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Chapter 350 - Magic

Let Me Game in Peace
     More than ten Tiger Cage Demonized Generals immediately charged forward, bent on slashing the blood-colored avatar to death. The Mutated Stone Chi roared and the stone dragon Life Soul spewed out large amounts of grayish-white smoke. It made several Tiger Cage Demonized Generals have no choice but to brandish their halberds to fend off the gray smoke. Meanwhile, Banana Fairy spat out a mouthful of Grand Yin Wind. Instantly, a Tiger Cage Demonized General beside her was blown away before slamming into the city wall, causing bricks to fly everywhere.

    The blood-colored avatar thankfully didn’t die after being struck by lightning. It immediately used Ghost Steps to dodge the Tiger Cage Demonized Generals’ attacks.

    The devil-masked man on the city gates took out another stack of yellow paper and cut it into a human shape. Scattering it again, more than ten Tiger Cage Demonized Generals descended.

    Who could withstand that? A Tiger Cage Demonized General was already a top Epic creature. Now, there were about thirty of them. Zhou Wen had to fight one against thirty. If it wasn’t for the fact that his Life Soul was empowering, and he had two powerful Companion Beasts helping him, he would have died long ago.

    “Banana Fairy… Come…” Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to beckon at her, summoning the Banana Fairy into his hand. He shook the fan and fanned a few times.

    In the past, due to his limited Primordial Energy, he had to rest once he fanned. He would wait until his Primordial Energy recovered before doing it a second time, but now, he was frantically fanning. He didn’t have to worry about the Primordial Energy expenditure.

    Although the Grand Yin Wind produced by Zhou Wen wasn’t as strong as Banana Fairy’s use of it, he could do it as many times as he wanted. As the fan fanned in every direction, gust after gust of Grand Yin Wind swept out, sending the Tiger Cage Demonized Generals flying into disarray. They slammed into one another or crashed into buildings, causing many of the buildings to collapse.

    With the Overlord Sword in Zhou Wen’s other hand, he slashed out without any hesitation, beheading the Tiger Cage Demonized Generals in midair.

    Bam! Bam! Bam!

    White smoke spewed out from the Tiger Cage Demonized Generals’ heads, reducing them to paper figurines. They floated to the ground, but nothing dropped.

    Clearly, the Tiger Cage Demonized Generals transformed from paper figurines weren’t real dimensional creatures; they were just the strange person’s Primordial Energy Skill.

    Seeing so many Tiger Cage Demonized Generals killed, the strange person began cutting paper again. Zhou Wen didn’t give him the chance to do so. The two wings on his back which were formed from White Shadow of Poison, flapped as he activated Flash to instantly close in on the city gates. With Transcendent Flying Immortal, he wanted to slay the strange person under his sword.

    However, the strange person reached out and threw a rope that shot into the sky like a rod. Dark clouds appeared above his head.

    The strange person held the end of the rope, pulling it into the dark clouds. When Zhou Wen’s Overlord Sword hit the clouds, the terrifying sword beam sliced apart the dark clouds, but the strange person was nowhere to be seen.

    In the next second, he saw a strange figure appear on the roof of a small building in the city. The strange person scattered the yellow paper in his hand as more than a dozen cut Tiger Cage Demonized Generals landed and relentlessly charged at Zhou Wen.

    Who is this fellow? He has terrifying and bizarre powers. Zhou Wen charged forward with Banana Fairy as he kept fanning the banana fan, sending the charging Tiger Cage Demonized Generals flying.

    This time, Zhou Wen was too lazy to kill the paper-created Tiger Cage Demonized Generals. Killing them was useless. Nothing dropped from a piece of paper.


    Therefore, Zhou Wen rushed straight for the strange person on the roof as he slashed out Demonic Astral Wheel with Overlord Sword. The strange person dodged Demonic Astral Wheel but didn’t expect it to boomerang as it immediately struck his back.

    Zhou Wen was delighted when he saw the strange person sliced in half. However, white smoke emitted from the strange person’s body as two halves of a yellow piece of paper fluttered down.

    On the other end of the city gates, the strange person appeared again. He casually threw out yellow pieces of paper that transformed into Tiger Cage Demonized Generals.

    Zhou Wen battled the strange person in Tiger Cage Pass, but all he killed were either bean soldiers or paper generals without any benefit.

    He wanted to kill the strange person, but the strange person’s extremely arcane Primordial Energy Skill made it seem like a magic trick. Even if Zhou Wen’s sword managed to behead him, the strange person would turn into yellow paper the very next second, and his real body would appear someplace else.

    I can’t take it anymore. If I continue, my Primordial Energy might remain full, but my body won’t be able to take it. Zhou Wen was extremely exhausted. His muscles were aching.

    Although he had sufficient Primordial Energy, he had maintained such a high-intensity use of Primordial Energy Skills that his muscles were about to tear.

    Zhou Wen had no choice but to leave Tiger Cage Pass. Killing the final Boss of Tiger Cage Pass didn’t seem like it would happen any time soon unless he found his weakness. Killing him with brute force alone was impossible.

    Although he didn’t have the ability to kill the devil-masked man, Zhou Wen could rush out of Tiger Cage Pass alive. He was already a rare, powerful existence at the Epic stage. Any ordinary Epic might not survive in there.

    After quitting the game, Zhou Wen went online to search for information.

    The school’s database did not have any records of the strange person. Zhou Wen also checked the history of Tiger Cage Pass and discovered that section of history was rather vague, with only a few recorded folklore tales in the Three Kingdoms.

    However, the Three Kingdoms’ records basically pointed to military generals who appeared at Tiger Cage Pass. There was no one who was proficient in Daoist spells.

    However, there were indeed some legendary characters in the Three Kingdoms-Yu Ji, Zuo Ci, Immortal Nanhua, as well as the latter’s two disciples—who seemed to have such abilities. All of them seemed to be possible candidates.

    However, such information wasn’t of much help for Zhou Wen’s slaying of the devil-masked man. After all, the books didn’t provide any methods to crack their Daoist spells.

    Zhou Wen roughly compared it and felt that the strange person was either Zuo Ci or Immortal Nanhua and his lineage. Zuo Ci was adept at all kinds of magical arts and was best at various bizarre spells.

    Immortal Nanhua’s lineage was represented in the Three Kingdoms as using spells related to talisman soldiers.

    Zhou Wen studied it for a while and found several ways to deal with paper generals online. The most direct way was to attack with water. Paper figurines were the most afraid of water. Legend had it that once it rained, those paper generals would be useless.

    However, how could it rain in-game? The more realistic method was to find a Companion Beast that could spray water. As long as he could crack the strange person’s paper figurines, there was a higher chance of killing him.

    Apart from the paper figurine avatar, the strange person also had a skill that allowed him to crawl into the clouds with the rope before vanishing. After Zhou Wen checked the Internet, he found that there actually were such techniques recorded. Legend had it that these techniques were known as the Immortal Chains, but they had long been lost. There was no way to crack them yet.

    After some thought, Zhou Wen ultimately decided to leave the Tiger Cage Pass’s Boss for the future. This fellow was too difficult to kill. He would try again when he obtained a Companion Beast that could spray water. Zhou Wen decided on going to Ant Nest to kill the Golden Flying Ant.