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Chapter 348 - Storming Through Tiger Cage Pass

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 348 Storming Through Tiger Cage Pass

    When Zhou Wen saw that it was Huang Ji, he said with a smile, “Senior, are you using us for amusement?”

    Zhou Wen knew that Huang Ji had an extremely odd personality. Although he had a terrifying cultivation, he never participated in any school activities. He hadn’t joined the student council when they invited him to be its vice president.

    “Do I look like I’m joking? If you don’t find me a hindrance, then help me with the sign-up procedures,” Huang Ji said.

    “Nothing of that sort, Senior Huang! We fully welcome you joining our Xuanwen Club. I’ll do the paperwork for you.” Li Xuan was very happy. He originally thought that he would be purging members today, but he never expected to have one join. Furthermore, it was the famous Huang Ji. It was truly a pleasant surprise.

    “I’ll leave the administrative procedures to you. Zhou Wen, we’ve already finished the game’s alpha version. Try it out.” Huang Ji unlocked his phone and handed it to Zhou Wen.

    It’s been made? Zhou Wen was delighted. He never expected that the game could be made in such a short span of time. “It’s just an alpha. The map uses Tiger Cage Pass. Try it and give me some feedback,” Huang Ji urged Zhou Wen, clearly looking forward to his evaluation. Under Huang Ji’s guidance, Zhou Wen tapped an icon and soon entered the game interface.

    “How is it?” Huang Ji asked eagerly.

    Zhou Wen looked at the game interface and gaming characters as his expression turned odd. No matter how he looked at it, it resembled a 2D side-scrolling game from the past.

    Zhou Wen could only describe this game interface using one word-crude.

    After all, it’s just an alpha. I think it will get better in the future? Zhou Wen could only console himself.

    Li Xuan and company crowded over to take a look at the game Zhou Wen and Huang Ji had come up with. Zhou Wen had no choice but to control the character and try out the controls. The controls were very smooth and the character design included four skills, ones that were common on campus. One typically could obtain them easily.

    The controls were pretty alright, but the in-game monsters were Demonized Soldiers from Tiger Cage Pass. Although their styles were a little crude, one could tell that they were Demonized Soldiers.

    However, the Demonized Soldiers in-game were a little stupid. Although their attack patterns were the same as real ones, they weren’t as intelligent.

    He easily killed a few Demonized Soldiers. After walking a short distance, he realized that there was no path ahead. “Where should I go?” Zhou Wen looked at Huang Ji.

    “This is just an alpha. The map is only that big. What do you think?” Huang Ji asked Zhou Wen with an expectant look. I invested 1.5 million, and you are giving me this!? Zhou Wen really wanted to point at Huang Ji’s nose and question him. In what universe did such a game look like it was worth 1.5 million? However, seeing Li Xuan and company looking at him, Zhou Wen could only grit his teeth and say, “Not bad. Keep up the good work. I look forward to the day the game truly launches.”

    Having already made the investment, it was too late to say anything now. In order to accentuate his persona of a gaming fanatic, he had no choice but to suffer in silence.

    Huang Ji imagined that Zhou Wen was really looking forward to seeing his game, so he said excitedly, “I knew you would like it. Don’t worry, I’ll speed up the progress. The first map I’m preparing to do is Tiger Cage Pass. After it’s created, I will add more common Primordial Energy Skills that are readily available in our school, allowing the students to choose their own Primordial Energy Skills to game. I’ll also add a Demonized General as a Boss and add all the skills and behavior of it. As long as other students play our game, they will have a more comprehensive understanding of the Demonized Soldiers and Demonized Generals…

    Zhou Wen no longer had much hope for Huang Ji. It seemed like the quality of the game he developed wasn’t as high as his cultivation.

    However, since he had already spent the money, and Zhou Wen wasn’t really hoping to play the game, all he could do was grit his teeth and agree, expressing his anticipation.

    Huang Ji was delighted, his enthusiasm boundless. After settling the sign-up procedures, he went back to work on the game development.

    “Old Zhou, I think that game seems a little too simple.” Although Li Xuan usually only played simple games to kill time, he could tell that the game’s interface was truly terrible.

    Zhou Wen had no choice but to speak up for Huang Ji. “What’s important isn’t the game’s graphics but the content of the game. In the future, the game will add all the dimensional zones on campus as dungeons. When the time comes, one will be able to understand the behavior and various skills of dimensional creatures by gaming, so it will be very beneficial.”

    “Is that so?” Li Xuan and the others expressed their doubts.

    Although the current level of technology wasn’t much better than it was more than a decade ago, the standards of a 3D game were already rather mature. In terms of side-scrolling games like Huang Ji’s, it just didn’t seem right.

    However, they didn’t really play games, so they didn’t have much of an opinion about it.

    On the contrary, Wang Lu seemed somewhat interested in this. She got Zhou Wen to let her have a spin after the game was done.

    After Wang Fei left, the school assigned another tutor to their class. However, Zhou Wen had already advanced to the Epic stage and was on the same level as his tutor. The teaching content used to teach ordinary students was useless to him.

    The school was most useful to Zhou Wen because of that massive database and those dimensional zones. Therefore, when he had nothing to do, Zhou Wen would crazily grind the dungeons.

    After entering Tiger Cage Pass, Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to rush for the city gates. Sitting on the Mutated Stone Chi made him look domineering. All the Demonized Soldiers and Demonized Generals that approached were killed by the beam of light that shot out from its eyes. Otherwise, it would summon large swaths of spears that erupted from the land, piercing to death hordes of Demonized Soldiers.When the arrow flew over, the Mutated Stone Chi’s eyes blasted out a beam that collided with it and exploded. The beam dissipated and the arrow shattered.

    The blood-colored avatar continued charging forward as huge amounts of arrows rained down. A grayish-white stone dragon appeared above the Stone Chi’s head. It spewed out large amounts of grayish-white smoke that immediately petrified the arrows as they crumbled to the ground.

    The blood-colored avatar didn’t do anything as the Mutated Stone Chi leaped up and jumped onto the city gates.

    The black-armored general at the pass, pulled out his halberd and smashed it at the blood-colored avatar on the Mutated Stone Chi’s back with terrifying demonic flames.

    Zhou Wen summoned his Overlord Sword as his greatsword clashed with the halberd. With a clang, the halberd was flung away as Overlord Sword deviated from its trajectory. Neither side gained the upper hand.

    However, in the next second, Zhou Wen used Transcendent Flying Immortal. He became one with the sword as he transformed into sword shadows that slashed at the black-armored general.

    The black-armored general’s demonic flames surged into the sky as he brandished his halberd and blocked the attacks. It was as though he had three heads and six arms as he successfully blocked the Transcendent Flying Immortal.

    What a powerful Demonized General! Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised.