten by her, and her outcome is now unknown. Even the ancient bronze sword has been forcefully snatched away. Such an ability is too terrifying. It’s impossible for a human child to possess such powers. But if she’s a dimensional creature, why doesn’t she have the aura of other species on her? She looks human in every single way. Zhou Wen recalled the dimensional black hole that Wang Mingyuan had opened. If this girl had really come from the dimensional black hole, her origins were definitely extraordinary.

    Unfortunately, all this was just speculation. Zhou Wen didn’t plan on figuring out her origins. He only wanted to quickly kill her so that she wouldn’t grow stronger.

    There were already many wounds on the girl’s body. Many of the wounds would have been fatal to ordinary people, but she had managed to survive them. Furthermore, she could continue fighting. The wounds on her body also healed quickly in battle.

    Now, other than beheading her, Zhou Wen had no idea how he could kill her.

    As the pursuit continued deep into the mountains. The girl suffered another strike from Zhou Wen, sending her flying as she landed beyond a cliff.

    Zhou Wen immediately rushed over and slashed his saber at the girl’s neck, giving her no chance to land on the ground.

    The girl was in midair when she forcefully produced a sword beam, forcing Zhou Wen to dodge. He circled in the air like an eagle to dodge the sword beam before lunging at the girl who had fallen to the bottom of the cliff.

    The girl clearly didn’t have the ability to fly. Without any place to land her feet to propel her elsewhere, she was unable to dodge. Her face finally revealed a look of panic as she desperately swung the purple-copper sword furiously.

    Zhou Wen flew through the air like a fairy, dodging the shocking sword beams. Finally, he approached the girl and slashed at her neck.

    Fresh blood splattered. Although the girl had tried her best to twist her neck, she suffered a horrendous wound. Zhou Wen had sliced a fifth into her neck.

    Zhou Wen was just about to continue striking the wound when he suddenly felt a terrifying force spew out from beneath the cliff.